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Budget Breakdown – Malaysia

After spending 2.5 weeks in Malaysia, I present to you my budget breakdown.  Click here to check it out.

I’m Addicted to Silvery Jewelery Making!

The first time I came across a silver jewelery making course was on my last day in India only one hour before I needed to make my way to the airport. Of course I was disapointed that I couldn’t sign up to make some jewelery, but I knew that the opportunity would cross my path again.  Click here to read more.

Speaking in Penguin Tongue

Neko Harbour is home to a large penguin colony and also one of the oldest British bases.  Once you depart the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia, your cheap Antarctica cruise will take you to this popular Antarctica attraction.  This is also the location where you can send your Antarctica postcards which will take over 2 mos to arrive.

Monkeying Around In Japan

Planning a trip to Japan or just want to revisit some great memories from your recent trip? Then swing on over and check out my newest video of great photos and clips from Japan. See all sorts of landmarks and sites available on both Youtube and Vimeo.

Worst Water I Have Ever Drank

Have you ever drunk water that is warmer than your body temperature?  Not just a little water, but about a gallon and a half a day, which is about what you needed to drink in this heat, even in the shade…. and that is your only choice of liquid.  Straight out of a Sudanese well?  Wow, a true life experience.

Interview with Marcello Arrambide, the Wandering Trader

Marcello Arrambide is a really interesting guy that I recently started reading and don’t know that well.  What I do know is that he’s incredibly smart, well traveled, a good writer with a good eye, and his photos are excellent.  In my book, that makes him a travel blogger that a lot more people should start following and reading.

Snap Travelogue – San Francisco

A collection of thoughts on last week’s long weekend in San Francisco. Here’s a teaser: Bourbon and Cornflakes, Next to Normal, GLBT history, Fights at Starbucks and the best damn grilled cheese. Ever.

The Flaming Virgin Mary

Taken on Mt. Cristobal, this great shot is at the peak of the mountain where you can get the best views of Chile.  You can get to the top of Mt. Cristobal very easily through the popular neighborhood of Bella Vista in Santiago.

NVR Toolkit – Give Back

Nothing, absolutely nothing, keeps us more firmly entrenched in our awesome NVR life than giving back. For us, it’s a natural extension of being grateful. Our personal experiences, such as traveling around the globe, have opened our eyes to a world that’s much vaster than our own self interest.

The Ultimate Train Challenge Announcement

The travel challenge of 2011 has been announced — the Ultimate Train Challenge.  What is the longest train journey possible?  Portugal to Vietnam — all by rail.  Come and follow the seven travel bloggers that are going to choose different routes and see who can rake up the most miles in 30 days and set the record for the longest continuous train journey…. and have a ton of fun along the way.

Interview with Wes Nations of Johnny Vagabond: Lucky 13 Questions

Wes is one of the best writers and photographers out on the road today.  His stories are fascinating and his pictures capture the essence of a location.  His answers to the Lucky 13 were one of the funniest yet, starting right out of the gate with his first one.  Hope you come enjoy his interview and get to know this great travel blogger a bit better.

5 Things You Must Do in Austin, Texas

The wonderful Erica, from Over Yonderlust, did up this post of must-do’s when you go visit her hometown, Austin, Texas.  Austin is clearly my favorite city in Texas and is one of the most livable and entertaining cities in the entire country.  Go for the food, the music and the friendliest Texans you will find anywhere.

Here We Go – Our Mindful Mileage Run

We have a big travel plan. We’re in the final stages of preparing for the mileage run that will renew our airlines “status” for another year AND take us to some incredible places. We are ready to roll in less than a month!

Interview with Kirsten Alana of Kirsten Alana Travels: Lucky 13 Questions

One of the emerging and excellent travel photographers on the web today, Kirsten Alana brings an interesting background to travel blogging.  Her Lucky 13 interview is an excellent mix of introspection and good story telling.  Enjoy.

Interview with Amar Hussain of Lucky 13 Questions

Amar and GapYearEscape came a bit late to my attention.  It was only within the last couple months that I started following him in Twitter and reading his stuff, and I have really enjoyed catching up.  His website, Gap Year Escape, is a very comprehensive resource for those of us that want to backpack all around the world — well worth browsing around for hours.

Hiking Through The Malaysian Jungle

I’ve been to the jungle before, and I’ve done some pretty great hikes with very knowledgeable guides however, this time around, I wanted to do an intense jungle hike solo…oh and Siya tagged along as well.  Click here to read more and see my video.

Free Lonely Planet iPhone City Guides – Before Feb 4

Travelling to the US or Canada soon? You can score 13 great city guides for free from Lonely Planet if you download them on iTunes before February 4th 2011. Up for grabs are the following cities: Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New Orleans, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington.

Under The Sea – Learning to Scuba Dive On Koh Tao Island In Thailand

When I travel, I don’t like to plan much, but before I left on my year long adventure, I made a pact with myself that I would check off a handful of items off of my ‘bucket list.’  One of the items is to explore life under the sea.  One of the cheapest places in the world to get your scuba diving open-water certification is on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand.  Click here to read more.

On Working Virtually – Find Your Strengths

At some point, most travelers – even long term adventurers – come home. For some, that means going back to the place where it all started, and for others it means choosing a new place to land. For many people who have been exploring the world, perhaps on a career break, the mere thought of heading home can be painful.

Interview with Liz Borod Wright of Lucky 13 Questions

Unlike some of the other travel bloggers, including me, her website doesn’t go in for any snark or such craziness — it is a straight, solid, broad, well-researched website filled with travel tips, suggestions and advice.  Her interview is a good insight in a veteran in the travel writing arena.  Come enjoy.

Interview with Sally, the unbravegirl: Lucky 13 Questions

One of the funniest people on the web, the unbravegirl (otherwise known as Sally to her friends) has a travel blog that everyone should be reading.  Unlike most other bloggers, Sally doesn’t just write the normal 500-700 word post that you can read quickly — and usually lacks substance.  She takes the time and the words to develop ideas, thoughts, and humor.  Take some time and go enjoy her interview, then her website.

C’est Christine shares the love on Sundays

C’est Christine introduced Share the Love Sundays, an opportunity for bloggers to share their favorite posts and photos with the travel blogging community. Every Sunday, Christine will feature a photo (either her own or one that has been submitted by readers) as well as read, comment, facebook, tweet or stumble any posts that are left in the comments.

The Perils of Low-Budget Motels

The Feral Scribe imparts some insight into the unseen hazards facing patrons of low-budget motels.

Thaipusam – Hindu Festival At The Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our first taste of  Thaipusam happened on the first night of the three day festival.  Many Hindus both living in Malaysia as well as all over the world, gathered together at Sri Mahamariamman Temple.  The festival commemorates the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan a spear so he could vanquish the evil demon Soorapadman.

Top Thailand Photos and Video of Moon Party Celebrations

The following pictures and video are from my South of Thailand adventures in Bangkok, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.  From eating surprisingly delicious bugs on the street of Bangkok, scuba diving in Kao Tao and partying it up in Koh Phangan, I made memories and friends that I will always remember.  Click here for more.

The Argentine Pinocchio

One must be careful upon close contact because you could lose an eye in simple conversation with this Argentine.  As he moved his nasal appendage you could feel the wind change direction.  Sometimes seen doing all the Argentina tourist attractions you will have to be careful when you spot an Argentine Pinocchio.  Check out this great picture of the Argentine pinocchio.

Awesome Adventures – Antarctica Edition

As is the case with many travel fanatics, we knew early on that we wanted to make it to all seven continents. Until a couple of years ago – when we started to really remodel our world – neither of us would have believed that we’d actually make it to Antarctica before retirement.

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