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Thumbs Up for an American Past Time

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People have been hitchhiking for more than 100 years, but in America it seems that fear is slowly killing the tradition, encouraged in some countries, frowned upon in others. Here, The Feral Scribe looks at public attitudes regarding hitchhikers, a little studied subculture of American travel.

My Indian Ashram Experience

It’s amazing where you will end up if you stop carefully analyzing situations and follow your instinct. That is how I ended up at Phool Chatti Ashram.
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Landing at Quito’s Airport: Not for the Faint of Heart

Quito: A vibrant, colourful city surrounded by towering volcanoes and full of great food – what’s not to love? But rarely do people write about the descent into the city via airport, something that leaves your stomach feeling….not so stable. As Mariscal Sucre Airport will close next year, I wanted to showcase photos from the crazy landing.

Ten Things To Do in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of my favourite holiday destinations. The immense harbour, the towering trees of Stanley Park and the breathtaking mountains just a short drive away form a spectacular backdrop for Vancouver’s gleaming skyscrapers. Vancouver’s location, hemmed in by its magnificent harbour, is truly spectacular.

Blog trip St. Albans

Five European bloggers (myself included) will join Andy Jarosz (of the 501 places blog) in his hometown of St. Albans, just north of London, for a blog trip between 6 – 10 November. Read about the story behind this blog trip on St. Albans Blog Trip – Ingredients Locally Sourced.

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