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The Most Scenic Hiking Trails To Take In Mexico

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Mexico is a land of adventure, with a different activity to be found right around every corner. Beautiful hiking trails can be found all around the country, and deciding which one that you should choose can be really difficult. We have rounded up some of the most scenic hiking trails for you, all of which offer breath-taking views and an ideal hiking destination.

Nevada de Toluca

Nevada de Toluca can be found in Toluca, the capital of the State of Mexico. It is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Mexico. Hiking beginners are advised to head towards the twin lagoons, rather than tackling the incredibly high mountain. If you do go up the mountain then be prepared for a challenge, as it is one of the highest peaks in Mexico.


Spectacular views can be found all around the mountain, without the need to climb up it. You can see beautiful sights from high in the air, or across from the twin lagoons. It is worth noting that you can purchase food from vendors there on the weekend too, but during the week you should bring your own food. This hike can be tailored to your own skill level, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll or push yourself to your limits.



Hiking up Iztaccihuatl is difficult, but it can give you an almost unrivalled view. You see, Iztaccihuatl is actually one half of Mexico’s set of twin volcanoes, and the neighbouring volcano erupted back in 1994. From the peak of Iztaccihuatl you can see the beauty of the other volcano in all of its glory, without the need to look up at it.


Only experienced hikers should attempt to tackle this volcano, as the altitude can be difficult to handle and has proven itself to be fatal in the past. You should never push yourself further than you can, but the two-day hike is worth it when you see the panoramic views from the summit of Iztaccihuatl. Viewing the volcano from the east or the west proves to be an impressive sight too, as it takes the form of a ‘sleeping lady’.


Ek’ Balam

A number of hikers from around the world are drawn to the Mayan ruins that can be found at Ek’ Balam. There are a number of beautiful hiking spots around them, all of which offer a slightly challenging and relaxed approach to hiking. The Mayan ruins themselves are rather impressive, estimated to have been built around 800 A.D. The stairs that lead up to the ruins are quite steep, so you should expect to endure a little bit of a workout on the day.


A lot of the people that visit the ruins then go on to hire bicycles afterward. It might be worth taking the best enduro bike or the top cross country bike with you on the day if you are taking your own car, to avoid a queue. X’Canche Cenote can be found around a mile away from the ruins, where a beautiful sinkhole has been filled with fresh water. Taking a dip in the pool can be a real once in a lifetime experience.



Copper Canyon

No visit to Mexico would be complete without taking a trip to Copper Canyon. The name itself is quite deceiving, as Copper Canyon is actually a complex of six major canyons. It is advisable to hike this route between October and March; as late spring can bring with it rivers that are too dangerous to cross as the ice melts. Attempting to hike this route in summer would be dangerous, as the heat can quickly cause dehydration.


You can simply walk along the rim of the canyons or make a descent into them, either way you will witness spectacular views. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to exploring the area, but there is some steep, rugged terrain that could be challenging for some hikers.


Learning about the Tarahumara Indians while you hike in Copper Canyon is important, as they have lived in the canyon for around five centuries. They have always resisted the force to change that came with outsiders, and their traditional villages can be spotted along the route. Don’t expect them to want to talk to you too much, as they are generally considered to be shy people that like their privacy.


Cumbres de Ajusco

Cumbres de Ajusco is the most frequently climbed peak in the whole of Mexico. You can see a real variety of people up there, ranging from young children to the elderly. The well-trodden trails are surrounded by breath-taking views, and this trail is perfectly safe for people with only a small amount of experience to hike.


Ajusco itself is actually an extinct volcano that experts have predicted to be around 52 million years old. The peak itself is 13,000 feet above sea level, and some people do experience altitude sickness at that height. Due to this, you do still have to err on the side of caution. Luckily, most of the routes on the trail lead to the same spot on the peak, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting lost.


Food vendors can be found all over the volcano, so you can always stop for a bite to eat along the way. You should still take some snacks in your daypack too, just in case. You should also remember your camera, as the views from up there are definitely worth capturing.


Where will an adventure in Mexico take you?

There are so many trails in Mexico that are worth hiking, and we would always advise that you look for a trail that suits your own experience level. Don’t ever forget to take your camera out with you, as the views from Mexican trails can be spectacular. Whether you want to spend time climbing a dormant volcano, or abseiling into canyons, there really will be something that will capture your imagination in Mexico.


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