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The Happy Planet Index (HPI) Makes Me Unhappy

Happy Planet Index

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) is an attempt to change how we measure the well-being of different countries. It challenges our current use of income-based measures such as GDP per capita. The idea of the Happy Planet Index makes me pretty happy. Even the UK … Continue reading →

Mark Malkoff Up To More Hilarious Mischief in Amsterdam

Mark Malkoff continues his reign of hilarious terror on Holland with these videos that explain there’s more to the country than smoking pot. The first video is very funny, but the quote of the day comes from the second video: As Mark switches through the … Continue reading →

Mark Malkoff Uncovers the Wonders of Amsterdam

The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conservations has hired New York comedian/filmmaker, Mark Malkoff to show Americans (and the world) that there’s way more to do in Holland than smoking pot in coffee shops. Also check out the first series of videos. In these vids, Mark … Continue reading →

Amsterdam: Mark Eats Raw Herring and Runs in Clogs

There is something for everybody to eat and enjoy in Amsterdam. In the first Video, Mark tries a number of Dutch favourites such as, hotchpotch, hagelslag, Dutch cheese, sweet root, stroopwafel and more. In just one street in Amsterdam you are likely to run into … Continue reading →

Amsterdam: More than Smoking Pot in Coffee Shops


Earlier this summer, a Dutch law was proposed that would not allow tourists to visit coffee shops. This is mostly a response to Amsterdam’s somewhat pervasive reputation as being the pot-smoking and hash-cookie-munching capital of the world. In concert with the Netherlands Board of Tourism … Continue reading →