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Things to Do When You Visit Spain

Whether seeking a long awaited family holiday or a relaxed break for two, Spain holidays are guaranteed to help you escape work stress and unwind in a fantastic laidback atmosphere. Some of the real hidden beauties and memorable experiences the country has to offer require … Continue reading →

What to Expect When Going on Holidays to Spain

With the second largest tourism industry in the world, Spain has plenty to offer any visitors to the country, which includes the mainland of Spain, as well as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Here is a brief overview of what people can expect … Continue reading →

Holiday Highlights in Madrid

A highlight of the holiday season in every city are the decorations and the opening of Christmas spectacles. There is often one particular night on which the Christmas lights collectively are being turned on accompanied by the opening of Christmas markets.

Spain’s Lesser Known Cities Explored

If there is one country in Europe – or indeed the world – which has more than its fair share of beaches, cities and islands to visit, it is surely Spain. There is quite simply too much for the average person to see and do … Continue reading →

Catalan Christmas Traditions

Living in a different country such as Spain it is always interesting to see how other cultures celebrate holidays we share. With Christmas right around the corner I thought I’d share some Catalan Christmas traditions that I find interesting.

Now is the time to visit Seville

If you are thinking about a vacation in the south of Spain you usually plan for the summer time, right? Andalusia has one of the warmest climates in Europe. During the summer Sevillanos keep their cool by avoiding the midday sun and drinking their beer … Continue reading →

Barcelona, A Modern City With Deep Local Roots

The City of Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is an incredibly popular European city for travelers of all ages and interests, young explorers in particular seem enthralled by the cities diversity, indeed no city in Europe mixes cosmopolitan style with regional flair quite like Barcelona. The city’s well-kept public spaces and diverse … Continue reading →

Things to do in Rainy Madrid

Things to do in Rainy Madrid If you are like me seeing and hearing the rain against the window makes you want to stay in bed all day.  But of course that is not always possible, especially not when you are on a trip somewhere … Continue reading →

Culinary Travelling in Barcelona

I’m definitely more of a city dweller and what I find most appealing in big cities is the diversity in people, places, food and activities. After living in Barcelona for 2 years now I sure haven’t seen everything yet, but I have some favourite corners. … Continue reading →

Day Trips from Barcelona

If you are spending your vacation in Spain staying in Barcelona apartments you have plenty to see in the city, but especially during the summer it is very recommendable that you also enjoy the beautiful coastlines outside of the city. I would like to share … Continue reading →

Timeshares in Spain – Unique Accommodations

Every year travelers find themselves drawn to the natural beauty of Spain, and it’s no wonder. From the sandy, golden beaches of the Canary Islands to the rich cultural streets of Barcelona, Spain truly has a place for everyone. With the broad span of vacation … Continue reading →

Everything Flamenco in Sevilla

Flamenco is a fundamental part of the Spanish culture and it is the country’s signature dance and music. Andalusia is the cradle of Flamenco and this art form has recently been recognized as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It … Continue reading →

Time Travel Through Spain

Time Travel Through Spain

Time travel: impossible?! If you’re thinking of traveling to Spain then you could live in the gothic and medieval splendor of some of the region’s most impressive historic buildings, the Paradores. Spain has a unique tourism policy of developing historic buildings such as castles and … Continue reading →