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Trip to Central America

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The geographic characteristic of the Central America has a series of jagged and craggy mountains which are extended to long regions and towering a height of 14,000feet. On the other side of the mountains, there are Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The Central America is a cape that unites the North as well as the South America. Seven other countries are included in it, which are the Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Visit this link to see the geography.

A trip to Central America will cover all these countries. The countries have a great profusion of volcanoes that make the soil more nutritious, and they are considered as the richest area of the biodiversity in the world. The soil is famous for the coffee production. Apart from this, the Central America has the best place for the adventure which will give unforgettable memories.

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle

There are many things to explore like the dense forests, canoeing and rafting in the cerulean waters, climbing the mountains, learning about the coffee plantation, trekking in the hilly areas and much more. Due to these amazing reasons, last year the cities of Central America have welcomed various Hollywood celebrities with their family and friends.

The hotels in the cities have the world class arrangements for the visitors with great ambience. The hotels have all the required facilities like site seeing buses, cars, food courts, playing grounds and many things. One will enjoy both the beauty and the adventure in the Central America.

Costa Rica:

The country has endless travel options for the visitors. The city is much more than the beaches, margaritas and shopping malls. The beautiful modern trees give a pleasing view from the ancient cities, the eye catching dunes gives the best way to the beaches, and the beautiful crafts allure the eyes of the visitors.

It welcomes more than million visitors every year to enjoy the tropical beaches in the morning, rainforests, ancient cities, snow-capped volcanoes, and incredible sunrises in the islands and the amazing train rides. The ageless paintings in the deserts, amicable beaches and the archaeological sites gather some visitors on a regular basis.


There are so many adventurous activities in this city like the trekking and the hiking. The Tikal city has an amazing view of the sunrise over the towers which are of thousands of years. The history of the city and their kingdom is interesting. The area is covered with beautiful small lakes where the travellers are allowed to hang out in the hot springs.

The Antigua city has an immense cultivation of coffee at the roadside that creates a magnificent scenario for the visitors. The city is surrounded with the impressive view of the volcanoes, and the visitors enjoy the colonial architecture as well as the delicious cuisines of the Guatemala.

About the cultures

The cities are rich in cultures and traditions of various communities. The hustle and bustle of the cities is due to the unpretentious cafes, designer boutiques, shopping malls, their festivals, medieval architecture, trendy nightlife and colourful piazzas. There are several historic hiking trails in cities of Central America. The travellers are also allowed to visit the prehistoric villages and the mountain caves of the cities.

The travellers enjoy the journey and gather beautiful experience from the trip. They will enhance their knowledge about the history, cultures, and traditions of the beautiful cities of Central America from our guides. The visitors can hire the flights as well as the ferry. So book your ferry tickets with ok-ferry which will give the best options within seconds. The search and booking procedures are very easy and simple.

Common Planning Problems With Destination Weddings

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Many think that destination weddings are simple to plan since they look at everything as being just a vacation in another country. Unfortunately, planning a trip to any country is dozens of times faster and easier than organizing a wedding there. Here are some of the really common challenges you will want to remember, according to professional tips offered by specialists, no matter where your dream wedding is going to take place.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are fluctuating and you need to keep an eye on this. Your wedding budget is going to be highly affected by this. A really good idea is to create your budget directly in the currency of the country where the wedding is going to take place. This means you get quotes that are much easier to manage. Whenever you plan a wedding it is the budget that is the foundation of everything and if you do not take currencies into account it is a certainty problems are going to appear.

Communication Barriers

When you organize a wedding in a seafront villa in Siracusa, there won’t be many problems in terms of language but if you go to a remote location in Norway, you will find it difficult to find people that you can properly communicate with. Do not assume that everyone speaks English. This can be a fatal mistake. If you have people that do not talk your language and that you have to talk to you can be faced with the immediate need to hire translators.

Cultural Expectations

One hidden cost that people tend to overlook is related to tipping culture. This is one of the event management tips rarely considered. Tipping is approach differently around the world. You would normally tip around 15% at restaurants in US but at an Italy café you may be expected to leave a different amount. Tipping amounts expected will vary from one country to the next so you need to talk to a local wedding planner or coordinator to know what is custom while being able to figure out if other cultural expectations that would exist.

Making The Marriage Legal

The fact that the special one says “I Do” does not make the marriage legal in the country where you live. Getting married in the US for instance requires visiting the local court house, a marriage certificate and go through a strict procedure. In other countries processes can be quite different, as you can see in the EU. You want to do your research and you want to see if there are not some rules that exist and that would make marriage impossible.

Shipping Costs

Most couples forget about this hidden wedding cost. When you get married in your country it is easy to store everything but when you are in another country and you want to send something back home, the budget is going to be impacted. Shipping items for the venue automatically means you will need to have finances prepared for that. Also, it is normally better to ship everything in one go to save money as multiple shipping trips would cost more.


Travel in Your Own Kind of Luxury

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There are a lot of definitions of “luxury” travel.


We’re going to go with the idea that any trip that you take can be made as luxurious as you want it to be.


You get to decide what luxury is to you!


Whether you’re staying in an OBX rental or you’re flying to Sardinia, you can benefit from these tips for luxury accommodations on a budget.


Mix up where you stay

If you’re going on a trip for longer than a week,  try staying at a few different kinds of places.


For example, stay a couple nights at a budget-friendly spot, a few nights in mid-range accommodations, and some more in luxury lodging.


This allows you to spend a few nights in luxury without going over your budget.


Go directly to the source

In other words, talk to the hotel directly about what kind of a deal they can give you. They may be able to offer you a discount that you wouldn’t have been able to get any other way.


Consider a home exchange

Just like it sounds, you stay in someone else’s home and they stay in yours. It can really save you money in accommodations and you get to have the “local” experience.


Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a single swap. For example, you could stay in someone’s home in Maine while a person from San Diego stays at your house.


Luxury camping

Yes, it’s a thing and it’s called “glamping.”


There are even opportunities for glamping all around the world! You might be surprised by how much you love this option!


What about activities? Read on!


“Borrow” a luxury hotel

Did you know that you don’t have to actually be a guest at a luxury hotel in order to use their bar, have an afternoon tea, or book some spa time?


Getting a little taste of luxury without the hefty price tag is a win-win!


Hit the fancy restaurant after hours

Exclusive restaurants are hard to get into and can be ridiculously expensive.


If you go after normal dinner hours, you can usually stop in for a coffee and some dessert with no problem.


It’s a perfect way to get some luxury cuisine and experience without having to shell out big bucks for a whole meal.


Use Groupon

The trip offers you will find on Groupon are totally legitimate and can really save you a ton of money for a luxury trip.


Here are some other tips that can make your luxury trip doable!


Tips and Tricks

Check out these additional ideas to make your travels less expensive, more convenient, and more luxurious, too!


  • If you end up with a flight that has been overbooked, don’t volunteer for a later flight. Wait and see what the airline offers you. You may end up with a nice upgrade!
  • Hotels and airlines are able to greatly reduce their prices during the off-season. Plan your travels to coincide to nail down the lowest rates.
  • Look for promo codes online for airlines, hotels, and even activities that you may want to participate in once you get to your destination.
  • Sign up for newsletters from “daily deals” sites. You never know when it might be your lucky day!

You should be well on your way to enjoying your kind of luxury vacation!






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Greece is one of the most popular holiday desitinations amongst travellers of all ages. If you’ve never visited the island before, or want to be reminded of its serenity, below is a list of the Greek blues you’ll feel after visitng.


Greek civilisation is more than 3000 years old and Athens is punctuated with dozens of monuments from the ancient past. The most recognised one being the hill in the centre of the city named Acropolis, which is surrounded by primeval temples and buildings. Among them, Parthenon is the most important temple and is prehistorically devoted to the goddess Athena.

Throughout Athens, you would find sanctuaries, libraries, bridges and a lot of other memorials. Furthermore, no history enthusiast would want to miss two of the world’s most extraordinary museums, the Acropolis arts centre and the archaeological museum.


Greece will leave you speechless with its rugged mountains, olive plantations, soothing beaches and beautifully queued hills of bright white houses all in the same backdrop. Now, perhaps you have an idea why many fashion designers use Greek islands as their background. Greece has substantial diversity spanning from modern cities (Athens, Heraklion and Thessaloniki) to agricultural grasslands filled with fig trees and olives. Greece is a photographer’s dream destination.


Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Milos and Crete, all these islands are out of this world. You would think you are in a different world with some of the most scenic views you will find across these islands. The most popular among the tourists are Mykonos and Santorini. However, a serious tourist would want to visit other islands that are less populated yet more beautiful and close to nature.

The best island for that type of tourism is Crete. The dynamic capital city of Heraklion with a scattering of Venetian architecture offers excellent food markets in Chania and historic vineyards. Moreover, Crete offers activities such as scuba diving, cycling, gorge walking and safaris in the White Mountains, the island’s most popular destinations in the Aegean.

Crete villas are the perfect choice to experience this Greek island in all its splendidness, offering you the luxurious comfort whilst sightseeing. Crete villas enable you to experience exclusivity, privacy and personalised services from the moment you enter Crete until your last day on the island. Their concierge services always ensure that you do not have to say anything twice to get your needs and desires fulfilled and whilst staying in a Cretian villa you have so many opportunities to discover all the historical sites scattered across the island.


Ensure memories of a lifetime by renting a Crete villa next time you land at the most magical island in Greece. After doing some research of villas online, I found that the the Blue Villas Collection of Crete villas offer all these features and many more, the prices of their villas fit the needs of anyones budget, but still offer the high quality services included in their more pricey villas.



The most satisfying experience of travelling the world is trying all kinds of different cuisines and local delicacies, and Greece is world famous for its sumptuous food. The country is perfect for vegans and carnivores as the local foods are abundant in fresh vegetables, grains, legumes and beans, seafood, and meat (primarily lamb, goat and pork). Also, make sure not to miss various goat cheeses and wine.

The fruit in Greece is more sugary and riper than many countries in the world and once you have a taste of the Greek figs, watermelon, grapes and pomegranates you will never want to stop eating them.



The inhabitants of Greece love to celebrate life and it shows in their nightlife culture. If you are in Athens, you are advised not to miss a visit to the Bouzoukia (pronounced boo-zoo-kia). The place is a consortium of big concert halls where renowned artists regularly perform.

Therefore, look your best and expect to be dancing your heart out. If you are on the island you are never too far from a nightclub or a beach bar where you can tap your feet to vintage European jams, party all night or take an early morning dip in the Mediterranean.


Despite the fact that Greek is a difficult language to learn, it is still one of the most beautifully complex languages in the world. You use Greek every day as almost 1/3rd of all the English words originated from the Greek language. The New Testament was also inscribed in Greek and it is such an expressive language that everyone should be exposed to it.


Greece has one of the most distinguished world histories. The founding place of Western civilisation and democracy offers many edifices and artefacts that have survived thousands of years of hostilities, disorder and the sheer trial of time. Moreover, while subways were built before the Olympics, the labourers found so many ancient artefacts that they framed them inside the subway walls. Therefore, you can literally observe ancient coins and pottery while you are waiting for the subway.


5 Interesting Things to do in Montenegro

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As small a country as it may be, Montenegro makes up for its size with extraordinary beauty. One of the youngest countries in the world, it’s still not teeming with tourists and that only makes it all the more appealing now. If you are looking for a quite scenic getaway or a fun adventurous time in the rocky mountains or the beautiful pebble beaches, Montenegro has it all. This beautiful little country surely deserves a visit for its rich heritage and natural beauty still remaining intact from urban pollution. However tricky flights can be, seeking help through holiday agents and asking about Montenegro holiday packages is sure worth the trouble!

Once you are in Montenegro, you could do the following on your visit to this little eastern European country:


  1. Visiting Kotor

Named as a UNESCO world heritage site, Kotor is a charming little medieval town with stone walls and beautiful arches. The Old Town is protected by a fortress and holds hundreds of years of history within it. Not usually crowded by tourists it’s a lovely and peaceful place to start of your Montenegrin trip. While there, make sure you visit Perast. You can even climb the walls over the fortress to get a fantastic view of the bay below.

  1. Lovcen National Park

This beautiful national park consists of the mausoleum of Peter II PetrovicNjegos, the Prince-Bishop of Montenegro and beloved political and cultural leader. The mountain top in which he was buried can be climbed up to after hiking up 400 steep steps carved out into the mountain. Even if you aren’t interested in seeing the mausoleum, the climb is still a worthwhile trip because the view from there is incredible.

  1. Skadar Lake

Another UNESCO world heritage site, the freshwater lake lies at the border of Albania and Montenegro and is surrounded by enormous and grand karst mountains and rocky shores. The lake is home to a variety of over 260 different species of birds, fishing villages and monasteries and beaches. The rustic beauty of the area is sure to make you want to spend a few night or two in the neighboring villages. You can even take a nice boat tour to visit ancient island prisons and monasteries and explore the wild wonders of this beautiful place.

  1. Canyon Nevidio

This strange natural structure is hidden away into inaccessible terrain. Because it was inaccessible, the canyon was quite unknown to tourists and was widely unexplored for quite a long time. After it was finally conquered in 1965, the canyon was finally open to welcoming adventurous journey deep into the mysterious caves. The gorgeous beauty of the gorge, cascades and waterfalls make Nevidio one of the most exciting places to visit in Montenegro.

  1. Budva

While most of the places in Montenegro offer a more natural and earthy travel experience, Budva is the perfect town to visit if you want to bathe in the cool blue ocean and party Montenegrin style. It is the centre of Montenegrin tourism so it is relatively more crowded than the other towns. The town offers nice beaches with pretty sand and fancy clubs and hotels that offer you with grandiose luxury experiences. The lively bars and vibrant nightlife is sure to provide you the kind of positive energy that is the essence of a fun nightlife scene.

  1. Savin Kuk

If you are planning on a winter visit to Montenegro and are up for some exciting activities, you can try skiing down the Durmitor Mountain in Savin Kuk. The beautiful ski resorts there can accommodate you perfectly for a lovely vacation in winter. Withy almost 120 days of snow each year, Montenegro is truly a paradise for winter sports lovers. You can also find skiing facilities on Bjelasica Mountain.

  1. Sveti Stefan

One of the more picturesque areas in Montenegro, spend a day relaxing on the beautiful beaches and visiting the charming little villages of Stevi Stefan. It’s the perfect place to be if you are simply looking for a quiet place with beautiful views where you can relax. Eat the local dishes and take a walk in the streets or on the sandy shores during sunset. The beautiful coastal weather and the sun dropping under the beautiful stretch of mountains makes for some wonderful memories.


Montenegro may be small, but if you truly want to explore a new and unique place with a unique culture of its own, do considering exploring this lovely quaint little eastern European country.

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