Backpacking South America - Mochilero

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Dates 10 May '14 to 30 Aug '14

Flexible? Somewhat

Est. Cost 3,600 - 7,000 USD (USD United States Dollars)

Type Travel Partners Wanted

Name Backpacking South America - Mochilero

Hola amigos,
I will be graduating from a university in the U.S. at the beginning of May 2014 and would like to backpack South America for 3 months before starting the grind of working full-time in the real world. I have lived in Quito, Ecuador on a study abroad for five months and have loved the lifestyle down here. I'm counting down the days when I can return and see ALL of what South America has to offer. I know I want to start in Quito, see a World Cup soccer game in Sao Paulo, and head home from Bogota...everything else is subject to change. Below is a rough itinerary of other possible visitation spots, which I'm open to suggestions. I don't want to plan too much ahead for the cities, because I believe it would be more fun to plan as we go. I'm looking for some travel partners, all ages, genders, and ethnicities are welcome. I love meeting new people and would be honored to have you join me on this journey of a lifetime. Let's get this started!

1st Leg
Starting point: Quito, Ecuador
1.)Ambato, EC
2.)Cuenca, EC
3.)Guayaquil, EC
4.)Lima, Peru
5.)Cuzco, Peru
6.)Puno, Peru (Lake Titicaca)
7.)La Paz, Bol
8.)Potosi, Bol
9.)Antofagasta, Chile
10.)Copiapo, Chile
11.)La Serena, Chile
12.)Coquimbo, Chile
13.) Valparaiso, Chile
14.) Santiago, Chile
15.)Mendoza, Arg
16.)Cordoba, Arg
17.)Santa Fe, Arg
18.)Rosario, Arg
19.)Buenos Aires, Arg
20.)Montevideo, Urg
21.)Asuncion, Para
22.)Sao Paulo, Brz
23.)World Cup 2014 in Sao Paulo (June 12th-July 14th)
-I would like to make it to at least one game

2nd Leg
Starting Point: Sao Paulo, Brz
24.)Rio de Janeiro, Brz
25.)Brasilia, Brz
26.)Salvador, Brz
27.)Maceio, Brz
28.)Recife, Brz
29.)João Pessoa, Brz
30.)Natal, Brz
31.)Fortaleza, Brz
32.)Sao Luis, Brz
33.)Macapa, Brz

3rd Leg
Starting Point: Fly from Macapa, Brz (or Sao Luis/Fortaleza) -> Caracas, Venz
34.)Caracas, Venz
35.)Valencia, Venz
36.)Coro, Venz
37.)Maracaibo, Venz
38.)Riohacha, Col
39.)Santa Marta, Col
40.)Barranquilla, Col
41.)Cartagena, Col
42.)Monteria, Col
43.)Medellin, Col
44.)Pereira, Col
45.)Tulua, Col
46.)Buenaventura, Col
47.)Cali, Col
48.)Armenia/Salento, Col (Coffee producing region)
49.)Ibague, Col
50.)Bogota, Col
Final Destination: Fly home from Bogota

Backpacking South America - Mochilero

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Natasha Not sure if this is still I thing but if you guys are in Chile by now please wait for me! hahah. I'm planning on starting my trip in July by first heading to Chile and then making my way to Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil. Please let me know!
4 years ago
Dave11 Trip sounds sweet. I'm from the States too but I'm living in Cuenca, Ecuador until early June 2014 before heading to Brazil to follow the US team's group stage matches. Then, after the final group stage match on June 27, I'm looking to meet up with others to do more traveling. Would love to find out your travel plans and maybe link up, perhaps at different times during your trip. If you do come to Cuenca before the end of May, then let me know too since I live here.
4 years ago
JustAGirlWhoLovesToTravel Just the travel plan I was looking for! I want to cover the same countries. Have you booked your tickets already? I was actually hoping to start the travels from July on-wards (after watching the WC finals in Rio).
5 years ago
Jorge Your trip sounds great. I can see you also plan to visit Venezuela. I am from Caracas I have received a couple of friends from abroad... Last one was from Germany and he made a looong trip, like the one you're planning... If you and your mates pass by Caracas, I can tour you guys thru the city. You have a good time...
5 years ago
Shreyas Hey, It looks and sounds like an awesome trip. I'd love to travel with you. I'm starting law school in Fall '14 and so it's going to be the last of my good ole days !
5 years ago
Mehr Hey! got room for one more from the UK?
5 years ago
DrewC1 Of course...all are welcome!! I won't be looking to buy a plane ticket ticket until June/July/August, so until then it is just waiting game. I'm hoping to bring a friend from the states too, so I'd like to have a group of no bigger than about 6 people...because anymore than that and it will attract unwanted attention haha.
5 years ago
Mehr great! although I might have to join from Sao Paolo (2nd leg) cos I have exams. is that ok?
5 years ago
Mike Holy shit this looks awesome! Well yea I'd totally be down to travel with ya man. We're traveling around the same time so it sounds solid. Looks like it's gunna be one hell of a trip!
5 years ago
DrewC1 Looking to buy a plane ticket during this summer for the 2014 trip to Quito or Bogota, flights will be cheap if we jump on em early!
5 years ago
Mike aye Drew! so when were you planning on flyin out to SA? the only reason I ask is because I got school until May 19th. But if you still got room I'd totally be down to join in on this wicked trip!
5 years ago
Dtothem2013 Wow, this looks cool my name is Donal I'm 24 and from Ireland i plan to backpack south america in summer 2014 from beginning of June to late August so i could partake in some of the trip, i'd love to take in the amazon, ignazu falls in Argentina and some sky diving in Sao Paulo.
5 years ago
DrewC1 Hey Donal, you are more than welcome to join up buddy. I would assume that we will be around Santiago, Chile by the beginning of June (rough estimate). And from there you would be able to see the waterfalls of Argentina, the Amazon of Brazil, and some skydiving/World Cup action in Sao Paulo with the group....with much more in store!
5 years ago
Dtothem2013 Cool man that sounds great keep in touch I'm on facebook too. If we can get a small group together of no more than 5 or 6 it will make life much easier and less expensive for everyone, i'm looking forward to it!
5 years ago
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Backpacking South America - Mochilero


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