Interrail/Backpacking Europe Summer 2013 *old*

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Dates 2 Aug '13 to 31 Aug '13

Flexible? Somewhat

Est. Cost 1,000 - 2,500 EUR (EUR Euro)

Type Travel Partners Wanted

Name Interrail/Backpacking Europe Summer 2013 *old*

This is an old post! I still want to go on this trip but it wll be in July. To clean this post I made a new one.. It will be named: Western-Europe July 2013

Hi there!

In the summer of 2013 I'm planning an Eurotrip.
The country's I posted are just a few of the country's I want to visit.
I don't care if it will only be West or East Europe.

Some of the countries I already visited because I am living in The Netherlands. But if someone wants to visit my country I will join, it's always handy to have someone who can speak the local language right?

I'm open to suggestions for the route and the country's.

I like to meet people from other country's and other cultures.
During the trip I want to visit cities, cultural stuff, beaches (it's summer), and sometimes a nightclub (everyday would be expensive ;) )

Right now I have planned the trip for August. But I can change it if I want.
4 Weeks will be short, so I probably go for around 6 weeks.

Also, sometimes a hiking trip in the nature is what I want to do.
Photography is my hobby, so don;t worry about memories, because I will make lot's of photos.

!!!!!! EDIT !!!!!!!
The trip is a little less flexible. The dates are set, meaning I have free from work in August and maybe the first week of September.
- Right now it will be western europe
!!!!! Edit !!!!!

Interrail/Backpacking Europe Summer 2013 *old*


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HATIM hi to all members of this group , i would like to ask about the final decision , and are you confirming this plan or not
9 months ago
Vicky Hi There, I'm Vicky, 24 from Sri Lanka. I am hoping to visit Germany (Berlin) for about 2 weeks this September. I was hoping to check out the Berlin festival as well if there's a possibility whatsoever. It would be great to hit the party with a bunch of like minded people! :) And backpack through Germany for 2 weeks. This post sure looks great! :D Any idea which part of the world you would be in around that time? Hit me up if anyone's up for it :D
11 months ago
vanessa I thinking on doing an interrail this summer (mid jun), but probably through the south of Europe. It seems that everyone is going western europe. What do you think is best? So far, we are two, but if anyone want to join us : )
1 year ago
marcelvdbor Trip changed. This one is old. Made a new one: Western-Europe July 2013
1 year ago

airjordan023 Hey there, I'm Mike, 24 years old from Vancouver, Canada; new to this site. Just wondering if you're still going to Western Europe this summer.

I'm planning on going July-August or August to Sept. haven't really decided yet.

Just wondering if any one interested in going to Black Forest in Germany. I heard the hiking trails are awesome so I would love to check it out.

So far my Itanerary looks like this:

London, UK --> Paris, France --> Brussels + Bruge, Belgium --> Cologne (maybe), Berlin, Germany --> Amsterdam.

That's my plan for now, but not set in stone. Let me know if you can emet up with me at any of those cities. I'll be down for hikes or even camp if any one is up for it.


1 year ago
tejas hello! I am Tejas from India, 22 yrs old. I am planning a similar trip and looking for travel companions as well..but i plan to rent a car and do a road trip around europe! Though i am not so sure about the possibilty of car renting, i would love to do it this way! I would love to explore the cultural part of Europe! Let me know if we can plan it out together. And more the people we have, more fun it will be i believe! And yes i've a flexible schedule if you have any better plans :) Can you please list down which countries do you plan to visit? Cheers!
1 year ago
Alx Here's somebody else who would join. I'm just waiting from some other plans. I'm a NATO too.
1 year ago
Claireyy:) Hi Marcel, I'm Claire from the UK. Would love to possibly join your summer trip around Europe so was wondering how far you've got with organising the route, etc. Let me know :)
1 year ago
Anirudh Hey would love to join this trip..have seen part of Europe..but would love to join a longishh trip to see the rest..I should be free in August...
1 year ago
Christine Hi, I'm Christine. 20 years old from Canada and I am planning to do some backpacking in Europe this summer as well! This trip sounds really great. I want to see most of the European countries, realistically though, I can only really see a few, so I'm flexible in which countries to visit!
1 year ago
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Interrail/Backpacking Europe Summer 2013 *old*


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