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Reasons to Visit Dahab, Egypt Right Now

The Middle East has been getting a bit of an unfair, bad rap lately.  Sure, there are countries that you shouldn’t be visiting right now, like Syria and Libya, but the rest of the region is safe and wonderful… and you can get great deals. I have been spending the last month in Dahab, Egypt on the Red Sea and loving it.  Here’s why.

Interview with Ant Stone of Trail of Ants: Lucky 13 Questions

Ant Stone is one of my favorite travel bloggers and a completely unique voice in the travel blogging community. Come check out his interesting answers to my Lucky 13 questions and then go check out his wonderful blog.

Tour of a Lebanon Winery

I was quite surprised that Lebanon does some really good wines, mostly in the Beqaa Valley area. I toured a number of wineries while I was there and here are my notes and photos from one of them, the Domaine des Tourelles. Hope you enjoy and think about your love of good wine everywhere.

Pictures from Devastating Tornado

Midlife Road Trip returned from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with photos of the clean-up efforts in the aftermath of the devastating tornado. Click here to view the photo album.

The Last Month

It’s been a difficult month.  However, through this last block of time, what we know for sure is that our No Vacation Required life allowed us to easily be right where we needed to be. For us, it’s not just about travel or giving back or working virtually, it’s about freedom. The freedom to be right where we need to be right when we want to be there

A Welcome Surprise From Zambia

Life has thrown us a couple of curve balls lately, so we’re a bit behind on stuff here in NVR land.  So, it’s taking us a bit longer to settle into post mileage run life, but we wanted to carve out some time to at least put up a quick post this week.

Interview with Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads: Lucky 13 Questions

Jodi Ettenberg is one of the most established and best travel bloggers out there. A former lawyer turned traveler and food junkie, she is one of the people that I make sure I read every single post of. Lest I forget her photography skills also. Go check out her Lucky 13 answers and enjoy her blog.

Damascus Souk at Night (Video)

The Damascus souk is one of the world’s largest and most interesting. I thought that one way you could get a slightly better appreciation of it would be to take a few 30 second or so video clips. Bummer was that I forgot to do this in the height of the business of the day, but did get there to take a couple at night.

Great Beirut Surprise

I got really lucky before I went to Lebanon a couple months ago and got introduced to some locals that were going to give me some tips about Beirut and Lebanon in general. Turns out they were the PR people for the Phoenicia Hotel — a 5 star property, which is so unlike what I am used to.  Here is a bit of that story and the multi-day tour they took me on of that great hotel.

Falling Whistles – Will you become a whistleblower for peace?

Help Support a great cause and become a whistleblower for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where children too small to carry guns are armed with whistles where, “with falling whistles, their only choice is to feign death or face it.”

On Working Virtually – Differentiate Yourself

We can work from anywhere. And do. We’re gearing up for our annual camping extravaganza, so working virtually gets very tricky. We wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Choosing The Right Hostel/Guesthouse

Discovering new and foreign places and cultures can be exhausting.  Not only can it be tiring for your mind to take in all the new surroundings, but it can be a lot on your body as well.  So, at the end of the day, having a nice, clean, comfortable place to come back to is necessary, and it doesn’t have to break your bank account either.  Click here to read more.

The Unlucky Civilian

While visiting Gettysburg, The Feral Scribe discovers one unlucky civilian.

Interview with Kirsty and Poi of NoPlaceToBe: Lucky 13 Questions

Two of my favorite and most interesting travel bloggers — Kirsty and Poi of No Place to Be. Come check out their fun and funny answers to the Lucky 13 and then follow them on their journey around the world.

Why is Friday the “Day of Rage” in the Middle East?

One of the many interesting things about traveling in foreign lands are the basic things that are different from back home. One of those in the Middle East is that Friday is more like Saturday in most parts of the world — it is the first day of the weekend. And midday Friday prayers are the only prayers during the Muslim week where are you supposed to go to the mosque… ergo that day being a day of organization in some of the recent uprisings over here. Go read more.

Hiking In The Himalayas

I landed in Kathmandu with absolutely no plans except to see Mt. Everest. The flight into Nepal was worth the journey all on its own. The Himalayas pierce through the clouds as if gravity has no effect on them. As you descend, the clouds unveil a mountain range that stretches beyond the horizon in nearly every direction. It felt as if I was flying onto a different planet. Click here to read more.

I landed in Kathmandu with absolutely no plans except to see Mt. Everest. The flight into Nepal was worth the journey all on its own. The Himalayas pierce through the clouds as if gravity has no effect on them. As you descend, the clouds unveil a mountain range that stretches beyond the horizon in nearly every direction. It felt as if I was flying onto a different planet.

Most Memorable Mileage Run Moments

We’re back in Seattle.  Well, sort of.  Some unexpected “stuff” has come up, so we’ve been spending a lot of time down in Portland. Although our heads are still spinning – and we’ve been yearning for some downtime back at home-base – we wanted to carve out some time to write a post about some of our most memorable mileage run moments.

1400 Miles by Tandem

In late April Dave Cornthwaite Dave Cornthwaite and Sebastian Terry completed a 14 day, 1400 mile tandem bicycle ride between Vancouver, BC and Las Vegas, NV. The journey was the 4th of Cornthwaite’s Expedition1000 project, in which he is attempting 25 separate non-motorised journeys of 1000 miles or more, and the 51st item on Terry’s bucket list, 100 Things.

Interview with Erica and Shaun of Over Yonderlust: Lucky 13 Questions

Erica and Shaun are a wonderfully fun couple from Austin, Texas that has just embarked on their travel journey. Their answers to the Lucky 13 are some of the most amusing yet. So go learn a bit about them and revel in their zest for life via the Lucky 13.

Interview with Rick Griffin of Mid-Life Road Trip: Lucky 13 Questions

Rick is one of the most multi-talented travel bloggers out there today, but to limit him to merely a blogger would do him a great disservice. TV personality. One of the minds behind the popular #NUTS Twitter chat. Adventure traveler. Just go read his interview and enjoy getting to know him better.

Visiting the World’s First Modern Prison

In this photo essay, The Feral Scribe tours the world’s first modern penitentiary, conceived in 1790 in Ben Franklin’s living room.

Behind the Scenes at the Tejas Rodeo School

The Midlife Road Trip got a fun-filled behind the scenes look at the Tejas Rodeo School in San Antonio, Texas where they learned to rope, ride and corral cattle like the pros… well, kinda:) see the video here…

Travelogue – (feeding our guilt in) Boston

Well folks, our mileage run is over. Boston was the last stop on our journey, and an eye-opening one at that. Coming off a fun visit to Provincetown, we were excited to attack our last city with gusto. The only problem was…. history got in the way.

An Interview With The Girl Who Sees Life Behind The Lens

There are different ways to travel for an extended period of time. You can save up money for a while and then quit your job like I did, travel and work various jobs along the way or find a more permanent job that involves traveling. For Alicia Taggio, she chose to quit her job at MTV Canada and leave her life in Toronto to take on a new adventure in the land down under.  Click here to read more.

Emily from Maiden Voyage up for $10,000 Dream Trip

Emily, the creator and editor of travel blog Maiden Voyage, is up for a $10,000 dream trip in the Sony Reader $10K Getaway Giveaway. In the past few days, she has maintained her place within the top 40 out of nearly 850 entries. She wasn’t able to afford a honeymoon after her March wedding, so she’s hoping to get enough votes to win and take her dream honeymoon throughout Spain. Please vote for Emily here to help send her on a honeymoon! You can vote once a day, every day through April 26.

Travel Guide – Ask, Share, Discuss!

I have added a discussion forum to the website so that we all can discuss absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with travel.  If you have a question about any up coming travels, need advice on places to see or things to do, want to meet other travelers going to the same places as you,  or WHATEVER, this is where to ask, share, and discuss it all.  Click here to read more.

Getting Inked In Thailand – Bamboo Tattooing

Before I left for my big trip, I knew that I wanted to get a bamboo tattoo in Thailand.  I first learned about bamboo tattooing after seeing Angelina Jolie’s tribal tattoo done on her shoulder and learned she had visited Thailand to get it. Click here to read more.

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