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New Brew Tuesday: Drinking In Japan

As the world becomes globalized you are likely to find your hometown favorites abroad, but that doesn’t count the fact that each country has it’s own experience, customs and favorite beers, wines, liquors and spirits. Japan is very structured, even in drinking, learn what drinks they have to offer.

Akihabara – Tokyo’s Electric Town

A look at Tokyo, Japan’s famed ‘Electric Town’ Akihabara. Is it really what it is all cracked up to be, and if you go shopping there what things should you be aware of?

Review of the new Word Lens iPhone Translator App

This week, a potential game changer in the area of travel tools was unveiled, the new iPhone Word Lens application.  Through this app, one can instantly translate anything from English to Spanish, or the other way around.  More languages are promised for the near future.  This is my review of the pros/cons of this application.

Hole In The Donut Named “Travel Dork”

Barbara Weibel, editor and publisher of Hole In The Donut, was named an official “Travel Dork” by Off Track Planet, which writes an amusing and in-depth review of the intensely personal travel blog upon confering the title.

Top Three Sights in Pokhara, Nepal

Top 3 sights in Pokhara, Nepal: Barahi Temple in Phewa Lake, watching the sunrise over the Himalayas from atop Sarangkot, & the World Peace Pagoda, video and stunning photos.

The Planet D’s Best Moments in Travel for 2010

2010 isn’t quite over yet, but that didn’t stop me enjoying Deb and Dave’s recent blog post about their top travel moments for 2010. Check out their post to see the Best Flight, Best Beach, Best Sunset, Best Meal, Best City, even the Best TweetUp.

Reality Check

After being away from home-base for a few weeks or more, it’s always tough for us to transition back. A month’s worth of piled up mail to catch up on is enough to drive us mad.  After being in Kauai for a month, though, we were sort of floating.

Interview with Shannon O’Donnell of A Little Adrift

Shannon is one of my favorite bloggers – great spirit and great story, along with excellent content on her site.  She has been traveling since she made a RTW trip in 2008 and has become completely location independent in her life, for earning purposes, resulting in complete envy on my part.  I love her answers to my Lucky 13 questions.

Things To Do in Argentina: Theater & Monuments

One of the most historic things that the locals think tourists should see in Cordoba is the Tower Gate.  The actual Tower Gate is located outside of the city and while Cordoba is not on the most people’s things to do in Argentina list, mainly due to the other incredible attractions in Argentina.

Interview with Brendan of World is my Jungle Gym

Lucky 13 interview with Brendan van Son. Brendan is fairly new to the travel scene, but through great marketing and content, has quickly risen to the top of the travel blogging community. His top 100 Independent Travel Blogger list was a genius idea and his answers to the irreverent questions in this interview are quite amusing.

Photo Essay – The Children of Argentina

I made sure to get a picture of a kid in every part of Argentina that I traveled to. Many broke stereotypes and others made my time more enjoyable. While seeing all of the things to do in Argentina it was amazing to find the differences in Argentine people.

Standing with Dopeman in Footsteps of Strangler

While getting the scoop on a serial killer who has in recent weeks terrorized one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, The Feral Scribe makes an unlikely acquaintance.

Holy Transvestites! An Indian Train Ride

India is one hell of a ride. Especially on a train. For those travelling there soon, Johnny Vagabond’s latest post is a good read so you know at least, what to expect. And it’s a must-read for those on the Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge.

Diving with Sea Lions in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

This is one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had.   Patagonia is one of the must things to do in Argentina and Puerto Madryn is a mecca for any animal lover.  I’ve never scuba dived in my life and these guys were just kind enough to let me go full fledged scuba with about 5 minutes worth of training.

Living in Chile – First Impressions

There’s nothing like paying $140 to enter a country. I mean who wouldn’t want to dish out the cost of a full ipod nano to see a fantastic country side? But I digress. Many consider living in Chile to be like Switzerland, minus the blonde hair and blue eyes of course. I can sum it up in three words; picturesque, prosperous, and very tidy.

Interview with Joel Ward of Freedonia Post

Joel Ward is one of the funniest travel people on the web today. His site manages to make me chuckle at least a few times a week and his answers to my Lucky 13 questions may be the funniest yet in this series. He has set a high bar for future interviewees, but I am proud to share them with you now.

Interview with Matt of

My Lucky 13 question interview with Matt Long of  Matt is one of the more thoughtful and interesting travel bloggers out there and his answers to the irreverent and somewhat irrelevant questions that I tend to ask are wonderful.  So come meet him via my Lucky 13 interview.

Wedding Crashers – Indian Edition

One of the things I have been dying to do since I stepped foot in India is attend an Indian wedding.  Last night, my wish was granted.  However, even with a good idea of what to expect at an Indian wedding couldn’t have prepared me for how the night actually unfolded. Click here for more.

Enjoying a Soccer Game in Argentina

Freshly after the win in the World Cup, Spain comes to Argentina to play an exhibition game. A soccer game can be a place that is dangerous in Buenos Aires. Argentina takes its soccer extremely seriously and even though Spain didn’t play the majority of its starters, Argentina came out with the big guns.

Planning My Itinerary Around the World – Argentina

I had quite a blast in Argentina and could not possibly have seen any more of the country. Almost every weekend I was in a different city and I have seen roughly 85% of all of the major (and minor) things to do in Argentina. I have since then experienced culture shock in more than 3 countries, and there is more to come.

7 things to do in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an amazing place and Amy & Kieron (Don’t Ever Look Back) were lucky enough to spend 10 nights on this tropical island paradise in 2007. This is one destination that they definitely plan on returning to on their round-the-world trip for many reasons, particularly because of its relaxed atmosphere and the lovely nature of the locals.

The most popular things to do in Argentina

A massive country in South America, the list of things to do in Argentina could really be endless.  There are so many Argentine activities to consider for everyone’s interests. With so many vast options for things to do in Argentina anyone can find a unique location in the country.

Kauai Wrap-up

Yes, it’s true. We are entering the final leg of our time here on Kauai.

We wanted to take a moment to write about a few more of the most note-worthy experiences we’ve had as we prepare to jet back to our home-base, Seattle.

World Cup 2022: The Drinking Guide to Qatar

FIFA recently awarded the 2022 World Cup to the smallest, and hottest, country that it has ever awarded a Cup to before. It also will be the first time that the World Cup has been held in the Middle East or a Muslim country which brings up the big question that serious football/soccer fans are asking: how can I get drunk at the World Cup in Qatar?

Vacancy to row across Atlantic in January

A last-minute, very cheap opportunity has come up for anyone wishing to join an expedition rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in January.

High Definition Video: Trans-Iceland Expedition

A newly-released video of an attempt to cross Iceland, from coast to coast, travelling only by foot and inflatable packraft.

Beautiful scenery and raging whitewater rivers, all in stunning High Definition.

The video is accompanied by blog entries and photography from the expedition.

Kauai – Exploring the Island (Awesome Food Edition)

Hawaii can be an expensive place, so we have to remain mindful of our budget. We’re big on “food finds” that don’t break the bank. Here are a few of our favorites from the Garden Island.

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