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How to Apply for a U.S Passport in Kansas?

How to Apply for a U.S Passport in Kansas?   Do you plan to travel outside of the U.S. for pleasure or business? Before you take off, you’ll need to get a passport. Most of the time, travel outside of the United States requires a … Continue reading →

Jet Set Jobs: How to Get Paid to Travel

Many people dream about retiring early from their working lives and travelling the world while they are still young. However, some people do not necessarily need to retire in order to travel and access all four corners of the globe. There are a number of … Continue reading →

DIY or Package Deal

Saving money is always a major consideration when it comes to buying or booking anything. Whether it’s a new car, finding cheaper insurance, food shopping, basically anything, if you can save money then you’re always going to be happier as a result.

The 10 Best Street Food Around The World

One of the best things about travelling and going on holiday is the different food that you get to sample that contains local and ingredients.

Fun Times — Saving for a Better Vacation

Enjoying yourself whilst on vacation is one of the major benefits of getting away but having fun without it burning a hole in your pocket is often a challenge. Diligent budgeting and keeping an eye on exactly where your money goes will leave more cash … Continue reading →

HOW TO Master Airport Car Parking

Airport Car Parking Services

Organizing a trip or adventure vacation is an exciting proposition for all of us hoping to embark on new global expeditions and exploration. How many times have we sat huddled in front of a computer screen plotting exciting destinations, activities and our ideal travel itinerary? … Continue reading →

HOW TO Choose the Best Camera for your Travels

SLR Cameras for Travel

A camera is meant to capture special moments and preserve those memories in time. It is a vital piece of kit for travelers; you’ll be able to look back at all those pictures decades from now and remember every place, each moment and every person … Continue reading →

HOW TO Avoid Dangerous Rip Currents

How to Avoid Rip Currents

If you’re planning a beach vacation this summer, or perhaps planning an adventure trip orientated around water sports, swimming or surfing for example or if you’re simply lucky enough to live on the coast, there’s a possibility you’ll encounter a rip current. Rip currents are … Continue reading →

HOW TO Reduce your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Theft when Traveling Abroad

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Theft When Abroad

So you’ve got your credit card, passport, foreign currency and camera tucked into a fully laden backpack and you’ll be picking up sunscreen and any last minute forgets on your way to the airport. What else do you need? How about any anti-theft devices you … Continue reading →

HOW TO Make Your Staycation Feel Like A Real Vacation

Staycation Ideas

With the world economy in near shambles and slow growth about the best anyone can hope for it was only a matter of time before destinations of fun and leisure began showing signs of distress. Many travelers also are having second thoughts about taking a … Continue reading →

HOW TO Treat a Jellyfish Sting

How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting

For the adventure traveler that prefers the ocean waves, most popular underwater pursuits are not without risk from marine life. Jellyfish (more properly, jellies) are fascinating creatures, but a diver or swimmers first encounter with them can be a painful one and frightening experience. In … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Recover When Your Travel Documents are Lost or Stolen and STILL Enjoy Your Trip

Lost Documents Passports and Visa

It is an unfortunate fact that many global travelers will encounter a hiccup on their trip; in most cases these are easily overcome issues. Occasionally though and thankfully rarely full on disaster can strike and trust us, it’s not the kind of day you are … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Make Money Blogging to Pay for Travel

Make Money Blogging

Imagine that… travelling the world, writing about your experiences, and getting paid enough to keep on doing it. Sounds like a glorious way of life, doesn’t it? Or is it too good to be true? Some say the opportunity is long gone, especially citing the maturity of … Continue reading →