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Standing with Dopeman in Footsteps of Strangler

While getting the scoop on a serial killer who has in recent weeks terrorized one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, The Feral Scribe makes an unlikely acquaintance.

Holy Transvestites! An Indian Train Ride

India is one hell of a ride. Especially on a train. For those travelling there soon, Johnny Vagabond’s latest post is a good read so you know at least, what to expect. And it’s a must-read for those on the Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge.

Diving with Sea Lions in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

This is one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had.   Patagonia is one of the must things to do in Argentina and Puerto Madryn is a mecca for any animal lover.  I’ve never scuba dived in my life and these guys were just kind enough to let me go full fledged scuba with about 5 minutes worth of training.

Living in Chile – First Impressions

There’s nothing like paying $140 to enter a country. I mean who wouldn’t want to dish out the cost of a full ipod nano to see a fantastic country side? But I digress. Many consider living in Chile to be like Switzerland, minus the blonde hair and blue eyes of course. I can sum it up in three words; picturesque, prosperous, and very tidy.

Wedding Crashers – Indian Edition

One of the things I have been dying to do since I stepped foot in India is attend an Indian wedding.  Last night, my wish was granted.  However, even with a good idea of what to expect at an Indian wedding couldn’t have prepared me for how the night actually unfolded. Click here for more.

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