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Adventure Travel

Why Can’t We Drink Sea Water?

Why Can't We Drink Sea (salt) Water

Imagine you’re stranded on a desert coastline… Namibia’s, perhaps. The searing heat drains your body of fluids and your mind slows to a snail’s pace. Forget food, forget sunburn, forget your coordinates; your biggest danger here is dehydration. If you don’t find water soon, you’ll … Continue reading →

Packaged Group Tours vs Independent Group Trips

Group Tour vs Independent Trip

In the blue corner, we have the group tour bus: a diesel-powered road-train full of drunken sex-charged youths, all wanting to say they’ve ‘done’ Europe. And in the red corner, we have the independent traveller: a weathered, leathery, stolid character, who’s at least 10 times more … Continue reading →

Peru, India and Mongolia – Here we come!

Mongolian Camel

‘I’m about to put the deposit down. Are you sure? Sure that we want to trek for 60+ days across the fifth largest desert in the world?’ … a few months ago there was only Canada. A few weeks after that, India. And in the last … Continue reading →

Adventure is Not a Four Letter Word

Adventure Travel

‘Someone, anyone! Where’s the medic? Please…helpppppp!’ No, it wasn’t a war zone, I wasn’t being mugged, in fact, there was no conflict at all. I was simply strolling through a local fruit market, when all of a sudden, I was in desperate need of assistance. … Continue reading →

It Was Inevitable – A Night in a Canadian Jail

Jail Adventure

When I left home in Sydney, my mother gave me the obligatory ‘be safe’ speech. Of course, being the kind and loving son that I am, rather than saying, “Sure, Mom”, I said, “Every great adventure involves a night in jail.” I know I was … Continue reading →

Economic Policy, Roller Coasters and Global Travel

Best Roller Coasters

A professor at university once said to me, “the world is a roller coaster and economic policy is designed to smooth out the bumps.” He went on to explain that, “bumps represent unpredictability”, and, “naturally, we don’t want a world of unpredictability.” It seems we spend … Continue reading →

Fine Photography From Fellow Troopers

We held two contests on our Facebook Fan page before the website officially launched in March this year. And some avid photographers entered so many beautiful images. We culled hundreds of pictures down to a shortlist of our favourites and then left it up to … Continue reading →

Travel = Awareness = Empathy = Action

40-hour Famine

I can feel the sun burning my eyelids apart. In a depressing limbo of fatigue and hunger, I roll over, strain my neck and squint at the clock. It’s 11.00am = Hour 35 of a food-lover’s nightmare; a self-imposed 40 Hour Famine. ‘How am I … Continue reading →

Ah Ha! Now I See What Makes Travel Great

Great Travel

A few weeks ago, the super-awesome folk at World Nomads declared me the winner of a competition for the best ‘positive’ customer service story in travel. I wrote about Precision Airways waiting 45 minutes for us on a runway in Nairobi, because we had wound … Continue reading →

7 Tips for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

It’s become quite the celebrity challenge, but don’t let that put you off. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tests your endurance, fitness and comfort levels. Many believe that the required strength and fitness for the climb are out of reach, but this just isn’t true. Sure it’s … Continue reading →

Strange Bedfellows: The Matterhorn and I

Eyes wide open, counting sheep backwards, I glance at the clock: it’s 4am. Sure, with travel comes jet-lag, and okay, I took an afternoon nap, but this time the insomnia is too much. We arrived yesterday in the absolute dead of night completely oblivious to … Continue reading →

Stop Press! Globetrooper Team to Separate

Globetrooper Going Solo

As a couple going on 8 years now, Todd and I have spent a lot of time together. We’ve lived together, travelled together, and even built Globetrooper together. So it should come as no surprise that today, when we sat down to share a delicious … Continue reading →

Seventeen Days in Peru… With 10 Internet Strangers

10 Strangers bike ride through Peru

Guest Post by Kirsten Koza, Adventure Travel Writer and Author of ‘Lost in Moscow’. Kirsten is also looking for travel partners to join her August 2010 Trip, Mountain Bike Kyrgyzstan. Searching the Internet for travel companions has riskier potential than a blind date. I ignored … Continue reading →