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Hole In The Donut Named “Travel Dork”

Barbara Weibel, editor and publisher of Hole In The Donut, was named an official “Travel Dork” by Off Track Planet, which writes an amusing and in-depth review of the intensely personal travel blog upon confering the title.

Top Three Sights in Pokhara, Nepal

Top 3 sights in Pokhara, Nepal: Barahi Temple in Phewa Lake, watching the sunrise over the Himalayas from atop Sarangkot, & the World Peace Pagoda, video and stunning photos.

The Planet D’s Best Moments in Travel for 2010

2010 isn’t quite over yet, but that didn’t stop me enjoying Deb and Dave’s recent blog post about their top travel moments for 2010. Check out their post to see the Best Flight, Best Beach, Best Sunset, Best Meal, Best City, even the Best TweetUp.

Things To Do in Argentina: Theater & Monuments

One of the most historic things that the locals think tourists should see in Cordoba is the Tower Gate.  The actual Tower Gate is located outside of the city and while Cordoba is not on the most people’s things to do in Argentina list, mainly due to the other incredible attractions in Argentina.

Photo Essay – The Children of Argentina

I made sure to get a picture of a kid in every part of Argentina that I traveled to. Many broke stereotypes and others made my time more enjoyable. While seeing all of the things to do in Argentina it was amazing to find the differences in Argentine people.

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