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The Wild Beauty of Canada’s East Coast

When it comes to exploring Canada, holidays can be as varied as you desire. From contemporary cityscapes to mountains and wilderness this historically rich country has it all.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Fit While Backpacking

Keep Fit Cambodia

You might think that backpacking itself will keep you fit, maybe even shape you up if you’re not that way already. But the impact travelling can have on your health may take you by surprise. No boasting here, but I found it impossible to add … Continue reading →

Travel Stunts to Get You Noticed

Travel Stunts

There are so many people travelling round the world, it would be worth your while to make a few car hire comparison and look out for cheap flight deals. While driving and flying are perfectly acceptable ways of seeing other lands they are not the … Continue reading →

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) Makes Me Unhappy

Happy Planet Index

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) is an attempt to change how we measure the well-being of different countries. It challenges our current use of income-based measures such as GDP per capita. The idea of the Happy Planet Index makes me pretty happy. Even the UK … Continue reading →

Cost of Living: Sydney vs Montreal vs Cusco

Cost of Living - Sydney vs Montreal vs Cusco

What does the cost of living in various cities have to do with your next two-week vacation? Well, nothing really. This post is for those of you with a dream. A dream that involves long-term travel OR anything that requires your undivided attention (and no income). By … Continue reading →

Things To Do in Montreal – Eat Like Locals

Things To Do in Montreal

The last post on Things to do in Montreal was a little lightweight, so we’ve broken it up a bit and put in more effort to serve you up a list of local eats. By asking some of our local friends here about the best … Continue reading →

Adventure is Not a Four Letter Word

Adventure Travel

‘Someone, anyone! Where’s the medic? Please…helpppppp!’ No, it wasn’t a war zone, I wasn’t being mugged, in fact, there was no conflict at all. I was simply strolling through a local fruit market, when all of a sudden, I was in desperate need of assistance. … Continue reading →

It Was Inevitable – A Night in a Canadian Jail

Jail Adventure

When I left home in Sydney, my mother gave me the obligatory ‘be safe’ speech. Of course, being the kind and loving son that I am, rather than saying, “Sure, Mom”, I said, “Every great adventure involves a night in jail.” I know I was … Continue reading →

The Summer City of Festivals

‘Is that a human cannonball?’, a statement that would intrigue anyone, let alone a group of travel bloggers. No words needed, we flock with mutual grins and wide eyes. But the crowd is expanding like my stomach while devouring the sky-scraping cheesecake at dinner earlier. This … Continue reading →

Things To Do in Montreal – Festivals, Fun and Food

Things To Do in Montreal

Full disclosure: Montreal is currently my favourite city on Earth. It’s not too big, but not too small. Not too populated, but not too quiet either. It has enough culture to be different, but not so much as to make it inconvenient. And the icing … Continue reading →

In Photos: Montreal Street Scenes

Montreal Architecture

Montreal Architecture By far the most defining characteristic of Montreal architecture is the external winding staircase. I can only imagine they’d be death-traps when covered in snow in winter, but nevertheless, they ooze Quebecois charm in summer.

Laundromats, Vegemite, and a week of Clean Panties

Death by Laundromat

I don’t want to come off sounding like a spoiled brat, but I’ve always lived in houses with a laundry. You know… sink, washing machine, clothes dryer, ironing board; all that conventional wifey stuff. This makes me a laundromat virgin. I’ve seen these laundromat places … Continue reading →

In Photos: Crazy Hostel Warning Signs

Do Not Disturb in Hostel

You can’t blame the people who run hostels; just imagine trying to control hundreds of sexually-charged youths cramped into sardine tins. Most of them have never once washed their own clothes, and now they’re being trusted with kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, and heaven forbid, an unrestricted … Continue reading →