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Why Travelling In Your Gap Year Is A Good Idea

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Be part of the 2.5 million young people in the UK who are currently planning a gap year. You don’t have to do it with friends either. More than 30% of students chose to embark on their journey alone and make new friends along the way. Deferring your university and college course to travel in your gap year is a great opportunity to develop your academic culture to explore new locations and make unforgettable memories. Remember that if you plan to visit America, make sure you complete an esta registration form to apply for travel authorisation. Here’s why travelling in your gap year is a good idea:


Learn about the world


Although taking a gap year doesn’t have to involve travelling abroad, most people opt to leave everything behind for a few weeks or months. Whether you decide to apply for a structured gap year program, spend time volunteering in a foreign country or take it upon yourself to travel the year, you will learn about the world. Since embarking on an engaged travel experience is one of the best way to learn, you won’t be lost for facts.


Discover yourself


Travelling in your Gap Year whether it be alone or accompanied by friends, you will be forced outside your comfort zone. Taking a Gap Year to travel is an excellent opportunity to do something new and challenging. You’ll be forced to live and work in a place you’ve never visited before and have to learn to adjust to a new climate, religion, currency and language. Soon enough, you independency will flourish. Not only will you have a much better understand of the world, you’ll know how to deal with difficult situations on your own.


Make lifelong friends


Although Gap Years aren’t restricted by age, you’ll likely to be accompanied by students who have recently finished school, college or university and want to take a break from their studies. You’ll be joining a group of people who have the same aspirations and goals as you as well as those who want to take a step back and consider what they really want in life. No matter what experiences you decide to embark on during your Gap Year, you’re guaranteed to make lasting friendships wherever you go.


Add to your CV


Taking a year out can majorly affect your future employment prospects depending on whether you decide to work or volunteer abroad. Gap Years help you stand out from the crowd and you’ll gain new skills and confidence while you’re away that can be demonstrated in a working environment. It’s much better to spend your Gap Year doing something related to your future goals than all-day drinking, no matter how appealing it might sound.


Refresh your interest


After a tedious 4, 5 or even 6 years of head-on studying taking a year out could be just what you need to re-establish your interest before you move onto further education. It’s an ideal time to reenergise you and get your motivation levels back on track before the start of a new term. It might be surprise you to find out that people do in fact miss their studies or working whilst their away. Whilst living at home we tend to forget what we have, whilst working abroad you’ll learn to appreciate everything you take for granted on a daily basis.


Now all you have to do is arrange your flight! It’s true when people say it’s all in the planning. Travelling during your Gap Year is fun yet flexible. You can choose whether you’d prefer to join a number of lone-travellers on a pre-planned trip abroad or build you own by speaking to professional advisor. No matter what, make the most of your year out and turn into the most unforgettable year of your life travelling overseas.

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