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Best Coffee Around The World

by Globetrooper Lauren | 20 Responses
Best Coffee in the World

When it comes to coffee, you either love it or hate it. But coffee-lovers around the world can remember in a flash where they’ve had their best cuppa. A quick survey question on the Globetrooper Facebook page and Twitter stream exploded into an international debate on where in the world our followers have tasted the best cup of coffee.

Funnily enough, the world’s largest producer (and largest by a mile), Brasil, only got one mention. And the other top 5 producers (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam & Mexico) either got one mention or none at all!

The Coffee Champion turned out to be Italy, followed by Austria, Laos, Jamaica, India and Australia. I’ve pasted the discussion below. But do you agree with Italy having the BEST coffee? Let us know in the comments. Where in the world have you tasted the best coffee?

Super Barraquito

Super Barraquito in the Canary Islands, how many layers can you count? - islandmommacanarias, Linda Wainwright

Linda Wainwright @madreislena: In the Canary Is we have coffees called barrquitos but this one I named super barraquito!

Amir Belkacemi @Amirfromdablock: #Algeria for sure

Mafalda Liborio: Portugal :o)

Deirdre Ganly: Dominican Republic…but coffee was from Jamaica

Rosie G. @FlavOfSingapore: Italy… and in my kitchen…:-)

Cam & Nicole @travelcanucks: Venice Italy. Love a good coffee

Brandon F. Sherman: Jamaica

Todd Sullivan: I like the traditional Peruvian coffee (the one with the cup of water and jug of thick coffee on the side). Montreal was pretty bad (but not as bad as the rest of canada), Sydney is okay, and Turkish is awesome.

aadhu ahid @aadhuu: Florence, Italy FTW

Filadelfia Coffee Resort, Antigua

In the mountains of Antigua, Guatemala is the Filadelfia Coffee Resort Spa - goodlotz

@goodlotz: “Fresh French pressed every morning!” (Guatemala)

Amar Hussain @GapYearEscape: I’ve only ever drank coffee once and hated it!

Tracy Gross: at a roadside stop in Vietnam- enroute from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi- followed the local trucker traffic

Kaushal Karkhanis: Salento, Colombia and Sao Paulo, Brasil. and of course, the local ‘filter coffee’ from Coorg and Kerala here in India is amazing!

Jools Stone @jools_octavius: Maybe try Vienna for best coffee? See this post for 30 reasons why via @Travelwriticus (Austria)

Chris Piel: Frankfurt Germany at a museum cafe.

Lauren McLeod: I’m not the biggest coffee fan… but I know where I’ve had the best hot chocolate? Ladurée in Harrods, London. Yummm

*valeria* @valefm: in SPAIN!!! delicious!

Paula Maiorano: Cafe Arabica in Srinagar. (India)

Clariz Mariano: Hotel Borubodur in Yogjakarta, Indonesia. I’m not a coffee fan either, but it was the best coffee for me. A great drink before you explore the Borubudur temple :D

Sant'Eustachio il Caffe, Rome

The Sant'Eustachio il Caffe in Rome, Italy - The Wolf, Michiel Jelijs

Jennifer Lichty @jennasail: 1. Venice 2. Rome 3. Salzburg (Italy & Austria)

Nicole Saunders Diaz: kerala in india has awesome coffee!! The technique is amazing

Tracey Maree Carlton: grindz cafe tauranga new zealand,awesome consistent coffee !!!

Joshua Berman @tranquilotravel: in Laos: see this post

Texan Bar @Texanbar: Laos coffee is amazing

Laura Green: Melbourne at the new StrEAT cart!! Yum (Australia)

Mitchell Page: Not Istanbul, thats for sure. Turkish coffee is a bit harsh for my Australian palette.

Maya Northen @Chimeratravel: i had excellent coffee in costa rica! It is tough to say where is the best, but costa rica is great!

Katrina Zicchino: Has to be Kuranda, nth Queensland. (Australia)

Barbara Maddux @BarbaraMaddux: Best coffee ever – Cuba!

Debra Corbeil: Sudan and Bali. Two completely different coffees, but both amazing!

RJ Moore: Switzerland

Featured image by Selma90 from Flickr’s Creative Commons

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20 Responses to Best Coffee Around The World

  1. Having just returned from a week in Italy, I’d have to vote for it as coffee champion. In other countries, you can find pockets of good coffee but in Italy it’s really everywhere, even at the gas stations. Really incredible how good and consistent it is.

  2. I’ve had the best cappuccino in Perugia and best cafe creme in Paris. Pretty much you can’t go wrong with Italy and France, followed by Austria.

  3. Oh I just loving loving loving coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course good coffee:) it would be perfect to taste really master’s coffee. Now of all I was tasteed it was in Italy, Rome..Oh It’s my dream to return to Italy for the best coffee tasting:)))))

    • Having only ever spent 3 hours ever in Italy (skied over the Swiss border for lunch), I may have to join you :)

  4. Tazza d’Oro in Rome. Best granite on the planet!

  5. Surely its not where you had the coffee, its where the coffee is grown? Some of the best coffee I’ve had, I made @ home.

    • Hey oldchimer, I think intuitively it depends on where the coffee is grown. But we’ve found it’s prepared in such different ways that origin becomes much less important. Give the best beans in the world to a coffee shop in the states and you’ll still end up with, well, an American coffee, which tastes a little better than usual. I’m most surprised when the preparation is radically different. And I’m probably not enough of a connoisseur to appreciate the best beans, whatever they may be.

  6. Dream Coast Roast Coffee is delicious and really enjoy drinking their custom roasted coffee each morning!

  7. Growing up in the US I couldn’t stand that watered-down treacle that passes for coffee. I always loved the smell of the fresh grounds and wished it tasted as good though I did, now and then, enjoy a demi-tasse of espresso when I could find one.

    In my travels these are my observations of what’s available in restaurants…The consistently best was in Spain where I spent seven months. France, where I lived for nearly three years on the Riviera, was pretty good, too. Espresso from a machine and some places would bring a small “press” of the stuff to your table. I don’t have much experience with Italy. I only ever ate in one restaurant there. I used to have to leave France every 90 days to have my passport stamped and the first time I went I found a tiny restaurant in an alley way in the old town of Ventimillia. The food was so superb that I never went to another restaurant.

    I spent three months in Guatemala and the coffee there was horrid. The country is famous for its coffee, but all the good stuff is exported and what’s left for local consumption must have been swept off the floor.

    Here in Panama where I now live the coffee is terrific. I live up on the side of a mountain in the heart of the coffee growing region. In a straight line shot from my house its about 5 miles to three of the best coffee plantations in the country. Of course you can’t get there in a straight shot. I’ve tried the coffees from seven or eight of the nearby plantations. I grind the beans for every cup which I brew using a mocha pot. My absolute favorite is Cafe de Eleta ( espresso roast. It’s quite expensive so I don’t drink it every day. My morning cup is Cafe Ruiz Tueste Italiano (Italian Roast. For some reason you can only get the espresso roast at their finca) (

  8. In my opinion the best grain of coffee is in Colombia and in Laos, But the best cup of coffee for sure in Portugal and Italia! Just try it ;)

  9. There are many great coffees but you can’t discount the fact that Panamanian coffee has won the SCAA cupping contest in 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007 plus coming in 2nd in 2008 and 2009. The last 5 years mentioned is from one finca (farm), Hacienda La Esmeralda.

  10. yemeni coffee i think its the best and more natural

  11. COLOMBIA DEff has the best coffee in the world!

  12. The best coffee is Sulawesi Toraja or Celebes Kalossi from Indonesia. Both of these are the same but the first is how its actually pronounced in Indonesia. The secret to this coffee and all coffees I suppose, is the way you make it (best is a press) and how quickly you drink it. After 30 minutes, good coffees are generally going south.

  13. No one here appears to have had New Zealand coffee which is some of the best you will get. The beans are of course imported, but the making of good coffee is an art. We are certainly on par with Australia and much better than US or UK! New Zealanders have opened coffee shops in London and have queues out the door. A NZ barista won the Australian Barista Competition a few years ago….which upset the Australians! He was living there at the time. Yes, Vietnam has good coffee and of course Italy.

    Met a woman from US on a plane back to NZ, who couldn’t wait to get to NZ to have a good coffee….she had lived here briefly,but was now back in the States

    It does also depend on what you like. An expresso is a real test, while some of the milky coffees are perhaps less likely to taste bad.

  14. I have to agree Italian coffee is consistently the best never seems to disappoint! I like my coffee strong though so also enjoyed Moroccan and Turkish coffees. Best guaranteed coffee is mine! ;)

  15. The best coffee I’ve ever tasted was in Portugal and Spain!

  16. istanbul is a beautiful city. Greetings from Turkey :)

  17. Have you ever tasted egg coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam? I think it’s really delicious tooo

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