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4 Tips for Mixing Business and Pleasure While You’re on a Family Vacation

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News flash: your business doesn’t stop just because you’re on vacation.


This creates a distinct challenge for those of us who work from home or run a business on our own terms: that is, what are we to do when it’s time for a family trip? After all, when you don’t have traditional paid time off, a vacation could potentially impact your bank account and be a source on unnecessarily stress.


You’re not going to enjoy your vacation if you’re going to be worried about your wallet the entire time. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to mix business and pleasure for your next family vacation. The following four tips can help make it happen without fail.


Prioritize Your Time and Energy

Don’t expect to have full-blown workdays while you’re on vacation with your family. Instead, pick out the absolutely essential activities for your business and focus on those first and foremost. No meetings, social media sessions or fluff: solely stress the tasks that are going to boost your bottom line.


As noted by investing guru Tim Sykes in his penny stocks guide, successful investors can make a living by committing just a couple of hours per day. It’s all about priorities and productivity. Ask yourself: what’s the most you can accomplish in a matter of hours?


Do Your Work First Thing in the Morning

Everyone’s different in terms of when they’re most productive; however, the early morning hours are going to be ideal for most of us on vacation.


Think about it: your mind is clear and the rest of your family is likely still asleep, ultimately freeing you from any potential distractions. Also, getting your work done early gives you peace of mind as you know the rest of your day is free from the realm of your business. Saving your work for nighttime is oftentimes a mistake as you might dwell on your work throughout the day or end up staying up later than you would have liked because of a tedious project.


Find a Productive Working Environment

The key to making the most of your time is finding an environment where you can be laser-focused on your work. Most hotels and resorts have dedicated office spaces with Wi-Fi; likewise, you can always hit up a local coffee shop if necessary. Also consider that you can be incredibly productive at airports or on airplanes, both of which are prime places to knock out some work considering it’d be downtime otherwise.


Plan Ahead

Ideally, you can put in some extra hours prior to your trip to help lighten your workload on vacation. Doing so might be a bit of an initial headache; however, you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to worry so much. Depending on your line of work you might have to do at least some work in real-time on your trip, but planning ahead is always a plus.


Everyone deserves a stress-free vacation regardless of their financial situation. Rather than worry about “what-ifs” and your wallet, instead consider how you can enjoy a good time with your family and take care of business at the same time.



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