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Globetrooper on the Road: 2010 and Beyond

by Globetrooper Todd | Add a Comment
JFK Airport

I’m writing this from JFK Airport in New York at 4am. We’ve just embarked on what could be an epic journey, but it’s only six nights in a hostel at this stage.

We left Sydney yesterday (or was that today), spent 14 hours in the middle seats of the middle row at the back of a Qantas 747, spent five hours fighting off sleep at LAX, then hightailed it to JFK managing to get a few hours of oh-so-needed slumber in the cramped quarters of AA cattle-class. Now in New York, in the same time zone as Montreal, we’re bubbly and awake at 4am.

Jet Lag = 1. Ingenious Anti-Jet Lag Plan = 0.

Most of you already know that Lauren and I founded Globetrooper to help people from all around the world travel together. Not just for recreation and leisure, but for the education and experience. Between us, we have enough degrees to wallpaper a small house, but when we took a snapshot of life, we saw nothing but a huge gaping hole. And that hole was a real education, an education on the road. Not one measured in attendance years or credit points, but one measured by experience and outlook.

Fast forward a few months and we thought, “what better way to get this education than help others obtain a similar education”. The result? Not just another travel startup, but a travel movement. Globetrooper is our effort to get people together to travel and experience the world with one another. And not just any people, but inspired people. People that want more. Not more money or more ‘things’, but more fulfillment, more perspective and more power to make a difference.

Now, fast forward a little more and Globetrooper has hit the road for 2010 and beyond.

From here, now 4:30am, Gate 33, JFK Airport, we’re heading to Montreal with only six days booked at a hostel. But after those six days, we’ll go where the road takes us. Or more specifically, we’ll go where Globetrooper trips take us. Because while we set out to travel to our list of dream desinations, we’ve been amazed at the uniqueness of trips added to Globetrooper and simply can’t help but join them. And that’s the purpose of this post: to let you know we’re looking for trips to join, people to meet, and bloggers to bump into.

So far, we’re loosely confirmed on the following Globetrooper trips:

This means we’ll spend some time in Montreal, head down to Argentina, make our way to India, and go with whatever opportunities present in between and afterwards. So if you’ve got an upcoming trip, or want to join one of our trips, or just want to throw around your ideas, please get in touch. Better still, put your trips up on Globetrooper and join the community in travelling, exploring and discovering the globe together.

Otherwise, we wish you all well and hope we bump into you soon.

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