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Explore Budapest and its surroundings by Boat

by Globetrooper Lauren | Add a Comment

There is no doubt that the city of Budapest has plenty to offer to its visitors who stay in apartments in Budapest. Particularly the river Danube, it provides picturesque views over many of the city’s landmarks such as the Buda Castle.

But the region around Budapest also bears a lot of attractions and gems of nature. Taking a day trip is a nice switch up to the city routine. As many refer to Budapest as “The Pearl of the Danube” it would be a shame not to take advantage of the second longest river in Europe. If you decide to plan a day trip taking a boat from Budapest you might want to look into visiting at least one of the following towns nearby:

Find out how Hungary became a state in Esztergom

Esztergom is one of the oldest towns in Hungary. In fact, it used to be the country’s capital before the royal seat was moved to Buda in the 13th century. The most striking landmark of Esztergom is the basilica, the largest church in Hungary. As important religious center in Hungary and former seat of the Hungarian royalty the town bares a lot of historic and cultural relevalt sites.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Royal Palace (Buda Castle)

The Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Royal Palace (Buda Castle) - Paul Mannix

Pure nature and great views over the Danube in Visegrád

The translation of the town’s name is “the upper castle.” Important to mention is the Sibrik Hill from which one has a stunning view over the Danube, surrounded by green hills. But this was also the place of a former Roman military camp. Other attractions and monuments in Visegrád are the Citadel and the Royal Castle.

Esztergom Basilica

Esztergom Basilica - Roger Wollstadt

Walk to cobblestone streets of Szentendre

Out of the 3 towns Szentendre might be the visitors’ favorite, as it is not only known for its museums, galleries and artists, but also for its picturesque appearance. As you walk the cobblestone streets you will pass many shops and restaurants. Like few other towns in Hungary the atmosphere in Szentendre is almost Mediterranean.

Korona restaurant in Szentendre

Korona restaurant in Szentendre - Roger Wollstadt

If you are renting Budapest apartments reserve one day for a boat trip to one of the above mentioned towns. It will be worth it!

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