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Have You Accomplished Your Goals for 2010?

At the start of the year you probably had some grandiose plans that ranged from “exercise at least one time” to “achieve world domination”. The disappointing thing is that after around January 10th, most people forget all about their goals and go about living the same lives. We officially have 2 months left in 2010. What have you done?

Iguazu Falls Argentina – Devil’s Throat

Great video taking you through the entrance of Iguazu Falls Argentina all the way to garganta del diablo (devil’s throat).  You can also see the Iguazu Falls from the Brazil side the only bad news is that you have to get a Visa.

Would You Join an Illegal Tour of a Prison?

San Pedro Prison in La Paz, Bolivia, is know by tourists worldwide as one of the most adventurous tours on the planet. Not because it’s physically strenuous, but because it’s illegal, it involves a prison, and well, it’s illegal. Check out these first-hand accounts of the tour: Vicky Baker’s story in The Guardian and World Nomad author’s Tour.

What to do if you lose your passport abroad

I recently had my handbag stolen whilst in Amsterdam, along with passport, phone, money, and bank cards. Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt in any way. As it happend, everything turned out ok in the end, but only because I followed the right procedures, which you can read here

Coping with Post-Travel Stillness Disorder

Hot off a five month road trip in which he was chased from a county in Ohio, traveled with a carnival, partied with hippie drug addicts, was stood up by a Sasquatch hunter and nearly outed as a liberal during a Tea Party gun rally, The Feral Scribe acclimates to life as a desk jockey while banking Benjamins for the next adventure.

Behaving badly: Unleashing your inner bad traveler

Exploring a new country and discovering a new culture is really great and all, but you know what also is really great? Exploring cable channels! And discovering how long you can attach yourself to your couch before your pajama pants start to fuse to the upholstery! Unbrave Girl’s latest rant is a hilarious guilt-free read.

Argentine Food: Stuffing your face with dulce de leche

Great video taking you from the Entrance of the park at Iguazu Falls Argentina all the way to Iguazu falls.  With some great commentary of course.  Come check out more info about Argentina attractions and Iguazu falls.

Spilling my Train Brains for Inspiring Travellers

Fancy taking a peek into the befuddled brain behind Trains on the Brain?  Read my first ever interview on the excellent Inspiring Travellers site, which is dedicated to sharing the stories of travel folk they’ve encountered on the road. Andrea Spirov spoke to me about the inspiration behind my rail-obsessed blog.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

The Summit of Mt Everest Wired-up with Internet

Climbers on Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak, will now be able to make video calls and surf the Internet on their mobile phones, a Nepalese telecom group claims. It says it has set up a high-speed third-generation (3G) phone base station at an altitude of 5,200 metres (17,000 feet) near Gorakshep village in the Everest region.

Francois Quiquet to Cross Swedish Lapland on Skis

French explorer, François Quiquet, is undertaking a short but very intense expedition through Swedish Lapland by skis. This is an area hundreds of kilometres above the Arctic Circle where temperates average -10°C and blizzards can drive visibility to zero. For François, this expedition will serve as a test for much larger tests to come.

Motivating Australia, Adventurously

Adventurers Seb Terry and Dave Cornthwaite are set for a five week speaking tour in Australia. Seb had been travelling non-stop for 16 months ticking off items from a hundred-strong bucket list, and Dave has undertaken world record breaking expeditions including a trans-Australian skateboard journey. The two have compiled a lecture show.

Spooky London Walking Tour

Halloween is right around the corner and what would be spookier than taking a night-time walking tour in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper? As a bonus, the tours cover much more than old Jack, sometimes as much as 700 Years of Murder and Mayhem. London’s many bridges have played a major part in the city’s rich criminal history.

Dream For Sale – Spanish Living in the Sun

Up here in Spain, ex-pats are trying to sell in a down market and failing. Dreams are up for sale, but no-one wants to buy. Go to the estate agent in Cadiar and you will see the most amazing bargains. It’s the same all over Andalucia. People can’t get out without giving everything away. The dream of living in the sun is up for sale.

Official Timekeeper of Gobi 2011 – Nite Watches

Nite Watches has just been announced as the Gobi 2011 Expedition official timekeeper. Nite is renowned as a military, sports and adventurers watch designer and manufacturer. All models feature self-powered GTLS illumination, making them highly visible and ideal for tough, dangerous and demanding environments.

News From Around the Travelsphere

Crocodiles on airplanes? Human bones in the sand? And where the hell is Queensland anyhow? Check out The Feral Scribe’s weekly round-up of weird and wonderful travel news.

Doing Exactly What I Wanted to Do at Halong Bay

Sitting on my computer in University I would browse through articles like the 100 most beautiful places in the world, look at pictures of places like Halong Bay, and say to myself “I am for sure going there.” 2.5 years of traveling from place to place and my opportunity finally came to visit Vietnam a place that initially inspired me.

Teaching English In Japan – 101

Finding a job in Japan isn’t as easy as ichi, ni, san (1,2,3). Which company should you pick or should you just search various job boards, and if so which ones? Find out where to look and what to look for in your search for a job teaching English in Japan.

Argentine Spanish: Taking a leak in the jungle

During a boat ride out in Tigre, Argentina, Marcello of Wandering Trader’s Travels encountered how Argentine’s say how to use the bathroom.  That is of course if you are in the middle of nowhere and have to learn how to take a leak in the jungle.

Interview with GloboTreks after 100 posts & 6 months

Travel blogger, Norbert Figueroa of GloboTreks was interviewed over at TravelByU this week. Norbert is a travel lover who offers solid backpacking tips and advice, chronicles his current and past trips, and is saving up for a round the world trip next year.

Deb & Dave from the ThePlanetD are off to Fiji

Basically, for the next couple of weeks, Deb & Dave will be having much more fun than either you or me. They’re a part of the FijiMe tour, which also includes Margo and Occhi, Scuba Diver Girls, Bridgette Meinhold, Inhabitat, Stephanie Hicks, PeachyGreen, Megan Finley, Off Beat Bride, Michelle Jerson, NJ 101.5 fm.

GT Team Considering Aconcagua. Travel Partners?

The Globetrooper Team are considering a climb of Cerro Aconcagua over the new year and looking for travel partners. Aconcagua is the tallest peak outside the Himalaya at almost 7,000m. It’s not very technical, but it is highly physical. If interested, leave a comment at the GT Aconcagua Trip page.

127 Hours until Self Amputation – The Movie

Remember the guy who cut off his own arm with a blunt pocket knife? The film chronicling his experience, 127 Hours, will hit the big screen on November 5th. Have you had a ‘defining moment’ that changed your life? There are some cool prizes up for grabs from Outside Magazine just for sharing your experience.

Aust to Host Adventure Racing World Champs 2011

Australia won the hosting rights for the Adventure Racing World Championships in 2011 amongst solid competition from many world-renowned adventure events. The bid by Australia’s XPD Expedition Race was successful through strong support from the Tasmanian Government.

Intrepid Travel Plan to Float on Aussie Sharemarket

Last year Intrepid did almost 10,000 trips, generated $120m in revenue, and recorded profits of $10m. And now, in the company’s 21st year of operation, founders Darrell Wade, 49, and Geoff Manchester, 50, have spoken publicly about floating the company on the ASX, once the market becomes less volatile.

12 Ancient Landmarks on Verge of Vanishing

Historical sites around the world that hold significant archaeological and cultural value are at risk. This is due to looting, development pressures, unsustainable tourism, insufficient management, and wars or other conflicts according to a new report out by the Global Heritage Fund.

Everest Sherpa, Chhewang Nima caught in avalanche

The search has been called off for 19 times Everest summiteer, Chhewang Nima Sherpa. After using a helicopter to survey the area, the SAR team determined that it was impossible that he could have survived the avalanche that swept him away while fixing ropes at 7,045m on Baruntse.

World’s First Spaceport – Virgin Galactic Ready

Spaceport America has just opened. It’s the world’s first facility designed specifically to launch commercial spacecraft, which will be used by Virgin Galactic, the space tourism company set up by Richard Branson. The opening of the facility comes less than two weeks after Virgin Galactic completed the first solo flight of SpaceShip Two.

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