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Fine Photography From Fellow Troopers

by Globetrooper Lauren | 7 Responses

We held two contests on our Facebook Fan page before the website officially launched in March this year. And some avid photographers entered so many beautiful images.

We culled hundreds of pictures down to a shortlist of our favourites and then left it up to our fans to decide which one they liked the most.

Check out the Global Faces Shortlist here and the Travel Photo Shortlist here.

These are the winning photographs:

Oman Barka, Oman by Robin Amber Atherton

Western China by Mike Preihs

And these some of the other notable mentions:

Antarctica Antarctica by Mike Preihs

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea by Nicole Zicchino

Botswana Botswana by Robin Amber Atherton

India India by Glyn Barrett

Kenya Kenya by Mike Preihs

Morocco Morocco by Mike Preihs

Vietnam Vietnam by Michael Ritter

France France by Danielle Jepson

Peru Peru by Mike Preihs

Our latest photo competition is based on local cuisines around the world. Do you have a picture of a local dish from your travels? Put it up here.

Posted in Adventure Travel | August 2nd, 2010

7 Responses to Fine Photography From Fellow Troopers

  1. Great collection of photo’s guys. I agree with the winner that was chosen. Somehow those close-ups of faces just get ya!

  2. Nice ones!
    Face close up is one of the hardest to get, and well taken.
    :) Great!

  3. Photo from Western China is Great !!!

  4. Great photos!
    The Western China winning photograph is amazing!

    Also like the France one – somehow really eerie…

  5. I like the picture from Botswana of the boy, looks like he wants to take something down!

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