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Globetrooper News: Expeditions

The Ultimate Train Challenge is Ready for… You!!

This is the announcement that I have been ready to make for months now. The Ultimate Train Challenge was one of my travel highlights in 2011. Lisbon to Saigon — 15,000 miles — all on trains. From the response and encouragement from people during and after that journey, I decided to open it up for anyone else to participate. So, come read about the amazing things you can win by participating, the great sponsors, the fun parties, and the challenge of a lifetime. Thanks!

Ultimate Train Challenge 2011 — the Wrap Up

September saw the Ultimate Train Challenge. Lisbon to Saigon, all by trains, all in 30 days. It was an amazing and exhausting journey, but totally one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Come check out the final wrap up of this adventure.

The Adventurists Ice Run: Now We’re Talking!

I always wanted to do one of the Adventurists crazy expeditions. The idea of driving across Europe to Mongolia or driving across India in a rickshaw just sounds like a big ball of fun. We did something similar in India in 2011 by rail, and being a part of a big rally like that is my sort of travel. But now they’ve turned it up a notch… check it out.

Ultimate Train Challenge and Charity

I am really excited that the Ultimate Train Challenge has found an excellent charity to partner up with for the September travel blogger challenge. We have been honored to have been joined by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation to raise funds for a charity near and dear to their hearts: Da Nang Association of Agent Orange Victims. We will be funneling charity money to those still affected by Agent Orange in Vietnam. Come read about it… and donate if you can. Thanks!

1400 Miles by Tandem

In late April Dave Cornthwaite Dave Cornthwaite and Sebastian Terry completed a 14 day, 1400 mile tandem bicycle ride between Vancouver, BC and Las Vegas, NV. The journey was the 4th of Cornthwaite’s Expedition1000 project, in which he is attempting 25 separate non-motorised journeys of 1000 miles or more, and the 51st item on Terry’s bucket list, 100 Things.

Philippine 1st Dive Seafari

Philippine Dive Seafari 2011 showcases 4 of Philippines Top Dive Destinations — Anilao, Bohol, Coron, Samal Island.

Sensible Advice for Bike Expeditions

Anyone planning a long journey by bicycle will be interested in getting as much good advice as they can before they begin. Link here.

Adventurers’ Lecture Night event

Following on from the huge success of our London events, a Scottish Night of Adventure will take place in Edinburgh on 13th June. Come along and listen to superb speakers from across the spectrum of expeditions, adventure and travel talking about their amazing exploits. Link here.

Sarah Outen Launches London-2-London Expedition

An inspirational young adventurer, Sarah Outen is 3 days into her ‘London-2-London via the World’ Expedition.  A Two Boats, One Bike, Two Oceans and Three Continents journey around the world, Sarah will be paddling and pedaling her way around the world for the next little while.

Countdown for Pat Farmer in his Pole to Pole Run

With less than 1 week to go before the start of April, Pat Farmer would be counting down the hours to his epic run of a lifetime. Pat will be running TWO marathons EVERY day, NO days off, for TEN months from the Arctic to Antarctica. Bloody incredible.

The Ultimate Train Challenge Announcement

The travel challenge of 2011 has been announced — the Ultimate Train Challenge.  What is the longest train journey possible?  Portugal to Vietnam — all by rail.  Come and follow the seven travel bloggers that are going to choose different routes and see who can rake up the most miles in 30 days and set the record for the longest continuous train journey…. and have a ton of fun along the way.

One Place Left! Join the Gobi 2011 Expedition Team

Join our team to trek the fifth largest desert in the world and Asia’s largest. On the 24th May 2011, our team will trek the entire 1000 miles of the Mongolian Gobi Desert. See the expedition website and the trip page here. Email if interested.

Globetrooper: in (and Out) of Bolivia’s Worst Prison

We recently asked why on Earth would anyone accompany a real criminal into a real prison under entirely false pretenses for a completely illegal tour. Well, we actually did it. From a trip to the police station, to being scammed, to giving up hope, to finding a second-wind, to finally getting in, and then getting out again… it’s all here.

Vacancy to row across Atlantic in January

A last-minute, very cheap opportunity has come up for anyone wishing to join an expedition rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in January.

High Definition Video: Trans-Iceland Expedition

A newly-released video of an attempt to cross Iceland, from coast to coast, travelling only by foot and inflatable packraft.

Beautiful scenery and raging whitewater rivers, all in stunning High Definition.

The video is accompanied by blog entries and photography from the expedition.

The Long 6,500km Walk to Freedom

All the way from a Siberian prison camp to India for freedom (6,500 kilometers, approx. 4,000 miles). A trek through frozen forests, over mountains and across deserts on a journey that took 11 months. The book, The Long Walk, turned into an international best seller. In January 2011 Hollywood will release a film based on the story.

Ed Stafford: The Guy who Walked the entire Amazon River in 860 days – an Interview on ExWeb

Ed’s travelling all over the UK lecturing, playing rugby with old mates, appearing on talk shows, filming in Soho and worrying about why his great partner on the Amazon Expedition, Cho, has been denied a visa to come to the UK. But now that ExWeb has made contact, read all about Ed’s epic 860 day Amazon Adventure.

Tina Notarianni Announced as Official Gobi 2011 Nutrition & Fitness Advisor

As the Gobi 2011 team trainer, Tina is honoured by the challenge and will dedicate her time and energy to do what she does best… “PUSH” and prepare her Gobi team members for the required physical fortitude to cross 1000 miles of the Gobi Desert.

Join Alan Arnette’s Seven Summits for Alzheimer’s

This is what Alan has to say about his new project:

I will climb the 7 Summits in 2010 and 2011… My supporters are the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and International Mountain Guides plus Outside Online… You are invited to join on a climb or a trek, help with a fund raising event or make a donation today. Together we can make a world without Alzheimer’s.

Francois Quiquet to Cross Swedish Lapland on Skis

French explorer, François Quiquet, is undertaking a short but very intense expedition through Swedish Lapland by skis. This is an area hundreds of kilometres above the Arctic Circle where temperates average -10°C and blizzards can drive visibility to zero. For François, this expedition will serve as a test for much larger tests to come.

Motivating Australia, Adventurously

Adventurers Seb Terry and Dave Cornthwaite are set for a five week speaking tour in Australia. Seb had been travelling non-stop for 16 months ticking off items from a hundred-strong bucket list, and Dave has undertaken world record breaking expeditions including a trans-Australian skateboard journey. The two have compiled a lecture show.

Official Timekeeper of Gobi 2011 – Nite Watches

Nite Watches has just been announced as the Gobi 2011 Expedition official timekeeper. Nite is renowned as a military, sports and adventurers watch designer and manufacturer. All models feature self-powered GTLS illumination, making them highly visible and ideal for tough, dangerous and demanding environments.

GT Team Considering Aconcagua. Travel Partners?

The Globetrooper Team are considering a climb of Cerro Aconcagua over the new year and looking for travel partners. Aconcagua is the tallest peak outside the Himalaya at almost 7,000m. It’s not very technical, but it is highly physical. If interested, leave a comment at the GT Aconcagua Trip page.

Everest Sherpa, Chhewang Nima caught in avalanche

The search has been called off for 19 times Everest summiteer, Chhewang Nima Sherpa. After using a helicopter to survey the area, the SAR team determined that it was impossible that he could have survived the avalanche that swept him away while fixing ropes at 7,045m on Baruntse.

Bloc Eyewear Signed On to Sponsor Gobi 2011

BLOC Eyewear has become the official eyewear sponsor of the Gobi 2011, a 1,600km on-foot crossing of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. One of the greatest challenges in the desert is to protect oneself from the sun, so while the Gobi 2011 could certainly suffer sun burn and heat stroke, at least we know their eyes will be well protected.

Roadtrip from London to Cape Town in record time

10,000 miles, 21 countries, 3 continents in under 13 days 8 hours and 48 minutes. Last weekend a three-man team left London for Cape Town in an attempt to beat the current record for driving between the two cities. Driving continuously, day and night for nearly two weeks, eating and sleeping in the cramped confines of a Land Rover.

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