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Interview with Caz and Craig of yTravelBlog

Caz and Craig are a traveling couple from Australia that also happen to have one of the most popular travel blogs out there today.  Their interview really highlights what makes them a unique pairing — and allows their wonderful personalities to shine through.  I look forward to meeting them in the future.  In the meantime,  I hope you enjoy getting to know them better here.

Where you should go if you can’t afford Antarctica

Its a dream to make it to the white continent but with prices starting off at $3,000 its no wonder why only about 37,000 people made it to Antarctica last year.  You can find a much cheaper cruise with a last minute Antarctica cruise, the total including airfare should range between $4,000 to $5,000 (includes both flight and cruise)

Even Budget Travelers Splurge A Little!

Even if you are traveling on a budget, it is necessary to treat yourself once in a while. After all, traveling isn’t just about relaxing on the beach and drinking cocktails. It’s also about pushing your limits by climbing mountains, hiking through jungles, partying for days straight without sleep, surviving long congested bus/train journeys, etc. Click here to read more.

The Ultimate Road Trip

Midlife Road Trip’s Rick Griffin announced today that he will participate in the 2011 Mongol Rally, a 9000 mile journey crossing 2 continents and 15 countries on some of the worst roads in the world. Rick will join three of the world’s foremost travel writers to form the official “Unofficial Team of Social Media”, the Social Media Syndicate.

Partying It Up Thailand Style

The only part of my trip that I planned ahead of time was arriving in the south of Thailand in time for Christmas Eve.  I knew that if I wanted to experience the best New Years party in the world, a visit to the island of Koh Phangan was necessary.  Little did I know that I would end up spending three weeks on the island and attend every moon party that exists.  Click here to read more.

Healed by a Tibetan Shaman

On a recent visit to Pokhara, Nepal, intrepid traveler Barbara Weibel was fortunate enough to experience a healing ceremony with one of only two remaining Tibetan shamans in the world. Watch a video of this obscure rite.

Interview with Mike Sowden of Fevered Mutterings

Mike Sowden is one of the truly funny and insightful travel bloggers out there today and his interview was one of the very best so far in this series.  Come hear his views on the proper way to make tea, the best advice he can give bloggers for success, and why he wants to go camping with Glenn Beck.  A great read.

Interview with Kelsey Freeman of Drifting Focus

Kelsey is one of the more thoughtful and interesting travel bloggers and photographers out there today.  She’s developing an interesting project called the Mongolia Experiment and has an amazingly wide scope of interests, besides travel.  Hope you enjoy her interview.

Why It Pays To Be Elite

Travel is a big part of our life equation; you probably know that by now. Something we don’t talk about much is our need for finding the cheapest airfares possible. Since we’re up in the air pretty often, it’s important that we scout out the least expensive way to get from Point A to Point B. As a matter of fact, it’s not negotiable.

My 2011 Travel Plans

This is my current travel plan for the first half of 2011.  Lots of the Middle East.  Lots of diving.  Hopefully lots of fun, photos and great stories from one of my favorite parts of the world.  I’d love your feedback and thoughts.  Thanks.

Traditional Yoga – What I Learned In India

Being in India has opened up my eyes, my mind, and my soul to a whole new world and meaning of yoga.  I have an amazing new sense of self and have developed a stronger connection with the here and now.  Yoga has become something more to me then a work out at the gym.  It has become a way of life. Click here to read more.

Interview with Andi Perullo of My Beautiful Adventures

She’s a world traveler.  Chinese medicine practitioner.  Writer.  Photographer.  Most likely soon to be conqueror of the known world — well, at least the internet world.  And a lucky Argentinean man is to take her hand in marriage in a few months and dash the hopes of untold numbers of her readers.

Interview with Kelsey of Drifting Focus

Kelsey is a wonderful voice on the web and also through her photography — and she is never, never shy about expressing her opinion.  I have gotten a chance to get to know her a bit through some exchanges on topics and issue.  This is a person that has opinions and has thought them out fully.

Why I’m Going to Scotland and You Should Too

Traveling Savage lays out a list of compelling reasons why he’s going on Scotland, and why you should too. Not only that, he counters some common complaints leveled against Scotland as a travel destination. Check it out!

Chileans Part 2

I have yet to taste any Chilean food out in the countryside but I can tell you that the rise of the American culture has certainly influenced the country and food in Chile as well.  Much of the world is in a love and hate relationship with American culture, they hate rap but they love Eminem, they hate getting fat but love Mcdonald’s, etc.

NVR Toolkit – Be Grateful

We’ve built our life just the way we like it – No Vacation Required (NVR) style. It’s not always easy, but we’re happy to be living each and every day on our terms. Since dismantling our “old” lives, we regularly get a lot of questions about how we do it, why we do it and what exactly our new approach to life is like on the inside.

Blonde Penguin

Found at the massive Magellan penguin colony in Port Lockroy, Antarctica, this penguin is not a victim of being Albino.  It just has a loss of pigment in its skin.  These are very rare and are hard to find on any Antarctica travel ship.  The It was quite unique and we were lucky to have a world renowned penguin expert, Frank Todd, on board the ship.

wanderlass dove with gabajillion of sardines

“We have our own Sardine Run in the Philippines!” my friend Beth twitted me during the time I was obsessing about the Sardine Run in South Africa–after seeing it in BBC.
“Really? Where?”
“Moalboal in Cebu.”

Chileans Part 1

I not only tried a typical Chilean dish but also tried a delicious Chilean drink.  If you haven’t read my post on living in Chile then I should inform you that there are two things that are constant in Chile, endless amounts of delicious ice cream and women wearing ugly jeans.  I have now confirmed men wear ugly jeans but I digress.

From Around the Travelsphere

Interesting travel items from around the world.

Book of travel tales inspired by year in India

I am very excited to announce the publication of my first book. Song of India: Tales of travel and transformation is a collection of 10 tales inspired by the scorched earth of the Rajasthan desert, the hypnotic currents of the Ganga river, the spectacular Himalayan sunrise in Darjeeling and a night facing death on the river in Varanasi.

Traveling Savage to Focus on Scotland for 2011

After a month in Argentina, Keith Savage returned to Traveling Savage HQ and has decided to focus his future travels on Scotland. Starting March 1, Keith will be spending three weeks in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. Traveling Savage is positioning to be the go-to blog for information, stories, and expert advice about Scotland.

Interview with Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD

This is one of my favorite interviews yet in the Lucky 13 interview series.  Dave and Deb are such a wonderful and lovely couple and these answers really shed some light on how great they are.  Popular bloggers and even better people — come meet Dave and Deb and get to know them a little better.

Trip of a Lifetime: Antarctica Complete

Seeing this place is nothing short of amazing.  Its completely different than any other place that I have seen in the world.  After helping everyone to find an Antarctica travel ship cheap, now I am sharing my travels to the great continent.  You would be surprise that it isn’t as cold on the continent as you would have thought.

Interview with Cailin O’Neil of Cailin Travels

Cailin is one of my favorite tweeps and one of the first people I followed when I started reading travel blogs.  Her interview is one of the best yet on the Lucky 13 series.  Hope you enjoy.

We’re Doing A Mileage Run

Visit Mileage Run | Posted by The NVR Guys Permalink
Last week, we were at a holiday party. We overheard a friend across the room say: “I know someone who’s flying to Vegas just to get miles. Can you believe that?”
We turned to each other. I said “Oh boy – if that guy only knew what we have brewing.” We guzzled our drinks.

Travel Vaccines

Information on travel vaccinations seem hard to come by. As Shaun and I are leaving on our Central/South American backpacking trip, we had to get a few to get us into a few countries we wish to visit. Here is some important information about travel vaccinations that we learned along the way.

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