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Cooking Up Something Special at Globetrooper HQ

by Globetrooper Todd | 6 Responses
New Project at Globetrooper

You may be wondering why we’ve slowed down a little at Globetrooper HQ with regard to blog posts and social media. The cold weather in North America could easily have pushed us into hibernation, but alas, we’ve actually been working tirelessly on a new project.

We launched Globetrooper with the intent of getting more people to travel together more often. In this quest, we’ve learned a lot, a helluva lot. Not just with respect to the web and social media, but in terms of the way people travel, or at least the way they want to travel. Even more than that, we learned that people join trips when they’re unique, audacious and adventurous. Who would have thought a 1000 mile trek across a desert in Mongolia would fill up so quickly?

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hotel in India, waiting to embark on an epic adventure with about 20 people, most whom I’ve never met before. This trip, the Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge, was published on Globetrooper and has since been one of the most popular. It really sums up our original vision for Globetrooper:

People from all corners of the world with similar aspirations and interests traveling together on crazy, irrational and generally unreasonable itineraries, all in the name of learning a thing or two about something… anything.

So why the new project? Well, we have another idea to help you travel cheaper, farther, longer and more often. I can’t reveal too much at this stage, but we wanted you to know that we haven’t disappeared or grown weary; we’ve been working madly to get our new platform live for you to use.

We hope to be writing and tweeting as much as possible over the course of the train trip (dependant on Internet availability) and then to launch the new website within the next month and a bit. So, if you have any questions about India, train travel, whatever, now is the time to ask us, as we’ll be able to get the answer quickly from our fellow train comrades. And we promise to update you soon on our new project. :)

Posted in Adventure Travel, India | February 18th, 2011

6 Responses to Cooking Up Something Special at Globetrooper HQ

  1. oh this sounds awesome guys! we are thinking of going to India next month, didn’t hear about this until a few days ago – shame cos we would have LOVED to come along!!!

    • I think you and Sofia will love it here. I think we’re staying in Kerala for a few months after the GCIRC ends. So if you’re in the area, Lauren and I would love to catch up.

  2. You know what – have you noticed how viral GT has gotten ? and how awfully fast ! I mean in a ‘Oh my god, thats awesome’ way. Just a few months ago while i was planning my south american trip, GT was my 3rd in line resource. After LP, Travbuddies etc etc ! i met Lauren for a drink at Los Perros in Cusco and she was talking about the infancy for the project ….And BAM! today i must admit i am actively following GT blog and it is my 1st go to resource to find crazy unreasonable nomadic adventure.

    But here’s one suggestion – every time i travel people often as/wonder – how do you do it – i mean – time, commitment, money etc. How does a nomad afford to travel across the world. So i think after the crazy GCRIC trip (or maybe even while you are on it) a post about ‘financial confessions of a world nomad’ would be an excellent piece. I KNOW I WOULD READ IT !


    • Wow Tara! Thanks so much the words of motivation and great suggestions. Wish I was well enough to catch up with you in Peru, but I’m sure we’ll bump into each other somewhere else soon.

      I’ll give that idea for a post some in depth thought :) Great idea, by the way. I just worry that the answer won’t be what people want to hear (i.e. quit job, then sink or swim). But I’ll sleep on it and see if I can be a bit more insightful.

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