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Requiem for a Job: A Corporate Exodus

Get the backstory on Traveling Savage’s corporate exodus as he begins the first of eight one-month trips around the world in the next two years. Before heading to Argentina next week, the difficult decision to leave a good corporate job needed to come to fruition.

Diwali is India’s biggest festival

Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is the biggest festival of the Hindu calendar year — and that’s saying a lot, as there are festivals all year ’round in India. People hand out sweets, go to parties, attend religious pujas and light diyas (tiny candles) and fireworks on the night of Diwali itself, which this year is Nov 5 (the night of the new moon).

10 Tips for Better Adventure Photos

Photographer Scott Woodward – whose work has appeared in National Geographic Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Discovery Channel Magazine and The New York Times – reveals his snapping secrets over at WideWorld on how to make better travel and adventure photographs.

Have You Accomplished Your Goals for 2010?

At the start of the year you probably had some grandiose plans that ranged from “exercise at least one time” to “achieve world domination”. The disappointing thing is that after around January 10th, most people forget all about their goals and go about living the same lives. We officially have 2 months left in 2010. What have you done?

Iguazu Falls Argentina – Devil’s Throat

Great video taking you through the entrance of Iguazu Falls Argentina all the way to garganta del diablo (devil’s throat).  You can also see the Iguazu Falls from the Brazil side the only bad news is that you have to get a Visa.

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