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Getting Around in Venice

by Globetrooper Chris | 1 Responses

Venice is a city of canals and unlike many other places the public transportation system is based on water for the most part. On land the best way to get around is on foot.

To have a true Venetian experience you most certainly won’t rely on merely exploring the city walking.

Being a visitor to Venice you will need somewhere reliable to stay, if you don’t feel like hotel accommodation try looking for apartments in Venice.

Also in Venice a car isn’t much good and you don’t have your own boat, so it might be good to know what options you have to move around the city:

Water Bus

The Vaporetto is the aquatic equivalent to a bus. It is the most commonly used and cheapest mean of transportation in the canals.

Getting Around in Venice Requires a Boat

Getting Around in Venice Requires a Boat

They run frequently and tickets can be bought at news stands and some bars, but you can also buy them when stepping on the boat, just make sure you approach a crew member right away.

Water Taxi

The water taxi might be the most expensive taxi in the world, but it is the fastest and most convenient way to move around in the canals.

If you can afford it you will also be able to see a different side of the city, as the water taxis often use back routes where the vaporetto doesn’t pass by.


It almost goes without mentioning that a gondola ride is one of the most romantic things you can do in Venice.

Since the boat is narrow you will be able to go down tiny canals that other boats can’t access. But of course this has its price and a gondola ride is not cheap.

The prices vary and it is best to agree on a price before embarking on a ride. Also be prepared to pay extra if you would like a singing gondolier.


The traghetto is a gondola ferry that has several stops along the Grand Canal.

The traghetto is a Gondola Ferry

The traghetto is a Gondola Ferry

Of course it is not as romantic as a gondola ride, but it is a cheap alternative. In many of the traghetti it is custom to stand during the crossing.

When you have booked your flight and picked one of the Venice apartments for your stay it is your choice which means of transportation works best for you.

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