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Official Timekeeper of Gobi 2011 – Nite Watches

Nite Watches has just been announced as the Gobi 2011 Expedition official timekeeper. Nite is renowned as a military, sports and adventurers watch designer and manufacturer. All models feature self-powered GTLS illumination, making them highly visible and ideal for tough, dangerous and demanding environments.

News From Around the Travelsphere

Crocodiles on airplanes? Human bones in the sand? And where the hell is Queensland anyhow? Check out The Feral Scribe’s weekly round-up of weird and wonderful travel news.

Doing Exactly What I Wanted to Do at Halong Bay

Sitting on my computer in University I would browse through articles like the 100 most beautiful places in the world, look at pictures of places like Halong Bay, and say to myself “I am for sure going there.” 2.5 years of traveling from place to place and my opportunity finally came to visit Vietnam a place that initially inspired me.

Teaching English In Japan – 101

Finding a job in Japan isn’t as easy as ichi, ni, san (1,2,3). Which company should you pick or should you just search various job boards, and if so which ones? Find out where to look and what to look for in your search for a job teaching English in Japan.

Argentine Spanish: Taking a leak in the jungle

During a boat ride out in Tigre, Argentina, Marcello of Wandering Trader’s Travels encountered how Argentine’s say how to use the bathroom.  That is of course if you are in the middle of nowhere and have to learn how to take a leak in the jungle.

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