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Be Ruthless: Throw it or Keep Paying for it

by Globetrooper Lauren | Add a Comment
Be Ruthless

A successful and indispensable career, two-storey designer house, an Aston in the three-car garage and abundant entertainment areas. It is a dream for many, yet I’m so so glad we’ve failed in reaching those targets.

The three rooms of our minuscule apartment have turned into a bewildering labyrinth of “stuff”, otherwise known as shite. It may be in orderly piles of shite, but nevertheless it is still stuff that was – once upon a time – thought of as important or necessary, then never given an afterthought.

Ebay pile, charity pile, bin pile, mum pile… take two steps and repeat.

Our plan of indefinite travel has its pros and cons. Moving and cleaning out of our home are categorised within the latter, no doubt. Clothes, souvenirs, books, files… they all impose financial burdens when you purchase them as well as ongoing storage or maintenance costs (insignificant on a one-by-one basis but they all add up). But the worst is that they also demand crucial mental and emotional space.

When was the last time you printed something thinking, “that looks like a great read, I must remember to go through it later when I have time”? Or bought something that was 30% off because it was a helluva bargain and would be great for the tub – at that dream house that actually has a bath.

The cure? Be ruthless. And keep that game face on, no matter what. Ok sure, there are obviously things like your birth certificate and grandma’s ring that aren’t going to get the heave-ho, but those torn denim shorts that haven’t been worn in a year? And those embarrassing love-heart pyjamas from Mum that you wouldn’t be caught dead in? Toss ’em!

It’s very refreshing and liberating to go through the material possessions you own to determine whether they impact your life in a good way, or whether they are just weighing on your mind or taking up space. And considering our upcoming travels will be strictly compliant with the carry-on-only philosophy, it’s time to really sift through the shite for a second time.

What’s one thing you can’t bear to throw out?

Posted in Gear & Gadgets | April 25th, 2010

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