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Have you been affected by the Ryanair and Monarch Fiasco? Did you know that you could claim for a delayed or cancelled flight?

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Following the recent Ryanair and Monarch fiascos, it’s highly likely that you, a close friend or a family member will have been affected by the disruption caused by both airlines. I certainly do!


And as a keen traveller who takes several flights a year, I have been glued to the TV as more information surrounding both the Monarch Airline collapse and Ryanair administration blunder are brought to light!


If you didn’t already know, earlier this month, Monarch Airlines announced that they had no other option but to call in the administrators. Around about exactly the same time, budget airline Ryanair warned 315,000 passengers that their flights would be axed due to a major administration blunder!


I decided to take it upon myself to get the lowdown when it comes to establishing your cancelled flight compensation rights.


Can you claim compensation for your cancelled Ryanair flight?


Although thousands of passengers have missed out on dream holidays, important meetings and special events, Ryanair has assured all passengers affected by their blunder that they will be able to claim compensation. I even read in the news that a couple had missed their wedding day due to the blunder!


And this is how it will work.


If you are told that your short haul flight is cancelled less than 7 days before you travel, you can claim up to 250 euros per person. For medium haul flights that amount increases to 400 euros.



Can you claim compensation for your cancelled Monarch flight?


According to a reliable news source, an estimated 110,000 Monarch customers have already been flown home and the Government has promised to bring all stranded passengers back to the UK.


If your flight or package holiday was booked with First Aviation Ltd trading, as Monarch Airlines, on or before the 14th December 2016, your booking will be ATOL protected. This means that you will be able to claim compensation.


However, things might not be ‘plane’ sailing for every passenger as a statement on the Monarch website states that: “Customers who booked flights directly with Monarch Airlines from 15 December 2016 onwards are not ATOL protected and are not entitled to make a claim to the CAA.”


Obviously both fiascos have not been far from the media spotlight so no doubt there will be more revelations in the coming weeks – watch this space!








4 Tips for Mixing Business and Pleasure While You’re on a Family Vacation

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News flash: your business doesn’t stop just because you’re on vacation.


This creates a distinct challenge for those of us who work from home or run a business on our own terms: that is, what are we to do when it’s time for a family trip? After all, when you don’t have traditional paid time off, a vacation could potentially impact your bank account and be a source on unnecessarily stress.


You’re not going to enjoy your vacation if you’re going to be worried about your wallet the entire time. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to mix business and pleasure for your next family vacation. The following four tips can help make it happen without fail.


Prioritize Your Time and Energy

Don’t expect to have full-blown workdays while you’re on vacation with your family. Instead, pick out the absolutely essential activities for your business and focus on those first and foremost. No meetings, social media sessions or fluff: solely stress the tasks that are going to boost your bottom line.


As noted by investing guru Tim Sykes in his penny stocks guide, successful investors can make a living by committing just a couple of hours per day. It’s all about priorities and productivity. Ask yourself: what’s the most you can accomplish in a matter of hours?


Do Your Work First Thing in the Morning

Everyone’s different in terms of when they’re most productive; however, the early morning hours are going to be ideal for most of us on vacation.


Think about it: your mind is clear and the rest of your family is likely still asleep, ultimately freeing you from any potential distractions. Also, getting your work done early gives you peace of mind as you know the rest of your day is free from the realm of your business. Saving your work for nighttime is oftentimes a mistake as you might dwell on your work throughout the day or end up staying up later than you would have liked because of a tedious project.


Find a Productive Working Environment

The key to making the most of your time is finding an environment where you can be laser-focused on your work. Most hotels and resorts have dedicated office spaces with Wi-Fi; likewise, you can always hit up a local coffee shop if necessary. Also consider that you can be incredibly productive at airports or on airplanes, both of which are prime places to knock out some work considering it’d be downtime otherwise.


Plan Ahead

Ideally, you can put in some extra hours prior to your trip to help lighten your workload on vacation. Doing so might be a bit of an initial headache; however, you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to worry so much. Depending on your line of work you might have to do at least some work in real-time on your trip, but planning ahead is always a plus.


Everyone deserves a stress-free vacation regardless of their financial situation. Rather than worry about “what-ifs” and your wallet, instead consider how you can enjoy a good time with your family and take care of business at the same time.



5 Places for a Ski Trip to Utah

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For many a skiing trip to Utah is a bucket list destination. One of Utah’s claims to fame is to having ‘the best snow on earth.’ With over ten world class ski resorts this state has plenty to offer the winter enthusiast. From finding cabins for rent in Utah to hitting the slopes or enjoying delicious dining there is something for everyone.


Salt Lake City is often many visitors point of entry city if arriving by air. The good news is that many ski resorts are located within an easy hour or so drive from the airport. This makes the option of easily arriving or departing to your ski resort area on all the same day feasible thus allowing you to maximize your precious vacation time. Or if you would prefer, plan to stay a night or two in Salt Lake City too and check out this modern city. The downtown area enjoys easy flowing traffic and plenty of room as it was originally designed to allow a full team of oxen to turn around in the downtown area.


As for the skiing, here are a few resorts to check out and get the ball rolling. Some visitors enjoy experiencing a few resorts while others prefer to pick one and fully take in the area. Given the close proximity for some of the ski resorts it is possible to enjoy a day trip to a neighboring slope and check out the differences. Here are some suggestions to get your started.


Park City

This resort area is no stranger to visitors. Park City has long made its name as an outstanding visitor destination. Catering to those who enjoy the finer aspects of life to those simply looking to hit some good runs, Park City beckons everyone. Within easy driving distance from Salt Lake City this mountain town is a great choice if you are short on time. A world class skiing destination, there are 336 runs ranging from beginner to advanced as well as an alpine coaster and zip line for those looking for a little variety. Elegant dining and full service shops are available to cater to all whims.


Deer Valley

This alpine ski resort is 36 miles East of Salt Lake City. Known for having upscale amenities Deer Valley consistently ranks in the top ski resorts in America. It was the venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics and regularly hosts competitions for the International Ski Federation. Deer Valley has more grooming equipment than most of its competitors and limits access to reduce overcrowding. Free style skiers often refer to this resort as a free styling mecca.


Sundance Resort

Located 13 miles northeast of Provo famous actor Robert Redford acquired this property in 1968 and established a year round resort. It holds the renowned Sundance Film Festival in the summers which is the largest independent film festival in the United States. Beautiful and rustic, the resort is surrounded by 5000 acres of wilderness at the base of the 12, 000 foot Mt Timpangos. Near to both Park City and Salk Lake City, Sundance Resort offers skiing, snowboarding, night skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. If you are a bit shaky with your skills, PSIA/AASI certified instructors are there to help you learn. The Sundance Owl Bar features the original 1890’s Rosewood Bar that was frequented by Butch Cassidy’s Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. The Sundance Art Studio features classes in painting, pottery, jewelry making and photography. This resort is known for fostering a sense of community with the feeling of home and is a great choice if you are traveling as a group or family with diverse interests.



With something for all skill levels, this award winning resort has 3240 vertical feet of snowy slopes to enjoy. Snowbird boasts Utah’s longest ski season and averages 500 inches. Located up Little Cottonwood Canyon at a distance of about 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport this makes for an easy vacation destination. There’s plenty to do on this 2,500 acre wonderland. From backcountry skiing, heli skiing, snow cat skiing, snowmobile tours or snow shoeing birding tours there can be something for everyone. Many different types of restaurants are around catering to all levels of pocket books.


Cherry Peak

One of Utah’s newest ski resorts, Cherry Creek provides a family fun atmosphere at affordable prices. Located near Logan and Richmond this is another easy to reach ski resort. The resort boasts a 500 foot magic carpet for learning, five lanes for tubing, ice skating and night skiing. With two hundred skiable acres, this resort is able to offer great runs with a pleasantly small atmosphere. If you want to have a break from the huge resorts, this is a great choice.


Find a Staycation Spot

A slightly different alternative is also finding a great spot to rent for a staycation. There are some amazing places in Utah with that are located within a resort or just on the outskirts. You can pick and choose the days you want to hit the slopes based on weather. If you have members in your group that are not huge into skiing, the plus side is they will have an amazing accommodation spot to hang out in while you hit the slopes.


If you are into winter wonderland vacations Utah can be a dream. So many amazing resorts are all within easy distance of Salt Lake City making transportation a breeze. Grab that ski wax and start packing and planning. Some of the greatest snow on earth is calling your name.

Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets for Every Traveler

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When it comes to travelling in the modern world, there are a lot of things to think about. The chaos of travel, confusion of new places, and excitement of exotic destinations can mean that we lose track of our stuff or even our whereabouts a little more often than we like to admit. Luckily, the new era of travel has brought with it a ton of new gadgets for the savvy traveler that help you keep your trip as enjoyable, and safe, as possible.

In this list, we’ll give you give of the best, and most useful, gadgets for folks on the go. Whether your dream destination is a crowded city square or a remote mountain village, these pieces of gear are sure to come in handy!

#1: SPOT Satellite Messenger


Even the most competent travelers find themselves in sticky situations sometimes. New locations often come with uncertainty – how many people will be there? Will there be phone service? Internet access? For hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts especially, many areas of interest hold no easy access to civilization if you break an ankle, forget how to use a compass, or simply want to brag about how many miles away from the nearest road you are.

For those who want to track where they’ve been, keep friends and family in the loop, and have instant access to help wherever they go, SPOT Satellite Messengers are the perfect option. Using satellite technology, users can send out messages to anyone they like to communicate where they are, how far they’ve gone, or that they need help. SPOT also allows the user to reach search and rescue services in case of an emergency – even when phone service is out of the question.

SPOT offers the best for traveler safety in remote regions all over the world – and this is one gadget you don’t want to pass up.

#2: Luci Light


This next gadget is a little less life-saving than the SPOT, but it’s just as cool. Those of us who backpack, couchsurf, or stay in hostels, are all too familiar with the struggle that is arriving at our destination in the dark and being completely, totally, blind. Mpowerd, maker of the Luci light, says no more!

The Luci light, which comes in several size and color varieties, is the solution to lack of light in shared space or outdoor space. The calming, mellow lights are solar powered, which means no money spent on batteries, no battles over outlets, and no extra weight in our bags. Even better, these little lights are inflatable and squish down flat for easy storage in a backpack, duffel, or purse.

#3: Solar Phone Charger


Traveling means long hours, long nights, and a seemingly miraculous lack of power outlets. And, as we mentioned above, those of us who share space while travelling know the power struggles that can ensue when there’s one more person on 5% battery than there are spots to charge. Whether you travel by bus, car, plane, or train, this next gadget will definitely come in handy – the solar powered phone charger.

These portable battery chargers from brands like Ruipu are the perfect solution to the war of the outlets. Available in several sizes and capacities, solar chargers offer USB ports for phone, laptop, and other accessory charging as needed – offering full charges to multiple devices at the same time. Add this one to the list of “social life savers”.

#4: Water Purifier Bottle


This next gadget is especially important for two types of travelers – those who spend time in the backcountry, and those who travel to regions without widespread access to clean water. While there are plenty of water filtration systems, iodine tablets, and UV purifiers available, none of them offer the ease and simplicity of the GRAYL water purifier bottle.

GRAYL bottles are designed for use anywhere – yes, anywhere. Not only do they filter bacteria, protozoa, and particulates, but they also filter to the viral level and get rid of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. All you have to do is fill up the bottle and push on the lid – a process which takes less than 30 seconds – and you’re good to drink. This device isn’t just convenient, but literally life-saving. No traveler should be caught without a way to get clean water – why not do it with the ease and style of a purifier bottler?

#5: Portable Wash Bag


Alright, we’ll admit it, this last item probably isn’t completely necessary on every trip – but it nonetheless earned its spot on this list. When you’re camping, backpacking, road tripping, or pretty much any other type of travelling, personal hygiene becomes more of a luxury than a given. Showers often become less easy to find, dry shampoo gets used a little more often, and, of course, shirts get worn for a few more days than you might allow at home.

Luckily, there is a solution to the laundry debacle away from home – and it doesn’t involve expense coin-ops! Portable wash bags, like those made by Scrubba, are perfect for getting a machine-quality wash without spending the money or time at the laundromat. All you have to do is fill it with your clothes, water, and detergent, then rub. The washboard interior does the rest, and, once drained, you’ve got clean clothes for days.

These five gadgets are just a few of the great new tools out there for travelers of all types. Whether you’re a budget backpacker, resort-hopper, or business person on-the-go, there’s something out there for you to make your next travel experience a little bit simpler.


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Rebecca lives in USA, but loves hiking all over the world. Her favorite is Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. It usually takes 16 days, but she likes to slow down, enjoy mountains, company of other adventurers and take more pictures, so it took her 28 days last time. Another of her passion is the ocean, so all short and long hikes along the ocean shore bring a lot of joy. She also writes for


Andaman Islands: Let’s have it all this summer without worrying about budget

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How often we plan an international trip but then cancel it due to expenses? How often while searching on the internet we see a vast stretch of ocean in the Andaman Islands and the active volcano at the Barren Island and it intrigues us? But somehow the trip keeps getting delayed due to time issues or it’s out of the budget. How about you get amazing deals that make your trip to the Andaman Islands affordable and luxurious? There are many sites that offer voucher codes and discounts but By Discount Codes has best of the deals that will make your trip memorable and exciting. So check out things to do in Andaman and why it is a trip you cannot afford to miss:

  • Paradise for Adventure Junkies: Often while planning a vacation one has to decide whether to opt for a historical place or a happening one? Whether one should opt for nature’s bliss or urban blitz? Andaman offers everything and is an ideal place for those who love adventure and don’t mind taking risks. Barren Island is a must to visit the island as it has the only active volcano that is a sight to watch. Limestone caves at Baratang Island, Cellular Jail at Port Blair, Mud volcanoes and of course trekking and kayaking amidst forest will make you adore these islands.
  • A place to relax and rejuvenate: This conglomerate of 525 islands is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. You can sunbathe on the beaches, go swimming with elephants and dolphins, enjoy solitary walks on the beach and dine with your partner on the beach and absorb the beauty of the place. The peace and serenity of the islands will take away all your stress and infuse positivity in you.
  • Dive deep into the ocean: Know all about the wonders beneath the sea and experience bliss under water. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, deep swimming and of course sea walking under the ocean and explore the flora and fauna under water. You will see many extinct plant and animal species in the ocean and if you are traveling in the month of December then you will get to witness Bioluminescence i.e. sparkling of the sea that happens due to the presence of phytoplankton in the water. It is a breathtaking scene that you cannot afford to miss.
  • Absorb the marvels of nature: It is a place that has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, mountains, volcano, extinct species of birds at Chidiya Tapu, etc. that makes the islands simple yet mesmerizing. You get to experience a simple way of living without disturbing the balance in nature and yet enjoying to the fullest.

So, if you have made up your mind to travel and relax on the islands of Andaman do not wait anymore and apply Monarch Discount code for a whopping discount before you change your mind. This is a place that doesn’t make you decide and gives you an insight in nature’s beauty, best spa treatments, amazing water sports and of course some time alone to dive deep inside you.


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