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£1000, time to post your photo on Instagram and win !

by Globetrooper Chris | 5 Responses

How can you capture your moments without a picture !

Because you need to both prove to others and remind yourself that you went, and because the only things you should leave behind are footprints, and the only thing you should take is photographs. Make sure you bring a spare battery and memory cards, and a waterproof case (or a waterproof camera) to keep it safeinstagramThese may all seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people simply forget the basics in favour of the latest, greatest outdoor gadget they’ve picked up. Having a base list of necessary items makes planning for your next trip easier, and gives you somewhere to start

Pick your best taken photo, and enter the competition by sharing there favourite holiday photo on instagram and use the #myparadisemoment , guess what, the best photo winner will win £1000, more details here.

Don’t miss this chance…

Posted in Featured | June 8th, 2016

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