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5 Interesting Things to do in Montenegro

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As small a country as it may be, Montenegro makes up for its size with extraordinary beauty. One of the youngest countries in the world, it’s still not teeming with tourists and that only makes it all the more appealing now. If you are looking for a quite scenic getaway or a fun adventurous time in the rocky mountains or the beautiful pebble beaches, Montenegro has it all. This beautiful little country surely deserves a visit for its rich heritage and natural beauty still remaining intact from urban pollution. However tricky flights can be, seeking help through holiday agents and asking about Montenegro holiday packages is sure worth the trouble!

Once you are in Montenegro, you could do the following on your visit to this little eastern European country:


  1. Visiting Kotor

Named as a UNESCO world heritage site, Kotor is a charming little medieval town with stone walls and beautiful arches. The Old Town is protected by a fortress and holds hundreds of years of history within it. Not usually crowded by tourists it’s a lovely and peaceful place to start of your Montenegrin trip. While there, make sure you visit Perast. You can even climb the walls over the fortress to get a fantastic view of the bay below.

  1. Lovcen National Park

This beautiful national park consists of the mausoleum of Peter II PetrovicNjegos, the Prince-Bishop of Montenegro and beloved political and cultural leader. The mountain top in which he was buried can be climbed up to after hiking up 400 steep steps carved out into the mountain. Even if you aren’t interested in seeing the mausoleum, the climb is still a worthwhile trip because the view from there is incredible.

  1. Skadar Lake

Another UNESCO world heritage site, the freshwater lake lies at the border of Albania and Montenegro and is surrounded by enormous and grand karst mountains and rocky shores. The lake is home to a variety of over 260 different species of birds, fishing villages and monasteries and beaches. The rustic beauty of the area is sure to make you want to spend a few night or two in the neighboring villages. You can even take a nice boat tour to visit ancient island prisons and monasteries and explore the wild wonders of this beautiful place.

  1. Canyon Nevidio

This strange natural structure is hidden away into inaccessible terrain. Because it was inaccessible, the canyon was quite unknown to tourists and was widely unexplored for quite a long time. After it was finally conquered in 1965, the canyon was finally open to welcoming adventurous journey deep into the mysterious caves. The gorgeous beauty of the gorge, cascades and waterfalls make Nevidio one of the most exciting places to visit in Montenegro.

  1. Budva

While most of the places in Montenegro offer a more natural and earthy travel experience, Budva is the perfect town to visit if you want to bathe in the cool blue ocean and party Montenegrin style. It is the centre of Montenegrin tourism so it is relatively more crowded than the other towns. The town offers nice beaches with pretty sand and fancy clubs and hotels that offer you with grandiose luxury experiences. The lively bars and vibrant nightlife is sure to provide you the kind of positive energy that is the essence of a fun nightlife scene.

  1. Savin Kuk

If you are planning on a winter visit to Montenegro and are up for some exciting activities, you can try skiing down the Durmitor Mountain in Savin Kuk. The beautiful ski resorts there can accommodate you perfectly for a lovely vacation in winter. Withy almost 120 days of snow each year, Montenegro is truly a paradise for winter sports lovers. You can also find skiing facilities on Bjelasica Mountain.

  1. Sveti Stefan

One of the more picturesque areas in Montenegro, spend a day relaxing on the beautiful beaches and visiting the charming little villages of Stevi Stefan. It’s the perfect place to be if you are simply looking for a quiet place with beautiful views where you can relax. Eat the local dishes and take a walk in the streets or on the sandy shores during sunset. The beautiful coastal weather and the sun dropping under the beautiful stretch of mountains makes for some wonderful memories.


Montenegro may be small, but if you truly want to explore a new and unique place with a unique culture of its own, do considering exploring this lovely quaint little eastern European country.

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