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5 Tricks To Experience Tuscany As A Local

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Tuscany is famous for its rich history, as well as its cultural and artistic past. Because of this, anyone who gets to experience the offerings of this region as a local would is definitely in for a treat. But while there are tons of commercial options for tourists, anyone who wants the local experience is going to have to go through the untrodden path in order to do so.

Enjoying any place as a local would enable you to experience a place more deeply than if you just go wherever all the other tourists go and taste whatever everyone else tastes. It’s a more intimate and exciting experience to get to know any place the same way its locals do. There are Tuscany tour packages which offer an ‘off the beaten path’ option, though you can still stray from the ‘mainstream tourist’ packages if you so desire.

Mingle With The Locals

What better way to experience what locals do than by interacting with the locals themselves? There are such welcoming places within Tuscany such as Chicca Maione’s country home. Not only does it include an hour of cooking lessons, you get to eat what you cooked up along with the rest of the group at the outdoor pergola. Some area residents also welcome you in their homes to share a native dish, some wine, and some conversation. Who knows, you may even be regaled by stories that further exhibit the rich history of Tuscany.

Experience Daily Life

In addition to mingling with the locals, you must also seize all opportunity to go about your day as they would. Shop for food at the local market, try cooking/eating some local cuisine, hunt for truffles in the morning, walk through gardens, and drink some wine. Tuscany is famous for its Tuscan wine, and going to Tuscany won’t be complete without having a sip (or more!) of it as you go on your daily life.

Go On A Tour

While this one seems more commonplace, it’s still good to be able to appreciate more about the history and culture of Tuscany by going to historical sites and touring some local wineries with a local guide. Their knowledge about the places you’ll be visiting will be a welcome addition to the beautiful sceneries that you will come across. Of course, no one knows these areas better than a local, and having one to guide you is definitely a must.

Stay In Local Accommodations

A lot of the culture is preserved in the establishments around the region, and this includes the villas that tourists can stay in. However, you’ll feel the experience more than staying at your typical hotel because of the scenery and the architecture of these infrastructures. A lot of them are property owned, which means that it’ll just be like staying with the locals. And while these accommodations stay true to their roots in all the right ways, most of them are also equipped with modern facilities to make your stay more comfortable.

Visit Local Farms

Apart from having a go at the local market, you can also go straight to the source and visit some family owned farms that grow organic produce. There are also a lot of culinary experts all around Tuscany who will teach you all sorts of culinary skills from braiding mozzarella to preparing traditional cookies and other local cuisine treasures. Tuscany truly is a place to enjoy your inner foodie, plus you learn how to make these delicious food by yourself, too.

While there are other engaging means by which you can experience Tuscany like a local, such as means of traveling (bikes, horses, even walking!), these five are definitely the must-tries. Tuscany enjoyed as it is already very appealing and is an adventure in itself, but you will appreciate it even more if you do as the locals do. After all, no one loves a place more than the people who live in it, right? At the end of your travels, you’ll have a deeper connection with this Italian region than you did at the start.

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