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What Is The Best Beach in Puerto Rico?

by nmwgroup | 1 Responses
Puerto Rico is an Island that is adored by many beach lovers from across the world. It has hundreds of beaches offering different features, each with unique qualities. Several factors will determine where you go, including budget, preferences, scenery, and the activities you wish to partake. No matter where you choose to go, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience. So, the question about the best beach in the island sounds restrictive and subjective, but even so, Flamenco Beach, located in Culebra, is often regarded as the best beach in Puerto Rico. Here’s why:

Perfect for Family Getaways

 Flamenco beach is family friendly; the beach has calm safe waters with gentle waves and several shallow areas that are perfect for all family members to enjoy quality time. It also has lifeguards on-site, easy beach access, outdoor showers, kid-friendly bathrooms, and a crystal clear pool that is very shallow and has a marvelous view, which is perfect for toddlers. The beach is perfect for romantic getaways as it provides several intimate spots for lovebirds. It’s also spacious, which means that you can find a peaceful spot to chill and have some alone time.

Offers a wide range of fun activities

Flamenco beach is a destination for activities such as swimming and snorkeling with some tropical colorful fish. It also offers a serene environment due to its turquoise gentle waters and perfect landscapes with lush tropical plants, perfectly landscaped shores, soft sand, and green rolling hills. The presence of old navy tanks at the beach also makes it a tourist attraction site.

Affordable accommodation

 There are several accommodation options, including hotels in Culebra, resorts on the beach, vacation rentals, etc. But if you want a cheaper and more adventurous option, then you can opt for camping at the beach.

A wide variety of delicious foods

No vacation is complete without perfect food. At Flamenco beach, you’ll find a wide variety of popular foods, including Tostones, fish platters, Surrullos, Alcapurrias, Empanillas, Pinchos skewers, and much more. For the less adventurous, there are several typical American foods such as pizza.
Going to Flamenco beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico is like traveling within any part of the US. A US passport is required for non-residents. Words alone cannot capture the magnificence of the place. You have to visit the beach to experience everything it has to offer.
Posted in United States | June 4th, 2018

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