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Gear & Gadgets

Essential Smartphone Apps for Travelers in 2011 and 2012

Essential Smartphone Apps for Travelers in 2012

Even for those travelers who treat our phones quite casually it can’t have escaped notice that a phone just isn’t a phone anymore. In fact your phone is probably a ‘smartphone.’ One of those new fangled devices we hear you mutter that has more buttons … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Setup Your MacBook for Travel

Macbook Travel Setup

Do you have 20+ items in your MacBook dock, hundreds of random files on your desktop, and a backpack full of external hard drives? Let me guess, you haven’t rebuilt your MacBook in 3 years either. Never fear, we’ve devised a way to keep your … Continue reading →

The iPhone Camera Challenge

iPhone Camera Only

Ever since I started traveling, I’ve been torn by a common dilemma. I’ve wanted to capture moments as vividly as possible, but I’ve also wanted to travel as light as I can. Of course, high quality cameras take up a lot of room and weigh … Continue reading →

Taking New ‘Ways of Life’ Back Home

Small Efficient House

Maybe it’s just me, but as I’ve travelled, I’ve developed an odd habit of applying new surroundings to a mythical home I’ll build when I settle down. All of a sudden while writing a blog post, I’ll notice the way the window closes or the … Continue reading →

Attn: Travel Bloggers

wordpress travel plugin

Our quest at Globetrooper has always been to help people travel the world together. But today we’ve extended this mission beyond the Globetrooper website by developing a WordPress plugin to help others travel bloggers meetup with their readers across the globe. It’s a simple plugin … Continue reading →

Travel Shoes: The Lightweight Strategy

Travel Shoes

I love to travel light, but shoes are always a problem. I’ve tried to adhere to a one-pair policy, but it’s just not possible if I plan to keep fit, visit cold places and trek in the wilderness. I’ve attempted to find an all-round travel … Continue reading →

Have You Tried Audiobooks?


Every now and then I discover something I can’t believe I’ve been missing. Things like goats cheese, Moleskines, pancakes with bacon, global travel even. Well guess what, I’ve found a new one: audiobooks. And they’re especially handy for travel. Lauren got me onto audiobooks just … Continue reading →

Travel Review: 11 Inch MacBook Air

Macbook Air

We love to travel light. Apart from the added flexibility, it affords an odd sense of independence. There’s something very ‘Alexander Supertramp‘ about having all of your belongings in a 30L pack and being able to carry it comfortably for many hours on end. If … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Solar Power a MacBook

Solar Power Macbook

Why on Earth would anyone want a solar-powered MacBook? Well, for most people, they either want to work in remote areas, throw parties ‘off the grid’, or pursue something creative in the wilderness. For Lauren’s next expedition, the Gobi 2011, she falls into all of … Continue reading →

SteriPEN: By Far The Best Invention for Modern Travel


From toilet roll holders for tents, to packing cubes that organise luggage, most travel products are just gimmicks. In fact, I make it a point to only travel with items I’d use at home. The road is my home, so it only makes sense. But … Continue reading →

A Must-Have in Your RTW Backpack – Silksak

A Must-Have in Your RTW Backpack - Silksak

We’ve travelled around India non-stop for the last few weeks, spending only 2 out of 20 nights in the same bed. Not knowing the state of your next sleeping place (location and/or cleanliness) can be a little unnerving. Your travel dreams can quickly turn into a … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Sign Up for Mobile Internet Access in India

Sign Up for Mobile Internet Access in India

I spent half of yesterday signing up for mobile (GSM) Internet access in Mumbai. If you know the process, it’s pretty quick and easy, but it can take a long time if you’re not prepared. It also helps to remember that technology moves very quickly … Continue reading →

The All-Seasons Carry-On Packing List

Pack a Carry-On Bag For All-Seasons

With horizontal snow racing past outside, I’m mentally waving goodbye to Toronto for who knows how long. There’s an unusual amount of leg room so I’m reminding my knees to savor these lush moments of space on the Maple Leaf train heading to New York City. … Continue reading →