Central Asia with a Group of Backpackers!

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Dates 7 Aug '14 to 29 Aug '14

Flexible? No, not really

Est. Cost 2,100 - 2,113 EUR (EUR Euro)

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Name Central Asia with a Group of Backpackers!

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We are trying to get together a group of backpackers to travel through Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan). You find the whole program on http://www.stanexperience.com/#!tours/cbml


Day 1: Bukhara
Visit Bukhara and enjoy an Uzbek folklore show.

Day 2: Bukhara
Visit one of the world’s oldest cities with its stunning madrasas, minarets, and mausoleums. In the evening, discover the folk art of the Uzbek puppet theatres.

Day 3: Nurata Yurt Camp
Spend the day with a local Uzbek family at a traditional yurt camp: Enjoy life at a yurt, take a ride on a camel, and join them for a traditional dinner.

Day 4: Lake Aydarkul
Spend the day at Lake Aydarkul and have an outdoor BBQ at the lake.

Day 5: Samarkand
Visit the Registan, the heart of the city, or revel in the fragrances of the lively bazars. In the evening, head back to Tashkent.

Day 6: Tashkent
Sight seeing in Tashkent (i.a. the Uthman quran, considered to be the oldest one in the world).

Day 7: Mountain Villages
Take a hike into the mountains and have a traditional lamb shashlik in a hidden mountain village.

Day 8: Transfer to Kazakhstan


Day 9: Almaty: Do some sight-seeing in Almaty and listen to a mini-concert of traditional Kazakh music, before hitting the nightlife of Almaty.

Day 10: Trekking Camp: Drive to a trekking camp where you can relax in the cozy sweat lodges and have a beer by the fireplace before spending the night in a comfortable tent.

Day 11: Saty: Visit the Charyn Canyon and spend the rest of the day in two Kazakh villages. Stroll through the local markets, taste some shashlik kebab and get a feel for the life of the Kazakh countryside.

Day 12: Lake Kaindy: Hike to the underwater forest in Lake Kaindy, which was flooded with crystal clear water after a massive landslide.

Day 13: Charyn Canyon: Have lunch at an Uygur village and spend the afternoon relaxing in the hot springs.

Day 14: Altyn Emel National Park: Hike through the red and white mountains before heading out to the singing dunes. Spend the night under the open desert sky.

Day 15: Almaty: Make your way back to Almaty and spend the rest of your day at your leisure.

Day 16: Transfer to Kyrgyzstan


Day 17: Bishkek: Explore the many faces of Bishkek: Do some sight seeing, learn about the nomadic roots in the Kyrgyz museum, and get some tasty snacks at the buzzing bazars.

Day 18: Ak-Say Glacier: Go glacier hiking up the glistening Ak-Say glacier and tread on its prehistoric layers of ice and snow.

Day 19: Chui Region: Visit the famous Burana Tower. In the afternoon, go river rafting in the boom valley.

Day 20: Djeti-Oguz Yurt Camp: Stay at a Yurt Camp and learn how to build up a yurt and cook a traditional Kyrgyz dinner. Later on, watch some traditional horse games that are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Day 21: Bokonbaevo Village: Watch a live demonstration of traditional Kyrgyz eagle hunting, which uses trained eagles. Spend the rest of the day swimming at the lake, or go horseback riding along the lakeshore.

Day 22: Song-Kul Yurt Camp: Learn all about the famous Kyrgyz carpet craftsmanship in a hands-on carpet workshop. Afterwards, stay at Song-Kul yurt camp at a lakeshore.

Day 23: Bishkek: Drive down the Too-Ashu pass on your mountain bike. Arrive in Bishkek and enjoy your last evening with your fellow travelers.

Day 24: Departure

Central Asia with a Group of Backpackers!

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Central Asia with a Group of Backpackers!


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