Let's climb Kilimanjaro!

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Dates 1 Feb '13 to 1 Oct '18

Flexible? Somewhat

Est. Cost 1,200 - 2,500 USD (USD United States Dollars)

Type Travel Partners Wanted

Name Let's climb Kilimanjaro!

I haven't plan this trip much, all I know is that I really want to climb Kilimanjaro and I don't want to do it alone. I'm still in college so I can't do this until 2013.

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro is in January-March and June-October. We would fly to Tanzania, climb Kilimanjaro and then you can do whatever you want. I would love to explore Africa better after we've finished climbing and whoever wants to join me would be welcome. To climb Kilimanjaro takes about 5-6 or 6-7 days, depends on which way we will choose to climb.

I really want to climb the mountains in Nepal as well and especially Mt. Everest as a example so it would be amazing if we could make a climbing group and plan a few trips!

If you'r not excited to climb Kilimanjaro then I will consider other mountains to climb! I have never climbed any mountains outside Iceland so I will have to find some easy mountains to start with...

I am flexible with the dates. I can go from 2013 to like 2018 I thing.

If you are a adventurous person like me who loves to climb, please join this group and go climb with me some day in the future!

Yeah and one more think, sorry if my spelling isn't correct. My language isn't English but I still know how to talk English, so that won't be a problem!


Let's climb Kilimanjaro!


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MsMaria ok so me and a few friends are gonna do Kili in august 2013. machame 7 day route! anyone down?!?!?!
3 years ago
Dial88 Okay! Just joined this site and I'm already stoked! Im sooooo in!
3 years ago

MsMaria Hey all... im maria. from NJ. im new to this website. I am in the process of researching to do a safari then climbing Kili in 2013. aug or sept. this is my dream. one of my friends is also interested in doing this with me but would love more company. this is a very challenging and expensive hike.
one. airfare
two. finding the right company. and deciding on the route/trek. I would like to do the machame route. i hear it has great views as well as the best percentage of climbers who actually make it to the top. downside is that we would be camping in tents.
three.... the gear you need is expensive. -20c sleeping bag, hiking boots. trek poles, layers of clothing- including base layers, fleece and down layer and outer shell layer. waterproof and windproof. i went to the store to check out the prices and it is not cheap at all! but i rather spend on the gear that freeze my azz off and NOT make it to the top.
another thing to be aware of is that you have to be fit before the climb and you have to be aware of atitude sickness, which may interfere with reaching the top.

3 years ago
COCA Hey Sophia, I'm definitely up for this trip and plus been wanting to discover more African countries for some time now. Keep in touch as I'm ready to travel with u in 2013. :)
3 years ago

HayleyL Hey Sophie and trip followers- here's an idea for you guys to toss around..
There's a little NGO called 'Make a Difference Now' working out of Moshi and Himo in Tanzania.
I have been here doing volunteer work for them for the last 3 months and absolutely LOVE it. The organization is currently putting 22 orphans through some great private schools (even including college) all around the kilimanjaro region.
They organize a big 'climb for education' every year.
The program fee includes:
Donation to our Education Fund for the Children
Airport pickup & Drop Off
24 Hour Security & Assistance
2 days of safari (Lake Manyara & Ngorongoro Crater--I did this last week...AMAZING!)
Swahili & Cultural Lessons
Park entrance fee and 6 days of climbing to the top or Kilimanjaro and back
Climbing Guide, 4 Porters, Cook and Assistant Guide
1 week of time with the children at the orphanage
6 days/ 5 nights at guest house near orphanage
7 days/ 6 nights hiking and camping on mountain with staff
2 days/ 1 night camping on safari
1 night hotel with pool after safari
All meals
All transport
Read more info on the trip at

Its a truly inspiring organization and I can't say enough great things about all of the wonderful kids! Such a rewarding experience.
And Ill have you know that there is no better feeling than reaching the peak of kili! Touching the highest point in Africa..So awesome!

3 years ago
Stacey Carrell- Rishaug
Stacey Carrell- Rishaug Hey Sophia and the rest of you. I am just in the beginning stages of planning this climb and would love to have a group to do it with. I'm hoping to be able to do it some time in 2013 but I'm open to dates. This would be a huge adventure on its own.. but if there's a group of us from all over the world taking this on together, it would be a whole new level of amazing!! Lets do it! Stacey from Canada
3 years ago
MJ Safaris
MJ Safaris Dear Sophia 2013 is close,so I welcomes you to have a communication that can you wil;l finally book your trip with us. I am the Managing Director of MJ Safaris International. Please feel free to write me on the below email. Thanks. Jackson Thomas MJ Safaris www.mjsafaris.com mjsafaris2003@yahoo.co.uk
3 years ago
Varun I've been thinking about going to Kili in 2013 for some time. I'd love to stay in touch with this group. Thanks!!
3 years ago
Pri Hi Soffia, I'd love to join you. I can go from Feb 2013 onwards. Also really keen to join a climbing group if you manage to get one started!
3 years ago
sofia Awesome! We should keep in touch :-)
3 years ago
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan Hi My Name is Muhammad Bilal Khan from Pakistan, I liked this group to climb, but I also suggest that in Pakitan K2 and Nanga Parbat is also attracting, but difficult too much. I climbed many tops but of little attidute. Soffia kindly if you wanna come to Pakistan then I will be a good companion of your group. Thanks
3 years ago
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Let's climb Kilimanjaro!


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