Albanian Alps Trek

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Dates 15 Jun '12 to 15 Sep '12

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Name Albanian Alps Trek

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The Alpine Pastures offer one of the least explored paths of the Albanian mountains. Used not so often by peasant families during communism is considered a hidden unspoiled area.
As we walk through these gorgeous mountains we will be accommodated in the peasant's alpine huts. The local cuisine and hospitality is particularly interesting in the end of a long day.

First Day: Shkodra
The tourist group arrives at Mother Theresa International Airport in Albania. Then we travel to Shkodra. There, we will be accommodated in a 3 star hotel and after a short rest will visit the Rozafa castle. In the end dinner
Overnight: Shkodra

Second Day: Shkodra – Bajram Curri – Tropoja e vjeter
Breakfast in Shkodra at 6:30. Start driving to Koman lake and embark the ferry line Koman - Fierze. The lake has been artificially created by the construction of 3 hydro power plants and is about 32 km long. The journey lasts for about 2 hours passing through beautiful canyons of unique nature in the alpine landscape. After we arrive in B.Curri we eat lunch in a characteristically restaurant. Then we resume driving to Tropoja e vjeter, accommodate and have dinner in the village pensions.
Overnight:Tropoja e vjeter

Third Day: Tropoja e vjeter – Sylbica
Breakfast in Tropoja e vjeter at 8.00 AM. The tourist group guided by the local guide using 4 horses for the luggage transportation begins trekking along the banks of Tropoja river. The journey last about 6 hours and in the end we arrive in the Alpine Pasture called Sylbice. Accommodation will be in the alpine pasture huts which accommodates up to 4-5 persons. The bathrooms are shared and situated outside the hut. Dinner is prepared according to the culinary tradition of the area.
Overnight: Sylbica.

Fourth Day: Sylbice – Doberdol - Mullafc
Breakfast in Sylbice. Today after loading the horses guided by the local guide we hike through several beautiful and panoramic destinations such as the mountains of Mullafcit. We pass through the lakes of Doberdol, mountains of Koshutica,Terkuzi and Lugu i Vocit. The hike lasts about 5-6 hours. In Mullafc we accommodate in Mustafaj's alpine huts, 4-5 persons in each hut.
Overnight: Mullafc.

Fifth Day: Mullfaci – Cerem – Valbona
Breakfast in Mullafc. We start our descent through Markofce and explore the area as we reach in the afternoon the village of Cerem. It takes about 3 hours to reach Cerem. From Ceremi we drive for 1 hour to Fushe e Gjese tourist center near the village of Valbona. The luggage transportation from Mullafci alpine pasture to the village of Cerem is done by car. In Valbona we are accommodated in the alpine house "Burimet e Valbones". Accommodation is in double and triple rooms with bathrooms inside.
Overnight: Valbone

Sixth Day: Valbona - Theth
Breakfast in "Fushe e gjese" - Valbona. We start our ascent to Valbona waterfall following the trails of river Valbona and pass through the village of Rragam. The panorama from the waterfall is breathtaking. In the afternoon we reach the village of Theth and accommodate in the alpine huts in double and triple rooms. There is one bathroom for every two rooms.
Overnight: Theth

Seventh Day: Theth - Tirana
Breakfast in Thethi. Drive with local minibuses from Thethi to Shkodra for about 3 hours. In Shkodra we make a short break and then resume driving to Tirana. We visit the city center in Tirana and several objects of interest.
Overnight: Tirana

Eighth Day: Tirana
Breakfast in Tirana. Free time. Depending on the group desire we can visit the Dajti Mountain by cable car or the city of Kruja, a beautiful and historic town for the Albanians especially because you can learn interesting things about past of the Albanians. End of the trip.

Albanian Alps Trek

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Albanian Alps Trek


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