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Top 5 Most Impressive Hiking Trails in Ontario, Canada

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Canada is a pretty impressive country that has some amazing trails you can hike all throughout the land. Ontario is an especially beautiful area that has some impressive hiking trails as well as attractions and more. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 hiking trails in Ontario and tell you why they are so impressive!

Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail

Located in the Niagara Escarpment in Manitoulin Island, this trail is on the highest ridge on the Island. You can find the scenery the most breathtaking when you are at the North Channel at the La Cloche Mountains. Not only is this trail dog-friendly, but it offers a ton of scenery. Your best bet would be to visit here between the spring and fall times.

In this area you can discover the entire Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, with lush forests and tons of scenery. The majority of people come here to hike and take in some of Mother Nature’s beauty. This area can be reached by train and you can bet this 12 km trail will leave you astonished at such glorious views.

You can also find restaurants near the trail such as Mum’s Restaurant and Seasons Family Restaurant, both have great scores and offer an array of food. This trail will not disappoint!

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

Come to Rattlesnake Point any time of the year for some great family time or just to clear your mind on a hike! Still the best time to visit is during the spring and summer seasons. This place boasts some of the most beautiful views on any hiking trail in Ontario and you can get there by train, which makes part of your trip easier.

Located on the Niagara Escarpment, you can camp outside to stargaze at all of the constellations, and have a campfire while you stay overnight from your hike. You also have the choice to stay at one of their campsites and take part in smaller, easier trails like Vista Adventure or Rabbit Run.

Visit Crawford Lake in the area for some beach therapy and take in thousand-year-old cedar trees and the rare Hackberry tree. If you like rock climbing, there are a few cliffs you can visit so make sure to pack your best rock climbing shoes. Geocaching is encouraged here so the whole family can have fun.

Eastern Ontario Trails

From hiking to horseback riding, you can have tons of fun on these trails! Located near Centre Hastings, Ontario, you can take a train to this area and begin your hike! There are many cottages and accommodations here so you can relax at the end of the day.

You will be right in the mix of some lush scenery and tons of adventures. You can feel free to hike but you may want to get an ATV and hit the trail, too! Overall, this is a great area in which to take time to enjoy yourself, which is easy with all of the activities and amenities you will have here!

Rock Dunder Hiking Trail

If you are into nature trips, bird watching, hiking, or just plain enjoying what nature has to offer, then you may want to check out the Rock Dunder Hiking Trail! The 90-meter cliff gives you views as far as the eyes can see, which include the Rideau Waterway. This loop can be accessed by train and offers a 3.7-kilometer loop to travel.

Located in Lyndhurst, Ontario, this loop offers a lot for being such a small hike. You can enjoy so much here that is is no wonder the place is so popular! The best times to come here would be spring and summer to get the best of the trail.

Scout Valley Loop Trail

This is a tiny loop trail that is right near Orillia, Ontario. It sits within a giant nature park, but the loop itself is only 2 km. The beautiful forest leads you to some lush scenery as well as the creatures that live within. If you like bird watching, this is a great place!

Accessible by train, you won’t have any trouble having a great time here, at this little low key trail! Formerly a Boy Scout camp area, this trail is full of wild flowers and a relaxing environment that is not far from civilization.


The best part of all of these trails is the beauty you can find in nature. From lush forests to colorful flowers, cliffs and gorges, you are sure to leave your trail wanting to plan another hiking trip. Now that you are away that Ontario offers an array of trails in which to hike and enjoy other outdoor activities, you can feel confident in taking on the challenge of these hikes.


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