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Greece is one of the most popular holiday desitinations amongst travellers of all ages. If you’ve never visited the island before, or want to be reminded of its serenity, below is a list of the Greek blues you’ll feel after visitng.


Greek civilisation is more than 3000 years old and Athens is punctuated with dozens of monuments from the ancient past. The most recognised one being the hill in the centre of the city named Acropolis, which is surrounded by primeval temples and buildings. Among them, Parthenon is the most important temple and is prehistorically devoted to the goddess Athena.

Throughout Athens, you would find sanctuaries, libraries, bridges and a lot of other memorials. Furthermore, no history enthusiast would want to miss two of the world’s most extraordinary museums, the Acropolis arts centre and the archaeological museum.


Greece will leave you speechless with its rugged mountains, olive plantations, soothing beaches and beautifully queued hills of bright white houses all in the same backdrop. Now, perhaps you have an idea why many fashion designers use Greek islands as their background. Greece has substantial diversity spanning from modern cities (Athens, Heraklion and Thessaloniki) to agricultural grasslands filled with fig trees and olives. Greece is a photographer’s dream destination.


Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Milos and Crete, all these islands are out of this world. You would think you are in a different world with some of the most scenic views you will find across these islands. The most popular among the tourists are Mykonos and Santorini. However, a serious tourist would want to visit other islands that are less populated yet more beautiful and close to nature.

The best island for that type of tourism is Crete. The dynamic capital city of Heraklion with a scattering of Venetian architecture offers excellent food markets in Chania and historic vineyards. Moreover, Crete offers activities such as scuba diving, cycling, gorge walking and safaris in the White Mountains, the island’s most popular destinations in the Aegean.

Crete villas are the perfect choice to experience this Greek island in all its splendidness, offering you the luxurious comfort whilst sightseeing. Crete villas enable you to experience exclusivity, privacy and personalised services from the moment you enter Crete until your last day on the island. Their concierge services always ensure that you do not have to say anything twice to get your needs and desires fulfilled and whilst staying in a Cretian villa you have so many opportunities to discover all the historical sites scattered across the island.


Ensure memories of a lifetime by renting a Crete villa next time you land at the most magical island in Greece. After doing some research of villas online, I found that the the Blue Villas Collection of Crete villas offer all these features and many more, the prices of their villas fit the needs of anyones budget, but still offer the high quality services included in their more pricey villas.



The most satisfying experience of travelling the world is trying all kinds of different cuisines and local delicacies, and Greece is world famous for its sumptuous food. The country is perfect for vegans and carnivores as the local foods are abundant in fresh vegetables, grains, legumes and beans, seafood, and meat (primarily lamb, goat and pork). Also, make sure not to miss various goat cheeses and wine.

The fruit in Greece is more sugary and riper than many countries in the world and once you have a taste of the Greek figs, watermelon, grapes and pomegranates you will never want to stop eating them.



The inhabitants of Greece love to celebrate life and it shows in their nightlife culture. If you are in Athens, you are advised not to miss a visit to the Bouzoukia (pronounced boo-zoo-kia). The place is a consortium of big concert halls where renowned artists regularly perform.

Therefore, look your best and expect to be dancing your heart out. If you are on the island you are never too far from a nightclub or a beach bar where you can tap your feet to vintage European jams, party all night or take an early morning dip in the Mediterranean.


Despite the fact that Greek is a difficult language to learn, it is still one of the most beautifully complex languages in the world. You use Greek every day as almost 1/3rd of all the English words originated from the Greek language. The New Testament was also inscribed in Greek and it is such an expressive language that everyone should be exposed to it.


Greece has one of the most distinguished world histories. The founding place of Western civilisation and democracy offers many edifices and artefacts that have survived thousands of years of hostilities, disorder and the sheer trial of time. Moreover, while subways were built before the Olympics, the labourers found so many ancient artefacts that they framed them inside the subway walls. Therefore, you can literally observe ancient coins and pottery while you are waiting for the subway.


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