Namdapha Trek

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Dates 10 Dec '12 to 20 Dec '12

Flexible? No, not really

Est. Cost 900 - 1,200 USD (USD United States Dollars)

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Name Namdapha Trek

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Namdapha National Park is India's largest tropical rainforest reserve and is also the most remote; tucked away from the view of the world because of inaccessibility and an in-penetrable rainforest. There are many camp sites inside the jungle, the trek to reach them is little hard but blessed with an breathtaking forest cum Himalayan mountain landscape. The flora and fauna count is highly diversified and aplenty, and many more species are yet to be discovered in these forests. Animals include rumors of tigers & snow leopards, leopards, clouded leopards, primates, red panda, flying squirrels, hoolock gibbons, asiatic black bears, elephants, deers, etc. More than 400 species of birds are found making it a true birdwatchers paradise. 4 species of the majestic horn-bill are also found.

Also, there is the cultural presence of many indigenous and beautiful tribes. They live animistic lives and practice sustainability in their daily lives.

Many Himalayan streams cross-cross the area providing for great opportunity to anglers.


Day 1 :

Arrive at Dibrugarh Airport and drive to Dibrugarh Town. Evening will be free to explore the town. Halt at clean and comfortable hotel.

Day 2 :

Leave for Deban (6 hour drive), which is from where the Namdapha National Park starts. Halt at jungle lodges, located at a very scenic landscape.

Day 3 :

After breakfast, we begin our trek to Hornbill Camp (4 hours). After setting up camp, afternoon will be free to relax or explore the dense flora and fauna of the rainforest. Bonfires will be lit in the night.

Day 4 :

After breakfast, we leave for Firmbase Camp (4 hours), which can be regarded as one of the most beautiful campsite of the world. We setup camp upon reaching. Afternoon will be free to take a swim in the river, or you can try your hand at angling/fishing. Bonfires will be lit in the night.

Day 5 :

Leave for 37 mile camp site (2 hours). If lucky, you may get a chance to meet a passing by Lisus, who are tribal people, who live in total remote areas of the rainforest. Set-up camp.

Day 6 :

Day will be free to relax and explore the surrounding areas. Do as you may wish. Bonfires will be arranged for the night.

Day 7:

Leave for 25 Mile Camp (4 hours). Camps will be set-up. One can enjoy great wildlife at this campsite. Bonfire will be arranged in the night.

Day 8:

Leave for Deban (5 hours). Take a hot bath after days of surviving dense jungles and enjoy the delicious meal which is cooked by the chef there.

Day 9:

Leave for Dibrugarh for a return journey home. Tour Ends.

Namdapha Trek

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vike Hi Dear for places in eastern India you may refer my post : I am keen to join you for this trip. Keep me updated about your plans at Regards, Vike
6 years ago
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Namdapha Trek


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