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Globetrooper News: Group Trips

4 Tips for Mixing Business and Pleasure While You’re on a Family Vacation

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News flash: your business doesn’t stop just because you’re on vacation.


This creates a distinct challenge for those of us who work from home or run a business on our own terms: that is, what are we to do when it’s time for a family trip? After all, when you don’t have traditional paid time off, a vacation could potentially impact your bank account and be a source on unnecessarily stress.


You’re not going to enjoy your vacation if you’re going to be worried about your wallet the entire time. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to mix business and pleasure for your next family vacation. The following four tips can help make it happen without fail.


Prioritize Your Time and Energy

Don’t expect to have full-blown workdays while you’re on vacation with your family. Instead, pick out the absolutely essential activities for your business and focus on those first and foremost. No meetings, social media sessions or fluff: solely stress the tasks that are going to boost your bottom line.


As noted by investing guru Tim Sykes in his penny stocks guide, successful investors can make a living by committing just a couple of hours per day. It’s all about priorities and productivity. Ask yourself: what’s the most you can accomplish in a matter of hours?


Do Your Work First Thing in the Morning

Everyone’s different in terms of when they’re most productive; however, the early morning hours are going to be ideal for most of us on vacation.


Think about it: your mind is clear and the rest of your family is likely still asleep, ultimately freeing you from any potential distractions. Also, getting your work done early gives you peace of mind as you know the rest of your day is free from the realm of your business. Saving your work for nighttime is oftentimes a mistake as you might dwell on your work throughout the day or end up staying up later than you would have liked because of a tedious project.


Find a Productive Working Environment

The key to making the most of your time is finding an environment where you can be laser-focused on your work. Most hotels and resorts have dedicated office spaces with Wi-Fi; likewise, you can always hit up a local coffee shop if necessary. Also consider that you can be incredibly productive at airports or on airplanes, both of which are prime places to knock out some work considering it’d be downtime otherwise.


Plan Ahead

Ideally, you can put in some extra hours prior to your trip to help lighten your workload on vacation. Doing so might be a bit of an initial headache; however, you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to worry so much. Depending on your line of work you might have to do at least some work in real-time on your trip, but planning ahead is always a plus.


Everyone deserves a stress-free vacation regardless of their financial situation. Rather than worry about “what-ifs” and your wallet, instead consider how you can enjoy a good time with your family and take care of business at the same time.



South Africa’s Zulu Culture

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When I travel I like to know all I can about the locals, and when given the chance to choose from the dozen interesting destinations in Africa, I knew I had my work cut out for me. In South Africa alone there are 11 official languages. One dominant language and culture that most people are familiar with is the Zulus. The Zulu race is a big part of the country and I was excited, yet daunted to find out all I could about this proud people.



The Zulu heritage goes back many years, but they only became a unique people around the early 18th century, pulling away from the many clans that were scattered around the Southern African area.


The King of Kings


Most know of Shaka Zulu, the Zulu people’s leader, who took this people beyond anyone’s imagination.  He was fearless and fought for his people for many years.  Some would say that he was the first to start the vendetta against apartheid, the British being a big part of this war.


The Now


Today, there are still Zulu tribes, who live the authentic Zulu life, with all its culture, religion and traditions.  I had the privilege of visiting one such village, and was amazed how they were quite oblivious to our modern ways and equipment.  It was, in fact, quite breath taking and heart-warming.


The Food


I watched them cook over an open fire, with very primitive-looking utensils.  I tasted their food, which was, while a little bland, quite tasty.  They are a predominantly vegetarian race, although they do like their meat.  As they do not go to the shops to buy their protein, they don’t always have it on tap, so the vegetation that they grow makes do.


They love their beer, and it is made from maize and course sorghum.  The process takes place over a few days, and is operated by the women only.  Once all is said and done, they produce a really hard-core beer, which has an alcohol content of 3%.


Amazi is a very traditional food, and made up of mostly milk.  It is a sacred food, and only consumed by family members, so I wasn’t able to try it.


The Clothing


The Zulu’s are very proud of their attire, and most of it is made from real animal hides.



The Men


The men have very different wear to the women, and much of the accessories have deep meaning.


Cow tails are worn on the upper arms of men to give the appearance of greater muscle mass.  They are called amaShoba.


IsiNene is the little front apron that covers the men’s private area, made up of weighted circles of animal skin.


The rear apron for men is called iBeshu and is only ever made from dead or stillborn calves.


InJoba is the long skins of animals worn on the hips.


Only married men wear headbands, which can be quite decorative.


The Women


The women are divided into single or married, and they dress accordingly.  Single women display their “assets” as it were, by wearing very little, just a little grass skirt, with bared breasts.  Married women cover up their breasts and grow their hair.


The Dances


Dancing is a very integral part of the Zulu traditions, and it is a fine sceptical to see.  I was able to view a few of their dances and was so tempted to join in, but not allowed to.


All of their dances have meaning, from their hunting dance to their bull dance.  They are a fierce nation and express their passion well in dance. One can easily get caught up in the vibe and beat when watching.


The Religion

The Zulu believe that there are spirits that exist in another realm.  The spirits communicate between the dead and the living, giving messages of wisdom and often times foreseeing the future.


The Sangoma, who is their spiritual healer, will intervene when there is a situation that needs to be dealt with.


Animals are very sacred to the Zulu people, and they believe that spirits exist in animals too.  You will see them put great meaning into what animals get up to.  Suspicion is rife in the Zulu culture.


The Living Arrangements


The village layout is very thought-out, normally always situated on a slope, so that rainwater can drain down and through the kraal, where they keep their cattle.


The umuzi is built to protect the occupants against attack from neighbouring tribes.  Although today, that rarely happens, they have kept up with this tradition.


The cattle and claves are kept in the middle, to protect from them wandering and from theft.  They separate single men and women from their married counterparts, probably for obvious reasons.


The chief’s mother gets the largest hut, and the chief with his many wives are built around this.  This shows the signs of respect within the tribe.


Nowadays the villages allow outsiders in, as more of a tourist thing, so I got to see the layout first hand, but we were not allowed to stay overnight.


So, I urge you, next time you are out and about on a safari in Africa, please go visit a Zulu village, and step back into a time gone by.


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Travel Abroad Tips

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Traveling to a new country can be both eye-opening and invigorating. It could be a business trip or a long-awaited vacation but there are some things that you should worry about. Regardless of the kind of trip you are taking, here are some tips to make your international travel easier, safer and more cost effective:

Health and Security

This is something that you cannot ignore. Before you travel to a different part of the world, ensure that you have checked with your doctor and have all the necessary vaccinations. You should also check with your insurance agent about the policies that can be applicable overseas. You might, in some cases, want to add some extra coverage. Further,

ü  Have copies of your passport ready, in case you lose them.

ü  Leave a copy of your passport back home. Consider keeping an electronic copy that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

ü  Register with your embassy to make things easier when your safety could become a concern.


It takes some amount of time to adapt to the currency and exchange rates in a foreign country. It is better to be aware of the amount (in your currency) you are paying for and not walk into surprises. 1 euro might sound like a small amount however for an American traveler, it’s a bit over a dollar. Knowing the currency rate and the expenses will also help you prepare better for your overseas travel. On top of this, ensure:

ü  That your credit card is valid in the foreign country.

ü  You know where to get the best conversion rate (the money exchangers charging the lowest commissions).

ü  Have local cash handy.

ü  Check the country’s exit/entrance fees

Local Research

Depending on the kind of overseas vacation you are planning, it is necessary that you have complete details of the itinerary. For instance, it is best to be sure where to go next or the timing of events you want to attend. Local research allows you to be prepared and you will always land on deals that save you money.

ü  Get a guidebook / map

ü  Download GPS data for online/offline navigation

ü  Check out some blogs from travelers who have been to the place in the past


The smartphone has made our world a lot easier and convenient. It can be a savior in all kinds of situations, be it to find the hotel you booked or advise you on the best food restaurant around. Consequently, you must ensure that your gadgets are always in place.

ü  Carry an international adapter. It will not only save your gadgets from voltage limitations but also allow you to charge anywhere.

ü  Activate the roaming capability of your phone.

ü  Download Viber Out for cheap international calling. The roaming charges on normal network calls can be too expensive to bear.

ü  Make sure that your laptops and cameras are well protected.

Lastly, international travel is all about how open you are to opportunities. If you are able to adapt well, your vacation can be a great one. Research, knowledge and preparedness are the key to a successful and fun vacation.

How You Can Travel The World And Receive Cosmetic Surgery At The Same Time

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People are beginning to travel the globe more and more, and travel trends from the Office for National Statistics are suggesting that UK residents spent £43.8 billion on visits overseas throughout 2016, which is an increase of 12% on 2015. Another interesting trend that could potentially correlate with this rise in travel, is the growth in plastic surgery tourism and medical tourism. This is the process of people travelling overseas in order to receive a medical or cosmetic procedure, in order to cut the costs of their procedure. People can receive a cheap hair transplant at the fraction of the cost that they would pay in their home country, while benefitting from some of the best facilities and most experienced surgeons from around the world. Here, we’re taking a look at how you can travel the world, and receive cosmetic surgery at the same time.

Medical Tourism Packages

Some major medical tourism countries offer packages to suit a person’s travel desires and their procedure. While they will not have them jetting off around the world, what they can provide is an all-inclusive package that includes flights, hotel stay, hospital stay after the procedure, and the cost of the procedure and any aftercare all included within the price. Medical tourism packages can be found around the world.

Travel To Turkey

One of the major countries that is up and coming for its medical tourism is Turkey. Turkey is a cultural hub and makes a fantastic travel destination for those who are young and old, and now, with the Turkish Government endorsing medical facilities and the medical tourism industry in the country, travelling to Turkey for a medical procedure has become easier than ever. This way, you can combine your procedure with a trip to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The downtimes associated with many procedures will also help to ensure that you’re not in a lot of pain while you’re enjoying your holiday, and you will also have access to any doctors and surgeons for a check-up after the procedure, who understand your requirements and needs a lot more than they would if you was to travel straight home.


Asia is quickly becoming the hub of medical tourism procedures, with India and Thailand working alongside other countries like Turkey to become some of the more central locations for high quality, yet affordable cosmetic procedures. There are a huge number of countries around the world that offer this, so if you’ve booked travel around Asia and other countries then you might want to check out the facilities while you’re there. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is exceptionally important, and there’s no better way to do this than with medical tourism packages based in Asia or Turkey. This way you can experience all of the culture, history and sightseeing parts of the country before and after having a cosmetic procedure carried out – giving you a 2 for 1 option!

Wondering How to Spend The Weekend In Dubai?

A Wonderful Yachting Experience

Dubai is an astounding marvel city. It’s beyond one’s imagination to have an idea of what Dubai looked like a decade ago by looking at its present condition. Dubai is a city right in the middle of the desert and had hardly any means of survival. As the time went by, the discovery of oil took place. After the discovery of oil, Dubai started to transform from a deserted area to a wonderful megacity. Nowadays it is the prime holiday destination or many people from across the globe. When people plan their vacation Dubai is the first name that comes to their mind. It is not just the tall buildings, fast cars, and luxurious lifestyle of Dubai but also the culture and tradition of the city that is a point of attraction for many. Dubai is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a neat and clean coastline. The city also has a gorgeous desert which is liked by the visitors of Dubai. The luxury could be experienced by anyone who wants to have a feel of the simply by trying out the following activities. Dubai can be considered as the yachting capital of the Middle East as it has some of the world’s best luxury yachts. The city has a lot to offer for its visitors as it has a wide variety of desert and water sports activities. When you come to visit the megacity, go for the yacht rental Dubai. There is a wide range of yachts to choose from. You can pick any of your choices depending upon your need. These yachts are magnificent and will give you the perfect feel of luxury and comfort. They prove to be the best spot for celebrating parties, exploring the beautiful sea, fishing or just relaxing in the middle of the ocean. The experience of yachting in Dubai is just amazing as the views are spectacular and the services are beyond perfect. On should never miss out the yacht trip when visiting Dubai. The yachting experience will be one of a kind and allow you to explore the modern and luxurious side of the city.

Fun Fishing In Dubai

These beautiful luxury yachts will take you to a ride through the stunning marina which is the harbor area where these yachts are parked. You will be boarding the yacht from the marina. The yachts are perfect for all the fishing freaks from across the globe. Dubai has also proved to be amongst the favorite fishing destinations because of the rich marine life. Fishing in Dubai is an experience you won’t get anywhere else. The yachts are fully equipped with cool gadgets and hi-tech devices for a safe yet adventurous trip. They have sonar, GPS, fish detecting devices, ultralight spinning rod, and a lot more. With these devices onboard it is made sure that you get a perfect catch and never return disappointed. The warm waters, the clean beaches, and the soothing sun altogether make the trip a memorable one. You will get a chance to enjoy the fish which you had caught onboard as they have a BBQ on the deck and the crew will help you out with the preparations. The amazing views will give you a chance to have some of the best photographs of your life. This fishing trip is surely a great way to spend your weekend in Dubai.

Explore The Cultural And Tradition

The best way to explore the culture and tradition of Dubai is to try ou the dhow cruise ride. The dhow cruise Dubai is a traditional Arabic vessel which is made up of wood and was earlier used for the purpose of cargo. Today many of them have been converted into floating restaurants and serve as the best party celebration spots. They are gorgeous and decorated with lights. The dhow cruise has all the modern day amenities for a comfortable joy ride. They serve delectable food in these floating restaurants to their guests along with a variety of chilled drinks and juices. The view of the marina is a factor that makes this whole ride a unique one. The beautiful tall buildings and the calm music in the background are perfect for a peaceful ride in the dhow cruise. They even have entertainers onboard like dancers and magicians. The dhow cruise proves to be a perfect spot for the celebration of parties like birthdays, reunions, family get together, marriage proposals and a lot more. You will get to know the traditional side of the city along with the modern architecture. The best part of the entire trip is watching a sunset from the dhow and as the night approaches the tall buildings are all lit up to give a stunning view of the metropolitan city.

A Nostalgic Trip To Musandam Village


Musandam Dibba is a city holding tight its tradition and culture. The Musandam tour is a must for all those who admire the Arabic culture and tradition. The tour will begin from the beautiful marina in a traditional dhow cruise and will take you to the beautiful Musandam village which is surrounded by breathtaking mountains which are 2082 meters high from the sea level. The village has a beautiful market where they sell everything from spices to carpets and a lot more. You can buy some souvenirs for your friends and family back home. While on the trip you will be served with delicious food and chilled drinks onboard. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and have fun in the crystal clear warm waters. The views are spectacular and will give you countless opportunities for clicking pictures. This is a must when you visit Dubai.

The Ultimate Desert Safari

Coming back on land the desert safari is one thing which should not be missed at any cost. The desert safari Dubai is a fun filled adventure trip to the desert. The package generally includes delectable food, chilled soft drinks, juices, and BBQ in the middle of the desert along with fun activities. The desert safari provides you with a chance to enjoy activities such as dune bashing, sand surfing, camel riding, quad biking and a lot more. There are entertainers which perform in the middle of the desert in a beautiful Bedouin camp. There will be a bonfire and you can enjoy the hookah smoking along with the Tanoura dance. The best thing is definitely going to be watching a stunning sunset in the middle of the desert and as the night come you will witness a beautiful star lit sky. These activities prove to be the best for spending a weekend in the megacity Dubai.

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