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Get Me Around Europe

by Globetrooper Chris | 2 Responses

Get Me Around Europe

How to get around Europe? Well besides taking the bus and taxis, and maybe the occasional boat, the three most popular ways to get around would be trains, cars, and planes.

How you get around depends on your needs, how many people are with you, if you’re with the family, and what your budget is. Everyone is different. Here is a mini breakdown on the transport options you have while you meander around Europe on your holiday.


Travelling by plane is the obvious choice for many. Sometimes a flight will just be plain necessary. No other choices may exist, and we surely don’t want to cut into your travel time by taking tons of trains and buses.

The Sights of Europe

There’s plenty of budget airlines to choose from and catching either early bird or super late last minute deals are the way to go. Ryanair and easyJet are two examples of airlines to check out. Remember sometimes airlines search websites don’t include the budget airlines in their search results. It’s worth checking out the actual website.

Be sure to pack light when getting on the plane. They can easily snag you with the baggage fees. You think you’re getting a great deal on a flight, but the baggage charges will have your gasping in horror. Leave the extra things at home!


This is probably the best way to get around generally speaking. The trains are comfortable and usually pretty darn quick throughout Europe.You can get from the north of France to the south in a  matter of a few hours without having to pay too much or spend many hours on a bus. The Eurail Pass might be of interest for those who are spending a decent amount of time in Europe and plan on seeing a ton of cities. The pass will get you around quickly and efficiently and for a better price than separate tickets. It also helps to have the pass with scheduling your trips. Be sure to check the website as your age also affects the fees for the Eurail Pass.


Have the family in tow? Are you with a bunch of friends? Do you want more of a customized and private European holiday? Well then renting a car could be your best bet depending on your budget, and how many people are with you. Not only will you be able to have the comfort and luxury of your own vehicle, but there’s no rush and you can stop anytime and anywhere.

An important thing to remember when renting a car is to be properly insured. You will need breakdown cover from companies like The AA. This is in your best interest. Nobody wants a holiday ruined by a car accident or problem, but if it does happen, at least you know somebody has your back.

Now you just need to enjoy your holiday around Europe! For further reading CNN offer a fantastic guide to traveling around Europe that we recommend a read. We also offer a in depth look at both Eastern Europe and Western Europe. There is a lot to do and see, why not plan a trip to Europe.

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2 Responses to Get Me Around Europe

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