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Visiting the World’s First Modern Prison

In this photo essay, The Feral Scribe tours the world’s first modern penitentiary, conceived in 1790 in Ben Franklin’s living room.

Behind the Scenes at the Tejas Rodeo School

The Midlife Road Trip got a fun-filled behind the scenes look at the Tejas Rodeo School in San Antonio, Texas where they learned to rope, ride and corral cattle like the pros… well, kinda:) see the video here…

An Interview With The Girl Who Sees Life Behind The Lens

There are different ways to travel for an extended period of time. You can save up money for a while and then quit your job like I did, travel and work various jobs along the way or find a more permanent job that involves traveling. For Alicia Taggio, she chose to quit her job at MTV Canada and leave her life in Toronto to take on a new adventure in the land down under.  Click here to read more.

Emily from Maiden Voyage up for $10,000 Dream Trip

Emily, the creator and editor of travel blog Maiden Voyage, is up for a $10,000 dream trip in the Sony Reader $10K Getaway Giveaway. In the past few days, she has maintained her place within the top 40 out of nearly 850 entries. She wasn’t able to afford a honeymoon after her March wedding, so she’s hoping to get enough votes to win and take her dream honeymoon throughout Spain. Please vote for Emily here to help send her on a honeymoon! You can vote once a day, every day through April 26.

Travel Guide – Ask, Share, Discuss!

I have added a discussion forum to the website so that we all can discuss absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with travel.  If you have a question about any up coming travels, need advice on places to see or things to do, want to meet other travelers going to the same places as you,  or WHATEVER, this is where to ask, share, and discuss it all.  Click here to read more.

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