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Andaman Islands: Let’s have it all this summer without worrying about budget

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How often we plan an international trip but then cancel it due to expenses? How often while searching on the internet we see a vast stretch of ocean in the Andaman Islands and the active volcano at the Barren Island and it intrigues us? But somehow the trip keeps getting delayed due to time issues or it’s out of the budget. How about you get amazing deals that make your trip to the Andaman Islands affordable and luxurious? There are many sites that offer voucher codes and discounts but By Discount Codes has best of the deals that will make your trip memorable and exciting. So check out things to do in Andaman and why it is a trip you cannot afford to miss:

  • Paradise for Adventure Junkies: Often while planning a vacation one has to decide whether to opt for a historical place or a happening one? Whether one should opt for nature’s bliss or urban blitz? Andaman offers everything and is an ideal place for those who love adventure and don’t mind taking risks. Barren Island is a must to visit the island as it has the only active volcano that is a sight to watch. Limestone caves at Baratang Island, Cellular Jail at Port Blair, Mud volcanoes and of course trekking and kayaking amidst forest will make you adore these islands.
  • A place to relax and rejuvenate: This conglomerate of 525 islands is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. You can sunbathe on the beaches, go swimming with elephants and dolphins, enjoy solitary walks on the beach and dine with your partner on the beach and absorb the beauty of the place. The peace and serenity of the islands will take away all your stress and infuse positivity in you.
  • Dive deep into the ocean: Know all about the wonders beneath the sea and experience bliss under water. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, deep swimming and of course sea walking under the ocean and explore the flora and fauna under water. You will see many extinct plant and animal species in the ocean and if you are traveling in the month of December then you will get to witness Bioluminescence i.e. sparkling of the sea that happens due to the presence of phytoplankton in the water. It is a breathtaking scene that you cannot afford to miss.
  • Absorb the marvels of nature: It is a place that has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, mountains, volcano, extinct species of birds at Chidiya Tapu, etc. that makes the islands simple yet mesmerizing. You get to experience a simple way of living without disturbing the balance in nature and yet enjoying to the fullest.

So, if you have made up your mind to travel and relax on the islands of Andaman do not wait anymore and apply Monarch Discount code for a whopping discount before you change your mind. This is a place that doesn’t make you decide and gives you an insight in nature’s beauty, best spa treatments, amazing water sports and of course some time alone to dive deep inside you.


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