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Guidelines to Pack for Short Trips

I’m not sure how it is for you, but I always seem to have problems packing for short trips, especially when I travel by plane on one of the low-cost airlines. Somehow I have a million “What ifs” on my mind packing entirely too much. … Continue reading →

Top Reasons to Visit Budapest

Compared to other big European cities like Paris, Berlin or Barcelona the perceptions of Budapest are very contradictory. Some view the city as a party mecca with an incredible nightlife and affordable at that, but others have this very classical view of it referring to … Continue reading →

Explore Budapest and its surroundings by Boat

There is no doubt that the city of Budapest has plenty to offer to its visitors who stay in apartments in Budapest. Particularly the river Danube, it provides picturesque views over many of the city’s landmarks such as the Buda Castle. But the region around … Continue reading →