Altai Mountain Expedition

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Dates 15 Jul '12 to 30 Jul '12

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Est. Cost 1,400 - 1,800 USD (USD United States Dollars)

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Name Altai Mountain Expedition

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DAY 1: Ulgii
- Arrive in Ulgii city via plane, car, or bus
- Visit local bazaar and museum
- With advance notice it is possible to visit a local Tuvan shaman
- Sample local restaurants for lunch and dinner
- Spend the night in a nearby ger camp

DAY 2: Altai Tavanbogd National Park
- Drive 180 km via the village of Ulaanhus deep into the mountain landscapes
- Explore numerous petroglyphs and Turkic stones along the Sogoog River basin
- Visit Shiveet Hairhan Mountain, a sacred site and home to numerous Tuvan nomads and mountain ibex
- Interact with the local Tuvans who will supply horses and camels for our trek
- Spend the night in tents

DAY 3: Tavanbogd Massif
- Trek 16km to the base camp of the snow-capped Tavanbogd Massif
- Make camp next to the Potanin glacier, the biggest of the twenty glaciers in the Mongolian Altais
- Tavanbogd means “the Holy Five,” referring to the five highest peaks
- At 4,374 meters above sea level, Huiten Uul is the highest mountain in Mongolia
- The other four are named Nairamdal, Ulgii, Burged, and Malchin
- The whole area is absolutely stunning and offers gorgeous views of the snow-topped mountains, especially during sunrise and sunset

DAY 4: Climb Malchin Ull
- We will spend the whole day hiking Malchin Uul, the smallest of the five peaks at 4,050 meters (It is a non-technical climb)
- Offers wonderful views of all the peaks, the Potanin glacier, and sights into Russia and Kazakhstan
- The peak lies on the Mongolian and Russian border

DAY 5: Tsagaan Gol Valley
- Trek to the Tsagaan Gol Valley, the summer home of local Tuvans who practice shamanism
- Spend the evening interacting with Tuvans and learning about their culture
- Sample dairy products including milk vodka, which is distilled from yak milk
- Camp nearby

DAY 6: Khara Airikh Valley
- Hike to the Khara Airikh Valley via Shiveet Hairhan Uul
- Stop to view petroglyphs from the iron and bronze ages
- It is possible to catch a view of Siberian ibex

DAYS 7-8: Altai Mountains Crossing
- Cross the Altais at an elevation of 3600 meters
- Enjoy broad views across the mountain range as well as the 3,662 meter Tsaagan Hairhan Uul (“Sared White Mountain”)
- Arrive at the scenic Bear Valley, home to glacier-fed streams and rivers, forested hills, and wooded meadows
- Stay for two nights

DAY 9: To Green Lake
- Trek down a valley with patches of larch forests and reach Green Lake
- Pitch camp

DAY 10: To Hoton Lake
- Full-day trek through the dramatic steep valley along the river that drains from the Altai Tavanbogd Massif creating a series of beautiful lakes
- Camp on the shores of Hoton Lake
- The area is below the snow-capped Ikh Turgen Uul
- Campsite is a mere 3km from the Chinese border
- Area is the summer pasture of Kazakh nomads, very friendly and hospitable people
- Visit Kazakh family and learn about Kazakh culture
- Great fishing spots

DAY 11: Jagashtai River and Hoton Lake
- Hike through the larch forest
- Camp on the shore of Hoton Lake where the Jagashtai River (“fish river”) flows into it
- Excellent location for bird-watching

DAY 12: Ikh Turgen Uul And Hurgan Lake
- Cross the wildest territory of the region through green pastures
- Trek reaches the extreme western edge of the country along the Russian border
- Explore the area around Khurgan Lake – an alpine lake dotted with islands
- Six rivers feed the lake and the Khovd River flows from its eastern end
- Spend the night in tents

DAY 13: Baga Thurgen Valley and Waterfalls
- Hike to the Baga Turgen Valley, where there are three waterfalls
- The area is full of wild fruits, including gooseberries, red currants, and black currants
- Visit a Kazakh eagle hunter, learn about eagle-hunting, and see the magnificent Altai golden eagle

DAY 14: Ulgii
- Drive back to Ulgii through the Khovd River Valley
- Stop to look at deer stones and Turkic stone men (balbals)
- Stay overnight in ger camp near Ulgii
- Enjoy traditional Kazakh concert and meal of beshbarmak

Altai Mountain Expedition

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Altai Mountain Expedition


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