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The Wonders of Staying at a Romantic Hotel in Paris

Paris is affectionately known as the ‘City of Love’ and not without good reason. It holds the coveted prize of being the most visited city in the world thanks to the amorous setting that includes the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful backdrop of the River … Continue reading →

Street Art in Paris

Speaking in very general terms the City of Light embodies timeless elegance like no other city. However, Paris also has a very different side. The urban side of the city is a little rougher around the edges. The city has a vibrant street art scene … Continue reading →

Unforgettable Experiences in and around Paris

Are you one of those people who love Paris with a passion and just can’t keep away from this captivating city? Each time you go there, you probably like to add some novel experiences to your album of personal Paris memories. Here are a couple … Continue reading →

Develop a Passion for Paris

Paris is a paradise in so many ways – fantastic shopping, stunning architecture, incredible museums and galleries, glorious food and beautiful people. If you are visiting the French capital for the very first time you have all this to discover. What joys and pleasures lie … Continue reading →

Attractions in the Arrondissements of Paris

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (aka. districts or sectors). You can find detailed opinion pieces all over the web about where’s the best place to live or stay or visit or whatever. Instead, here’s a quick look at what each arrondissement has to offer. … Continue reading →

Summer in Paris on a Budget

Paris has somewhat of a reputation to be a very expensive city. This of course can be true if you intend to spend your stay at Paris apartments with dining in Michelin star restaurants and shopping at haute couture designer stores. A very inexpensive way … Continue reading →