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5 Places for a Ski Trip to Utah

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For many a skiing trip to Utah is a bucket list destination. One of Utah’s claims to fame is to having ‘the best snow on earth.’ With over ten world class ski resorts this state has plenty to offer the winter enthusiast. From finding cabins for rent in Utah to hitting the slopes or enjoying delicious dining there is something for everyone.


Salt Lake City is often many visitors point of entry city if arriving by air. The good news is that many ski resorts are located within an easy hour or so drive from the airport. This makes the option of easily arriving or departing to your ski resort area on all the same day feasible thus allowing you to maximize your precious vacation time. Or if you would prefer, plan to stay a night or two in Salt Lake City too and check out this modern city. The downtown area enjoys easy flowing traffic and plenty of room as it was originally designed to allow a full team of oxen to turn around in the downtown area.


As for the skiing, here are a few resorts to check out and get the ball rolling. Some visitors enjoy experiencing a few resorts while others prefer to pick one and fully take in the area. Given the close proximity for some of the ski resorts it is possible to enjoy a day trip to a neighboring slope and check out the differences. Here are some suggestions to get your started.


Park City

This resort area is no stranger to visitors. Park City has long made its name as an outstanding visitor destination. Catering to those who enjoy the finer aspects of life to those simply looking to hit some good runs, Park City beckons everyone. Within easy driving distance from Salt Lake City this mountain town is a great choice if you are short on time. A world class skiing destination, there are 336 runs ranging from beginner to advanced as well as an alpine coaster and zip line for those looking for a little variety. Elegant dining and full service shops are available to cater to all whims.


Deer Valley

This alpine ski resort is 36 miles East of Salt Lake City. Known for having upscale amenities Deer Valley consistently ranks in the top ski resorts in America. It was the venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics and regularly hosts competitions for the International Ski Federation. Deer Valley has more grooming equipment than most of its competitors and limits access to reduce overcrowding. Free style skiers often refer to this resort as a free styling mecca.


Sundance Resort

Located 13 miles northeast of Provo famous actor Robert Redford acquired this property in 1968 and established a year round resort. It holds the renowned Sundance Film Festival in the summers which is the largest independent film festival in the United States. Beautiful and rustic, the resort is surrounded by 5000 acres of wilderness at the base of the 12, 000 foot Mt Timpangos. Near to both Park City and Salk Lake City, Sundance Resort offers skiing, snowboarding, night skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. If you are a bit shaky with your skills, PSIA/AASI certified instructors are there to help you learn. The Sundance Owl Bar features the original 1890’s Rosewood Bar that was frequented by Butch Cassidy’s Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. The Sundance Art Studio features classes in painting, pottery, jewelry making and photography. This resort is known for fostering a sense of community with the feeling of home and is a great choice if you are traveling as a group or family with diverse interests.



With something for all skill levels, this award winning resort has 3240 vertical feet of snowy slopes to enjoy. Snowbird boasts Utah’s longest ski season and averages 500 inches. Located up Little Cottonwood Canyon at a distance of about 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport this makes for an easy vacation destination. There’s plenty to do on this 2,500 acre wonderland. From backcountry skiing, heli skiing, snow cat skiing, snowmobile tours or snow shoeing birding tours there can be something for everyone. Many different types of restaurants are around catering to all levels of pocket books.


Cherry Peak

One of Utah’s newest ski resorts, Cherry Creek provides a family fun atmosphere at affordable prices. Located near Logan and Richmond this is another easy to reach ski resort. The resort boasts a 500 foot magic carpet for learning, five lanes for tubing, ice skating and night skiing. With two hundred skiable acres, this resort is able to offer great runs with a pleasantly small atmosphere. If you want to have a break from the huge resorts, this is a great choice.


Find a Staycation Spot

A slightly different alternative is also finding a great spot to rent for a staycation. There are some amazing places in Utah with that are located within a resort or just on the outskirts. You can pick and choose the days you want to hit the slopes based on weather. If you have members in your group that are not huge into skiing, the plus side is they will have an amazing accommodation spot to hang out in while you hit the slopes.


If you are into winter wonderland vacations Utah can be a dream. So many amazing resorts are all within easy distance of Salt Lake City making transportation a breeze. Grab that ski wax and start packing and planning. Some of the greatest snow on earth is calling your name.

5 Tricks To Experience Tuscany As A Local

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Tuscany is famous for its rich history, as well as its cultural and artistic past. Because of this, anyone who gets to experience the offerings of this region as a local would is definitely in for a treat. But while there are tons of commercial options for tourists, anyone who wants the local experience is going to have to go through the untrodden path in order to do so.

Enjoying any place as a local would enable you to experience a place more deeply than if you just go wherever all the other tourists go and taste whatever everyone else tastes. It’s a more intimate and exciting experience to get to know any place the same way its locals do. There are Tuscany tour packages which offer an ‘off the beaten path’ option, though you can still stray from the ‘mainstream tourist’ packages if you so desire.

Mingle With The Locals

What better way to experience what locals do than by interacting with the locals themselves? There are such welcoming places within Tuscany such as Chicca Maione’s country home. Not only does it include an hour of cooking lessons, you get to eat what you cooked up along with the rest of the group at the outdoor pergola. Some area residents also welcome you in their homes to share a native dish, some wine, and some conversation. Who knows, you may even be regaled by stories that further exhibit the rich history of Tuscany.

Experience Daily Life

In addition to mingling with the locals, you must also seize all opportunity to go about your day as they would. Shop for food at the local market, try cooking/eating some local cuisine, hunt for truffles in the morning, walk through gardens, and drink some wine. Tuscany is famous for its Tuscan wine, and going to Tuscany won’t be complete without having a sip (or more!) of it as you go on your daily life.

Go On A Tour

While this one seems more commonplace, it’s still good to be able to appreciate more about the history and culture of Tuscany by going to historical sites and touring some local wineries with a local guide. Their knowledge about the places you’ll be visiting will be a welcome addition to the beautiful sceneries that you will come across. Of course, no one knows these areas better than a local, and having one to guide you is definitely a must.

Stay In Local Accommodations

A lot of the culture is preserved in the establishments around the region, and this includes the villas that tourists can stay in. However, you’ll feel the experience more than staying at your typical hotel because of the scenery and the architecture of these infrastructures. A lot of them are property owned, which means that it’ll just be like staying with the locals. And while these accommodations stay true to their roots in all the right ways, most of them are also equipped with modern facilities to make your stay more comfortable.

Visit Local Farms

Apart from having a go at the local market, you can also go straight to the source and visit some family owned farms that grow organic produce. There are also a lot of culinary experts all around Tuscany who will teach you all sorts of culinary skills from braiding mozzarella to preparing traditional cookies and other local cuisine treasures. Tuscany truly is a place to enjoy your inner foodie, plus you learn how to make these delicious food by yourself, too.

While there are other engaging means by which you can experience Tuscany like a local, such as means of traveling (bikes, horses, even walking!), these five are definitely the must-tries. Tuscany enjoyed as it is already very appealing and is an adventure in itself, but you will appreciate it even more if you do as the locals do. After all, no one loves a place more than the people who live in it, right? At the end of your travels, you’ll have a deeper connection with this Italian region than you did at the start.

4 Ways Digital Nomads Can Benefit From Online Education

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With the internet making it easier for people to work remotely and start their own businesses from home, the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. When you can work from any location where you have an internet connection, you find a new sense of freedom to travel the world and see as much of it as possible. But, with more people joining the digital nomad bandwagon, competition can be high. Studying for a college degree will make you more attractive to potential clients and give you a competitive edge.

Freedom to Travel

When you’re working online and traveling the world, it can be difficult to come home and commit to staying in one place for 3-4 years whilst you study for a degree. Thanks to online learning, there’s no need to do this – you can simply take your education with you! However, you may need to be prepared to come home on certain dates, for example, if you need to sit an exam for your online masters in counseling. But, if you have access to a reliable internet connection, studying for your degree online can be done almost anywhere, giving you the freedom to continue as a digital nomad.

Save Money

If like many digital nomads you are self-employed, you probably want to save as much money as possible by traveling cheaply and living on a budget. So, when it comes to furthering your education with a college degree, the high price of university tuition may be a little off-putting. They cost around a third cheaper on average, so online programs such as these masters in counseling programs are the ideal choice for digital nomads who are trying to spend as little as possible.

Study Anything

When it was first introduced around a decade ago, online learning was not very popular and most people were wary of it. This was mainly due to the lack of subject options and reputable colleges to choose from when studying online. Today, however, all that has changed – when studying online, students can choose from a host of topic options, whether you’re interested in improving your digital marketing skills or want to train as a nurse.

Be in Charge

Along with giving you the freedom to travel wherever you like whilst you study for your degree, online education is the only type of learning that truly allows you to be in charge. With no physical classes to attend on-campus, you can tailor your learning schedule to suit you, allowing it to fit in well with whatever kind of work you do as a digital nomad. Additionally, many online degree programs allow for flexible completion periods, meaning that you can take a little longer, or even finish your degree in a shorter amount of time depending on your requirements.

With the digital nomad lifestyle growing in popularity, there’s never been a better time to pack your bags, grab your laptop, and get on a plane. Online degree programs allow remote workers around the world to study anywhere and expand their career.

5 Top Family Adventure Holidays for Active fun this summer

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The cold winter months are slowly giving way to warmer weather and naturally thoughts are turning to how to spend the coming summer months. For families this means planning activities and holidays to keep the children occupied during their time off school. For those that like a bit of adventure and staying active there are many options that open up when the weather becomes a little warmer; here’s a few top picks for family adventure holidays!

1. Canoeing, Abseiling and Zip-wiring in Scotland

A good choice for an active family holiday in the UK is the Dalguise mansion and its grounds in Scotland. Located in the country’s so called ‘Big Tree Country’ the 18th century Stately Home features over 50 acres of mature woodland and gardens which make for a perfect family adventure setting. Families can choose from canoeing down the river Tay, mountain biking, zip wire and abseiling experiences, and much more. The attraction also features an indoor sports arena ideal for use during rainy days.

2. Cycling Holidays in France

One of the best ways to enjoy an active and fun time away is by going on a cycling holiday, with France being one of the most popular destinations of biking enthusiasts. A summer cycling holiday such as those offered by Belle France allows you to explore some of Frances most picturesque regions at your leisure. Apart from exploring the country’s charming towns and beautiful landscapes, cycling holidays are also a great way to keep active together as a family.

3. Camping Adventures in Sweden

The Klaralven River is Sweden’s longest river and its surrounding natural setting is great for family camping holidays. From camping and hiking in the surrounding forest area to paddling down the wide but peaceful river populated by beavers in its shallows, there’s lots of adventure for active families to enjoy here.

4. Exploring in the Wild West

America’s south-west region offers the perfect setting for a great family adventure holiday with opportunities for water-based activities, hiking, horse riding, and much more. Excursions here usually start and end in Las Vegas and include guided tours of five of the country’s biggest national parks, camping, and exploring the epic landscapes that the Wild West is known for. After your adventures in the wild, you also get the chance to sample some glitzy family fun amongst the bright Las Vegas lights.

5. Sport and Nature Based fun in Argentina

Argentina provides a great mix of family activities due to its picturesque natural environments, a vibrant culture and the country’s obsession with sports. Whether you’re checking out the home of football club Boca Juniors, learning how to play Polo, or hiking on a jungle trail, active families will be spoilt for choice. The country also boasts the wild Ibera wetlands, home to Cayman alligators and the capybara, as well as the picturesque Los Glaciares National Park.

For families that like a bit of adventure during their holidays the five destinations listed above are good places to start and showcase what’s on offer in terms of family adventure holidays. Whether it is camping, hiking, water-based activities or exploring beautiful countryside on two wheels, the world is your oyster this summer.

How to plan the group holiday of a lifetime

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Planning a group holiday often involves a lot of work. Juggling deposits, making sure everyone is happy with your choices and finally getting everyone to the airport on time. But once you arrive at your chosen destination accompanied by your closest friends, it all seem worth it. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have the holiday of a lifetime.


Image by wsilver used under CC license

Choose group-friendly accommodation

Don’t rely on package deals or hotel buffets! Craft your own holiday by booking a villa and deciding how you want to spend your break. Whether you want to eat out at a restaurant or cook up a storm in your holiday villa, you’ll have full control over the activities you take part in while you’re away. Plus, staying in a villa means that you and your friends can take part in different activities without worrying about not spending time together. Spend the day doing your own thing and meet everyone back at the villa in the evening – problem solved.

Pick your perfect destination

When you’re going away with friends, your destination has to cater to a lot of needs. Your friends might like partying all night or scuba diving or they might all have completely different interests! How can you pick a destination to suit them all? Simple! Pick a hot, sunny destination with plentiful beaches and a whole bunch of extra activities to take part in and you’re sure to tick all the boxes. Lanzarote is a perfect example of an ideal group holiday destination. With lots of accommodation choices, plenty of group activities to choose from and even more sunshine to enjoy, Lanzarote is certainly a winner.


Image by Son of Groucho used under CC license

Discover group activities in Lanzarote

As Lanzarote is a beach destination, the water activities on offer on the island are second to none. Choose between scuba diving, kayaking, wind surfing and more! For confident sailors, there’s the opportunity to rent a yacht for a few hours or a full day. Prefer something that doesn’t involve getting wet? You could take a group trip to the otherworldly Timanfaya National Park. Once the site of over 100 volcanic eruptions, the area is still incredibly hot and dry. Eat at El Diablo and you’ll be served meat that’s been grilled using geothermal heat.

Create an itinerary

Once your holiday is booked and decided upon, it’s time to create an itinerary! When you’re travelling with a group, an itinerary can help to organise everyone and make sure that nothing gets forgotten about. Take a note of when you need to be at the airport and any other important details such as where your villa keys will be and plan around these events. Once that’s out of the way, make a list of the fun stuff such as the main attractions that you want to see. Be careful not to make your plan too specific or you’ll end up rigidly sticking to your itinerary rather than enjoying your break.

What are you waiting for? Round up a group of friends, grab a notebook and start planning your group holiday now!

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