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What to do if you lose your passport abroad

I recently had my handbag stolen whilst in Amsterdam, along with passport, phone, money, and bank cards. Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt in any way. As it happend, everything turned out ok in the end, but only because I followed the right procedures, which you can read here

Coping with Post-Travel Stillness Disorder

Hot off a five month road trip in which he was chased from a county in Ohio, traveled with a carnival, partied with hippie drug addicts, was stood up by a Sasquatch hunter and nearly outed as a liberal during a Tea Party gun rally, The Feral Scribe acclimates to life as a desk jockey while banking Benjamins for the next adventure.

Behaving badly: Unleashing your inner bad traveler

Exploring a new country and discovering a new culture is really great and all, but you know what also is really great? Exploring cable channels! And discovering how long you can attach yourself to your couch before your pajama pants start to fuse to the upholstery! Unbrave Girl’s latest rant is a hilarious guilt-free read.

Argentine Food: Stuffing your face with dulce de leche

Great video taking you from the Entrance of the park at Iguazu Falls Argentina all the way to Iguazu falls.  With some great commentary of course.  Come check out more info about Argentina attractions and Iguazu falls.

Spilling my Train Brains for Inspiring Travellers

Fancy taking a peek into the befuddled brain behind Trains on the Brain?  Read my first ever interview on the excellent Inspiring Travellers site, which is dedicated to sharing the stories of travel folk they’ve encountered on the road. Andrea Spirov spoke to me about the inspiration behind my rail-obsessed blog.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

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