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Essential Smartphone Apps for Travelers in 2011 and 2012

Essential Smartphone Apps for Travelers in 2012

Even for those travelers who treat our phones quite casually it can’t have escaped notice that a phone just isn’t a phone anymore. In fact your phone is probably a ‘smartphone.’ One of those new fangled devices we hear you mutter that has more buttons … Continue reading →

Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup 16th November 2011

Globetrooper Weekly Top Trips

More travelers and vacationers connected with Globetrooper this week looking for travel companions, eager to get involved and participate in some of the newest trips and travel adventures to be posted on the site. The trips created on Globetrooper are diverse and offer a variety … Continue reading →

HOW TO Avoid Dangerous Rip Currents

How to Avoid Rip Currents

If you’re planning a beach vacation this summer, or perhaps planning an adventure trip orientated around water sports, swimming or surfing for example or if you’re simply lucky enough to live on the coast, there’s a possibility you’ll encounter a rip current. Rip currents are … Continue reading →

HOW TO Reduce your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Theft when Traveling Abroad

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Theft When Abroad

So you’ve got your credit card, passport, foreign currency and camera tucked into a fully laden backpack and you’ll be picking up sunscreen and any last minute forgets on your way to the airport. What else do you need? How about any anti-theft devices you … Continue reading →

Essential Tips For a Smooth Road Trip

Road Trip Planning

Many travelers find the open road thrilling, the enthralling experience of driving across a vast open expanse of road while just stopping occasionally for fuel and rest. No matter what the route there are six things that a driver can do to make your road … Continue reading →

Sun, Scenery, and Culture Combined: Five Unique Travel Destinations

Tasmania Big Wave Season

That wonderful time of year has arrived again. You have endured months of hard work and now you can start thinking planning a trip, that blissful escape from your everyday working routine. All you know is you want some relaxation, some beautiful scenery, some real … Continue reading →

HOW TO Make Your Staycation Feel Like A Real Vacation

Staycation Ideas

With the world economy in near shambles and slow growth about the best anyone can hope for it was only a matter of time before destinations of fun and leisure began showing signs of distress. Many travelers also are having second thoughts about taking a … Continue reading →

HOW TO Treat a Jellyfish Sting

How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting

For the adventure traveler that prefers the ocean waves, most popular underwater pursuits are not without risk from marine life. Jellyfish (more properly, jellies) are fascinating creatures, but a diver or swimmers first encounter with them can be a painful one and frightening experience. In … Continue reading →

Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup 9th November 2011

Globetrooper Weekly Roundup

Travelers searching for trip companions have created some highly engaging ideas on Globetrooper this week. It is always refreshing to see new explorers to the site hoping to network with like minded adventurers for really a series of really unique trips around the globe. Over … Continue reading →

Barcelona, A Modern City With Deep Local Roots

The City of Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is an incredibly popular European city for travelers of all ages and interests, young explorers in particular seem enthralled by the cities diversity, indeed no city in Europe mixes cosmopolitan style with regional flair quite like Barcelona. The city’s well-kept public spaces and diverse … Continue reading →

Top Safari Destinations in Botswana, Experience the Game Reserves

Botswana is a remarkable part of Africa and a must see destination for adventure travelers seeking something fresh, engaging and inspirational. What are the top five places to see in Botswana and why are they worth visiting? Globetrooper takes a in depth look. Botswana which … Continue reading →

Traveling Around Australia on a Budget

Visit Australia on the Cheap

Australia is a very large place and offers the curious world traveler a great deal to see and experience but all this sightseeing can cost a lot of time, energy and hard cash. For many adventure travelers it may be tempting to take off overseas … Continue reading →

Ten Places to Visit in Northern England

If you have never visited England before now is the time to plan your trip, if you go online to find out more about things to see and do while visiting England, you’ll typically find a list of attractions based mostly in the southern parts … Continue reading →