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4 Tips for Mixing Business and Pleasure While You’re on a Family Vacation

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News flash: your business doesn’t stop just because you’re on vacation.


This creates a distinct challenge for those of us who work from home or run a business on our own terms: that is, what are we to do when it’s time for a family trip? After all, when you don’t have traditional paid time off, a vacation could potentially impact your bank account and be a source on unnecessarily stress.


You’re not going to enjoy your vacation if you’re going to be worried about your wallet the entire time. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to mix business and pleasure for your next family vacation. The following four tips can help make it happen without fail.


Prioritize Your Time and Energy

Don’t expect to have full-blown workdays while you’re on vacation with your family. Instead, pick out the absolutely essential activities for your business and focus on those first and foremost. No meetings, social media sessions or fluff: solely stress the tasks that are going to boost your bottom line.


As noted by investing guru Tim Sykes in his penny stocks guide, successful investors can make a living by committing just a couple of hours per day. It’s all about priorities and productivity. Ask yourself: what’s the most you can accomplish in a matter of hours?


Do Your Work First Thing in the Morning

Everyone’s different in terms of when they’re most productive; however, the early morning hours are going to be ideal for most of us on vacation.


Think about it: your mind is clear and the rest of your family is likely still asleep, ultimately freeing you from any potential distractions. Also, getting your work done early gives you peace of mind as you know the rest of your day is free from the realm of your business. Saving your work for nighttime is oftentimes a mistake as you might dwell on your work throughout the day or end up staying up later than you would have liked because of a tedious project.


Find a Productive Working Environment

The key to making the most of your time is finding an environment where you can be laser-focused on your work. Most hotels and resorts have dedicated office spaces with Wi-Fi; likewise, you can always hit up a local coffee shop if necessary. Also consider that you can be incredibly productive at airports or on airplanes, both of which are prime places to knock out some work considering it’d be downtime otherwise.


Plan Ahead

Ideally, you can put in some extra hours prior to your trip to help lighten your workload on vacation. Doing so might be a bit of an initial headache; however, you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to worry so much. Depending on your line of work you might have to do at least some work in real-time on your trip, but planning ahead is always a plus.


Everyone deserves a stress-free vacation regardless of their financial situation. Rather than worry about “what-ifs” and your wallet, instead consider how you can enjoy a good time with your family and take care of business at the same time.



Andaman Islands: Let’s have it all this summer without worrying about budget

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How often we plan an international trip but then cancel it due to expenses? How often while searching on the internet we see a vast stretch of ocean in the Andaman Islands and the active volcano at the Barren Island and it intrigues us? But somehow the trip keeps getting delayed due to time issues or it’s out of the budget. How about you get amazing deals that make your trip to the Andaman Islands affordable and luxurious? There are many sites that offer voucher codes and discounts but By Discount Codes has best of the deals that will make your trip memorable and exciting. So check out things to do in Andaman and why it is a trip you cannot afford to miss:

  • Paradise for Adventure Junkies: Often while planning a vacation one has to decide whether to opt for a historical place or a happening one? Whether one should opt for nature’s bliss or urban blitz? Andaman offers everything and is an ideal place for those who love adventure and don’t mind taking risks. Barren Island is a must to visit the island as it has the only active volcano that is a sight to watch. Limestone caves at Baratang Island, Cellular Jail at Port Blair, Mud volcanoes and of course trekking and kayaking amidst forest will make you adore these islands.
  • A place to relax and rejuvenate: This conglomerate of 525 islands is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. You can sunbathe on the beaches, go swimming with elephants and dolphins, enjoy solitary walks on the beach and dine with your partner on the beach and absorb the beauty of the place. The peace and serenity of the islands will take away all your stress and infuse positivity in you.
  • Dive deep into the ocean: Know all about the wonders beneath the sea and experience bliss under water. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, deep swimming and of course sea walking under the ocean and explore the flora and fauna under water. You will see many extinct plant and animal species in the ocean and if you are traveling in the month of December then you will get to witness Bioluminescence i.e. sparkling of the sea that happens due to the presence of phytoplankton in the water. It is a breathtaking scene that you cannot afford to miss.
  • Absorb the marvels of nature: It is a place that has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, mountains, volcano, extinct species of birds at Chidiya Tapu, etc. that makes the islands simple yet mesmerizing. You get to experience a simple way of living without disturbing the balance in nature and yet enjoying to the fullest.

So, if you have made up your mind to travel and relax on the islands of Andaman do not wait anymore and apply Monarch Discount code for a whopping discount before you change your mind. This is a place that doesn’t make you decide and gives you an insight in nature’s beauty, best spa treatments, amazing water sports and of course some time alone to dive deep inside you.


Booking Ferry Service Online To Travel Around Europe

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There are different ways for transportation and people choose over the one that is comfortable, cost-effective and helps them reach their destination quickly and easily. Europe is known for different kinds of transportation facilities and since the area is surrounded with water all across the regions, ferry transportation service has become hugely popular and has garnered huge sort of attention. People who are looking to go on a holiday across several regions in Europe, choose over ferry service as it is easy, convenient, and comfortable and costs quite less when compared to all other types of transportation.

Travel around Europe with Ease

The best part about Europe ferry service is that it is available all throughout the region right from Sicily, Sardinia, Ponza, Tremiti islands, Corsica, Capri, Isle of Elba, Tunisia, Malta, Croatia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Aeolian, Algeria, Morocco, Albania and many others. It is quite easy and convenient for one to move around each region and added to that one gets to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area while travelling.

Book your ferry tickets with ok-ferry

Ok-Ferry is one of the hot and happening platforms for booking tickets for ferrying across the Europe region. It acts as a one stop solution that provides for complete ease and convenience for one and all. Book your ferry tickets with ok-ferry in just few minutes sitting at the comforts of your house. The website is known to accommodate more than 40 ferry booking companies and makes the whole process quite easy for one and all.

Organized platform to check booking

The platform provides for a complete account of all information related to ferry service around Europe. Since it is well maintained and provides for information in an organized manner, one will be able to avail the necessary details quickly and make decisions quickly in this regard. The website is updated every minute and hence provides for the current and latest available tickets online. All that one needs to do is to enter the required information and go ahead with the booking process. The confirmation and other details will be sent as an email.

User-friendly and helpful

The website is designed for making life easy for the users. The user-friendly platform is absolutely helpful and enables one to gain information almost quickly and easily. It facilitates sorting of information based on offers, fares, price, timetable and many other such important criteria.

Exceptional customer support and service

Ok-Ferry provides for the best and exceptional customer support service at every stage and provides for a complete guidance through each and every step of the booking. If someone is looking to make last minute bookings, discount fares, low cost ferries, camping facilities and other such interesting additional services, they can very well call the customer support service and speak to the concerned operator to get the best.

As far as Ok-ferry is concerned, one is sure to get the best, professional and cost-effective service to all those who are looking to take on an adventurous travelling experience across Europe.


Why Travelling In Your Gap Year Is A Good Idea

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Be part of the 2.5 million young people in the UK who are currently planning a gap year. You don’t have to do it with friends either. More than 30% of students chose to embark on their journey alone and make new friends along the way. Deferring your university and college course to travel in your gap year is a great opportunity to develop your academic culture to explore new locations and make unforgettable memories. Remember that if you plan to visit America, make sure you complete an esta registration form to apply for travel authorisation. Here’s why travelling in your gap year is a good idea:


Learn about the world


Although taking a gap year doesn’t have to involve travelling abroad, most people opt to leave everything behind for a few weeks or months. Whether you decide to apply for a structured gap year program, spend time volunteering in a foreign country or take it upon yourself to travel the year, you will learn about the world. Since embarking on an engaged travel experience is one of the best way to learn, you won’t be lost for facts.


Discover yourself


Travelling in your Gap Year whether it be alone or accompanied by friends, you will be forced outside your comfort zone. Taking a Gap Year to travel is an excellent opportunity to do something new and challenging. You’ll be forced to live and work in a place you’ve never visited before and have to learn to adjust to a new climate, religion, currency and language. Soon enough, you independency will flourish. Not only will you have a much better understand of the world, you’ll know how to deal with difficult situations on your own.


Make lifelong friends


Although Gap Years aren’t restricted by age, you’ll likely to be accompanied by students who have recently finished school, college or university and want to take a break from their studies. You’ll be joining a group of people who have the same aspirations and goals as you as well as those who want to take a step back and consider what they really want in life. No matter what experiences you decide to embark on during your Gap Year, you’re guaranteed to make lasting friendships wherever you go.


Add to your CV


Taking a year out can majorly affect your future employment prospects depending on whether you decide to work or volunteer abroad. Gap Years help you stand out from the crowd and you’ll gain new skills and confidence while you’re away that can be demonstrated in a working environment. It’s much better to spend your Gap Year doing something related to your future goals than all-day drinking, no matter how appealing it might sound.


Refresh your interest


After a tedious 4, 5 or even 6 years of head-on studying taking a year out could be just what you need to re-establish your interest before you move onto further education. It’s an ideal time to reenergise you and get your motivation levels back on track before the start of a new term. It might be surprise you to find out that people do in fact miss their studies or working whilst their away. Whilst living at home we tend to forget what we have, whilst working abroad you’ll learn to appreciate everything you take for granted on a daily basis.


Now all you have to do is arrange your flight! It’s true when people say it’s all in the planning. Travelling during your Gap Year is fun yet flexible. You can choose whether you’d prefer to join a number of lone-travellers on a pre-planned trip abroad or build you own by speaking to professional advisor. No matter what, make the most of your year out and turn into the most unforgettable year of your life travelling overseas.

Interesting Outdoor Adventures To Try When Visiting England

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England is the perfect place for outdoor adventures, with different unique activities around every corner and the beauty of the countryside to be found right on your doorstep. You can find something that is suitable for you, regardless of your age or your skill level.


For the hikers at heart: Train for the Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge is the toughest mountain climbing challenge in the UK. It involves climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon in a relatively short time frame, usually this is under 24 hours.


A lot of different hikers that are training for the Three Peaks Challenge do so by tackling mountains in Yorkshire, England. The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge involves reaching the peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough in less than 12 hours. Training with these mountains is a serious test of fitness and endurance, but it only just scratches the surface of the challenge that is the UK Three Peaks Challenge.


For the families: Have fun in the trees at Go Ape!

Go Ape offer a large number of outdoor adventures that have been designed specifically with families and younger people in mind. They offer four different activity types, including Tree Top Adventure, Tree Top Junior, Forest Segways, and Zip Trekking Adventure.


Go Ape locations can be found all over England, and with 27 to choose from you can almost guarantee that one will be nearby. Certain locations only offer specific activities, so you should check in advance that the activity that you want to take part in is available at the Go Ape location that you are planning to visit! The Tree Top Junior course is the one that is the most family friendly, as people of any age can take part! The Tree Top Adventure and Forest Segways courses require everyone taking part to be at least 10 years old. You have to be at least 13 years old to participate in Zip Trekking Adventure.


This makes the activities at Go Ape some of the most family friendly ones in England, with something for everyone to take part in.


For the challenge seekers: Tough Mudder!

Tough Mudder advertises itself as being ‘the toughest event on the planet’, and anyone that has taken part and enjoyed the challenge would probably tell you the same thing about the Tough Mudder course. It is one of the most difficult adventure activities that can be found in the UK, so it would be advisable that you have a relatively high level of fitness to take part.


The course itself covers approximately 10 – 12 miles, depending on the exact location. It consists of a lot of mud, so it is guaranteed that you will need a change of clothes and a good shower afterward. More than 20 different obstacles can also be found on the course, pushing you to your limits and challenging you to face your fears head on.


For those of us that are not scared of the dark: Caving and Potholing

There are numerous locations dotted around England where caving and potholing take place frequently, although those with claustrophobia would be advised to avoid some of them. The sheer number of sites in England that are available give you a lot of different options. You can walk through magical underground caves, with stalactites everywhere, or squeeze through tiny caves and slide down natural water slides.


It would be highly advisable to make sure that you only go caving or potholing with a qualified guide, due to the issues that can occur, especially if you find yourself in a cave with a lot of different routes to go down. There are a lot of different caving groups around England that you could join for a quick adventure.


If you are planning an activity with children, then you might want to consider Ingleborough Cave in the north of England. They have a number of specialist guides there that are trained to deal specifically with groups of children.


For those of us with a passion for water: Scuba Diving off of the English Coast!

You don’t have to travel to the sunshine covered beaches of Australia or Hawaii to go scuba diving, you can actually participate in the activity in a number of different English locations. You might be imagining dark patches of water and fish with sharp teeth lurking in there, but the reality is very different. You can find everything from natural marine life to airplane wrecks while diving in England.


One of the most popular scuba diving spots is Lundy Island, which can be found just off of the coast of Devon. It is an official marine conservation zone, boasting a large number of divable wrecks with great visibility. Another ideal location would be the Farne Islands, just off of the coast of Northumberland. These islands are surrounded by a dangerous shipping area, meaning that dozens of wrecks litter the seabed around them. You can even find a playful grey seal colony living nearby.


For those of us that like variety: The Lake District

The Lake District is the ideal destination for anyone that likes variety when it comes to the activities that they participate in. There is something to be found there for every skill level, and adventure is everywhere. You can take a pleasant stroll down a beautiful walking trail, or challenge yourself and hike up a mountain.


You can go abseiling, caving, or participate in water sports on the top of Lake Windermere, the largest lake in the whole of England. You could even hold a hawk at Silverband Falconry, or go skydiving up there.


We would advise that nature lovers make sure that they spend some time camping in the great outdoors up there, as it really is beautiful. Make sure that you remember all of the essentials that are needed for any amount of time in the wilderness.


Remember to bring a map and a compass for navigation, food and water to ensure that you are in your best condition, and a good emergency kit that includes a loud whistle, the best bushcraft knife that you can find, and a mobile phone. It’s unlikely that you will need your emergency kit, but you should always prepare for the worst.


So, where will your next adventure take you?

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